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Warehouse housekeeping


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Warehouse housekeeping

  1. 1. Warehouse Cleaning & Pest Control Management A. Brock Pest Control Management The warehouses are serviced for pest control in the first two weeks of each month. This scope of service includes: o Inspection of tin cats and glue boards. o Exterior bait boxes serviced. o Building inspections and treated appropriately. o De-webbing around entrances and docks. B. GoodHousekeeping All doors are to remain closed when not in use. Screens have been installed to allow adequate free ventilation esp. during summer months; these screenshave been installed to prevent the ingress of pests and other potential contaminants. Material is to be stored in an orderly manner to prevent contamination or damage. The warehouses must be cleaned weekly including trash removal. The warehouse will be inspected for cleanliness on a weekly basis. (see Attachment A) Housekeeping Inspection Form Attachment A Weekly Items YES NO Corrective Actions 1. Floors are clean and dry. 2. Aisles are clear of debris. 3. Floor wall junctions are clean. 4. Stock is undamaged. 5. Trash cans are emptied. 7. Minimum clearance of 18” from product to sprinklers maintained. 8. Interior lights are working properly. 9. Product packages are safely and neatly stored. 10. Dunnage and broken pallets are removed. 11. Pallets and bracing are neatly stored.
  2. 2. 12. No indications of roof leaks. 13. No indications of pest activity (insects, birds, rodents). 14. Pest control devices are present and current. 15. Overhead doors are clean. 16. Shipping/Receiving docks are clean. 17. Dock plates and overhead doors are closing properly. 19. Battery charging stations are clean. 20. Forklifts are clean and free of debris. 22. Heat treated pallet storage contains only heat treated wood products. Warehouse Perimeter 23. Loading docks are clean and free of debris. 24. Dumpsters are clean and not overfilled. 25. Warehouse perimeter is free of weeds and debris. 26. Outside pest control devices are present. 27. Exterior lights are working properly. 28. Exterior Doors, Sidewalks and Steps Clean Verified By:________________________ Date:____________________ Supervisor___________________________________