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Microsoft 365


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Microsoft 365

  1. 1. Microsoft Office 365 for Small businessesDone by:Safeya Omar 201033070Mariam Abdulla 200910695
  2. 2. :• What is Microsoft office 365?• How to install it?• What is it used for?• Who uses it?• What are the benefits of using Microsoft office 365?• How to use it?• Video Tutorial• Experience from people (interviews)• Images• Are there any disadvantages?• A quick quiz about what we talked about• The bibliography
  3. 3. It is an easiest way to work together in a company.Microsoft Office 365 is secure to access• Professional email• Shared calendars• IM video conferencing• File sharing
  4. 4. •Visit• To begin click on the free trial, enter your country orregion, language, name, organization name, e-mail address, and the name you wantfor your new sub domain on the Office 365 service:
  5. 5. • Office 365 helps you access your e-mail, important documents, contacts, andcalendar on nearly any device from almost anywhere.• It allows you to work wherever and whenever you choose, allowing you torespond to important requests right away, no matter where you are. You cando this by using your mobile device to access e-mail and documents.• Access from mobile devices requires Wi-Fi capability or depends on carriernetwork availability.• Office 365 is easy to try, simple to learn, and straightforward to use. It worksseamlessly with the programs you know and use most, includingOutlook, Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. With Office 365, you canchoose which tools to use.
  6. 6. • People who want to have a small business and want every body to know every thing that is doing in the business.• Students who have a group project• People who want to share every thing with the other people to have more communication with them and to have their opinion• For people who have more than 25 employees and have advanced IT needs
  7. 7. • Easy to use.• Easy administrative experience.• Works with Office tools you already know, for example Word and Excel• Anywhere access.• Flexible IT deployment options.• Automatic upgrades to the latest version of Office Professional Plus.• Professional Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud.• Safe and secure enterprise grade reliability and security backed by Microsoft.• Flexible and affordable pay-as-you-go subscription plans.• Easy access to communicate.• It comes with Lync which has an instant messaging, audio, and video calling.• Very secure.• Microsoft Office 365 has applications for phones.
  8. 8. •Log on to the Office 365 service, and click on the Admin and Home links at the top of your screen: •Outlook Click on Inbox on the Home page: •Team siteThe Office 365 Microsoft SharePoint Online-based team site makes collaboration easier with a password-protected portalto share large files both inside and outside your organization.Click on Team Site on the Home page.
  9. 9. •Microsoft LyncWith Lync, users can send and receive instant messages, conduct PC-to-PC audio and videocalls, conduct online meetings with up to 50 participants, and view presence information fortheir colleagues. •Add a new user to your accountOn your Admin page, click on Users under Management on the left side of your screen
  10. 10. Idea about Microsoft office 365Short movie about Microsoft Office 365What is Office 365Email and calendarsWeb ConferencingWebsiteFile sharingOffice Web Apps
  11. 11. Abdurrahman Abdulla, he is Manager of Al Multqa Event Management, he has beenusing Microsoft Office 365 for 3 months now, and he is very pleased with it because it isvery easy to use with his employees.Aisha Mohammad, is a student in UAEU, she feels very comfortable when shebegan using Microsoft office 365,because it has everything needed, and it is veryflexible.
  12. 12. • People who do not know how to use the Microsoft Office will not know how to use Microsoft Office 365.• People who do not know the technology, it will be very difficult to use it• The mobile application can only be used on Windows Phone.
  13. 13. • What is Microsoft Office 365?• What do you think it is used for?•What are some advantages?•What are some disadvantages?
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  15. 15. Thank You forlistening.Any questions?