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Msn world

  1. 1. WORLD-HAJAR MURAD KARAM-200710129
  2. 2.  DEFINITION Micro Soft Network is a general purpose instant messaging service , and e-mail, that include news, entertainment, sports, and business. as well as the Bing search engine ( Integration with Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter is also provided
  3. 3.  WHY THEY USE IT?-Keep in touch with family and friends in the world-check emails and send our works.-easy to use and great for socializing online-Employers use to keep in touch with staff oremployees.
  4. 4.  WHO USE IT?Everyone can use it ,young or old people from age 7 andabove , male and females, but they should have anaccount
  5. 5.  WHAT ARE THE BENEFIT OF MSN? There are many advantages and disadvantages of MSN
  6. 6.  THE ADVANTAGES OF MSN-Stay in touch with the people-It is a quick way of communicating with people and it iseasy to use-MSN Messenger is easy to install and users can add asmany contacts as they wish-they can even leave messages for users who are offline-No limit to contacts.-No Viruses-Can edit your name and default picture to what you like-Can use different email servers such as (Hotmail, AOL,Yahoo, NTL)
  7. 7.  THE DISADVANTAGES OF MSNTroubleshooting and Internet Connections: The conversations can sometimes be cut off due to poor internetconnections.Effect people behavior and health: People may be isolated andaddicted in using MSN, so they effect their eyes by setting in frontof the monitor in a long time. However, they Don’t aware in theirhomeworks . Some people add contact they don’t know and sharebad videos and photos.Hackers: sometimes when you add someone you dont know thatthey can download programs and that way they can hack yourHotmail account. You dont control who adds you to their own contact list: whenyou display your email on social networking sites such asFacebook, and MySpace, you sometimes get random peopleadding you to their contact list
  8. 8.  EXAMPLES OF MSNMSN programs have different versions like WindowsMessenger, Messenger 7.5, Windows LiveMessenger, Microsofts online search, Hotmail e-mail andMessenger instant messaging services
  9. 9.  WHAT ARE THE FEATURE OF WIDOWS LIVE? -Have fun with friends by chatting face to face using webcam, watch online videos and share links youve discovered on the web and even play fun games -Can download and themes, MSN Plus -Have many version -Download the msn in your smartphones
  10. 10.  USING THE HOTMAIL -Checks emails -Edit your contact list and profiles For examples the students can check what they teacher send. People who have business, doctors , staff in companies and bank can also use the Hotmail. All this people should know this program because they keep touch with other and send pictures, mails, faxes and videos in quickly and easy way
  11. 11.  HOW TO SIGN UP?Go to and opening the Hotmail pageand click sign up
  12. 12.  HOW TO ADD MULTIPLE EMAIL ACCOUNT?You can add all your email accounts to Windows Live Mail.Its as easy as typing in an email address andpassword, and then following a few steps.To add an email accountIn your Windows Live Mail inbox,click Accounts and then Email.Type your email address, password,and display name, and then click Next.If you want to add more accounts,click Add another email account.
  14. 14. HOW TO ANIMATE YOUR CONVERSATION? Express our self with emoticons, send a nudge, add a display picture that changes with your mood, and change color and fonts. You can animate your conversation by using Messenger Plus.
  15. 15.  USING BING BARGet search results from Bing without leaving the websiteyoure on.
  16. 16.  USING MESSENGER COMPANIONSee and comment on links your friends have shared asyou visit websites in Internet Explorer. To use Messenger Companion to share a link to a page with your friends in Messenger, follow these steps. 1-In Windows Internet Explorer, go to the page you want to share and click the Messenger Companion button . Messenger Companion finds the title, description, and images on the page for you to include in the link. 2-Make any changes you want to the title and description by clicking in each box and typing. Depending on where your friends see the link youre sharing. 3-Use the Next image and Previous image buttons to select the image you want to share, or select No image if you dont want to include an image in the link. 4-Add your own message about the page to start the conversation. 5-Click Share.
  17. 17.  REFERENCES Definition, Are The Disadvantages Of Using MSN Messenger?), 2006) Are The Advantages Of Using MSN Messenger? )