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Levels and stages of evaluation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Levels and stages of evaluation

  1. 1. Levels and stages of Evaluation (Study evaluation)Study1: Title: Methodological Issues in a study of Mobile Learning as a Disruptive Innovation (Actor Network Theory and Case Study Unit Analysis in a qualitative study of three mobile learning projects in UK Higher Education) Researcher: Peter Bird. Manchester Metropolitan University, Business SchoolThis study in Level 1: Project level“In this paper, I present two possible methodological dilemmas with a study of mobilelearning as adisruptive innovation in UK Higher Education.”This study in stage 2: the evaluation of the IT intervention within the course itself.“The second issue concerns the choice of unit of analysis in Case Study Methodology, a problem broughtabout by having a multi-institutionproject as one of the three chosen cases.”“The project is not investigating the impact on pedagogy that m-learning may bring, although thebenefits of mobile technology to teachers and learners will have a major influence on the sustainabilityof the innovation.”Refrence: (2009) Manchester: UK Title: A study into Video Conferencing Using the Apple Macintosh Platform Researcher: Sean Clark, Giles Mahoney, Stephen Scrivener.This study in Level 1: Project level“This study into the uses of video conferencing on the Apple Macintosh took place between June1994 and January 1995 at theUniversity of Derby and involved members of the Design ResearchCentre in the School of Art and Design at Derby, theUniversitys Research Office and theComputer Services department.”This study in stage 2: the evaluation of the IT intervention in isolation.“In conclusino,we found this project interesting and enlightening. At the Design Research Centrewe are now firm advocates of the benefits of vidoe conferencing as a tool to support day-to-day
  2. 2. work as well as our less frequent international collaborative projects.”Refrence: Derby: Sima,