Appling ACTIONS Mobile (Mobile Learning Technology)
How accessible is a particular technology for learners?
It is...
What kind of interaction does this technology enable? (synchronous or
It support both synchronous or asynchr...
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Actions Model


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Actions Model

  1. 1. Appling ACTIONS Mobile (Mobile Learning Technology) 1-Access How accessible is a particular technology for learners? It is easy to access and available anytime and anywhere.And flexible physical access, students can use local databases, How flexible is it for a particular target group? It is flexible, has many shape and size and it is portable from one place to another easily. 2-Costs What is the cost structure of each technology? The cost of m-learning technologies depends on the type of technology, for example if you want mobile phone is cheaper than tablet and PDA. What is the unit cost per student? F ( AC ( ) = + V ) = (1225/20) +544 =605 What are the opportunity costs vs. other technology choices? Actually these technologies are cost effectiveness (cheaper) comparing with other distance technology like video and web conferencing. 3-Teaching and Learning What kinds of learning are needed? Mobile learning, group-based learning or collaborative and self-learning, Case- based learning, Context-aware learning, What instructional approaches will best meet these needs? Using drill and practice approach for group-based or collaborative self -learning by m-learning. Games and simulation is interesting approach for also self learning and group- based. What are the best technologies for supporting teaching and learning in this environment? Using any type of m- learning technology such as (Ultra-Mobile, tablet PC Personal digital assistant (PDA), smart phone and mobile phone) Can the content be adapted to the technology? Yes, this technology can display any kind of content with different multimedia materials .i.e. you can add texts, picture, audio- video. What skills does the technology develop? Numeric and literacy skills , communication, writing and reading. 4-Interactivity and User-friendliness
  2. 2. What kind of interaction does this technology enable? (synchronous or asynchronous) It support both synchronous or asynchronous How easy is it to use and learn? It is easy to learn and use. And all ages can work with them and use them easily and can learn them individually 5-Organizational Issues What are the organizational and Institutional requirements to provide stability and support? It require technical support, resources, maintenance and financial. What are the barriers to using this technology successfully within the institution? Challenges to the Security of the Device and Its Data, become out of date very quickly, depend on battery, small capacity, small screen that limit the information. What changes need to be made within the organization to incorporate the technology? They should to consider the security issues about learner's information and using application that facilitate DE and provide easy to access to internet . 6-Novelty How new is the technology? Some new technology (mobile phone) can be touchable and new application in mobile like blackberry is included. And GPS and navigation services are available. Easy to assess to internet "Wireless", High quality pictures by mobile camera. What are its technical capabilities? It allow to access to internet easily by using WiFi capability .And by the Bluetooth service the distance learners can exchange resources with other learners and sharing their work. It gives them many options for setting and changing in mobile application to meet their need for example they can change the seeing of camera 7-Speed How quickly can courses be created and distributed with this technology? The instructor can quickly and easily design and create their courses using mobile learning technology. Instructor can use for example web-based application to design the course like (media board and SMS quiz author) these application help to quick design and easily author the distance environment. How quickly can materials be changed? It is easy to change the materials quickly and modify it.