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TypingMaster report

  1. 1. TypingMaster Description of the software:- TypingMaster is a tutorial software. It is designed to develop the learners typing skills. It is produced by TypingMaster, Inc Hyvink??, Finland. To download it you can visit software website www.TypingMaster.com If you need any help you can email: support@ TypingMaster.com The objectives of the software: This software aims to achieve these objectives:  Help the learners to enhance their learning process by developing their typing skills  Develop typing speed  Recognize position of the keys to use all fingers  Identify the location of different keys and different letters  To practice typing with all fingers Definition of the software: TypingMaster is a shareware tutorial for touch-typing. It covers study material from the very basics to advanced text-typing exercises. TypingMaster is suitable for individual users as well as organizations with a large network environment. Target Learner This software can be used by People with elementary level in typing, Teachers, Students, Staff and Parents. Roles: Teacher's role: • Define the objectives • Identify the progress of the program • Write reports about students • Suggest activities for students student's role: • Follow instructions • Write given sentences, paragraphs and stories • Recognize the right way to position their fingers at the keyboard • Play instructional games • select the lesson
  2. 2. • Enter name • Interact with the program Features: The Pedagogical features: • Double your typing speed • Get rid of typos • Save valuable work time • Focus on your text and ideas • Be confident with computers • Optimal Learning - Better Skills in Less Time- • Typing assignments and homework quickly and accurately The Technical features: • Provide information and instructions for using the program • Include many exercises and games • Show different levels of your achievement • Display scores • Free to try : around 9(RO) to buy (License) • Controllable sound • Provide exit button and print option Concerns: According to users opinions about TypingMaster software Concerns Are: • Users can not add any additions to the software • Colors are not attractive • Feedback is given in uninteresting way • Can’t be opened in full screen • Doesn’t include help button Suggestions: Our suggestions to develop this software are: • Give users chance to add information and activities • Use attractive colors • Provide feedback in a good way to reinforce learners • Make it possible to maximize the screen • Provide help button in each section The Demo
  3. 3. If you want to try this software there is a free typing tutor demo. In the demo version you can complete the first few lessons to get familiar with the unique features of TypingMaster software. Instructions: Typing instructions to achieve the software objectives • Don’t watch the keyboard while typing. Instead let your memory learn the positions of the key and the path of your fingers. • Try to type as smoothly and accurately as possible to acquire the best possible efficiency . • Each time a new letter is introduced typing tutor will show you a diagram of the keyboard on the screen . Use this picture to learn the position of the keys and avoid looking at the actual keyboard. • You will also see a picture of two, hands indicating which finger should press each key Touch typing Basics - Touch typing is the technique of typing quickly and accurately without looking at the keys - to position your fingers without looking, use the home keys in the middle (asdf) row of the keyboard Studying material: Each lesson in the typing tutor study material typically consists of 6 or 7 exercises. Variety of exercises types included in the program makes studying more versatile. New letters: new letters are introduced at the beginning of each chapter. You will press each new letter several times to learn the corresponding finger movements. 1. Press the letter shown in the upper part of the screen. 2. See the location of the letter on the keyboard 3. Press the letter with the highlighted letter. Keyboard Exercise: After you learn a new set of letters, you will practice typing simple words which contain only the letters you have learned, especially the new letters. 1. Type the highlighted letter. 2. The picture of the keyboard informs you about the typing errors. 3. In the time screen you can see the time remaining in the current exercise. Guided studying: As you study, typing tutor will guide you flexibly through the study material. Typing tutor remembers where you are and what you have done so that you do not have to spend time wondering where to continue.
  4. 4. Before you start typing tutor lets you choose your personal study profile. 1- you can choose from a few different studying programs. 2- You can set the average time taken for each lesson. Text exercise: In the text exercise you will practice typing sentences and paragraphs. Type the exercise as accurately as possible. Do not try to go as fast as you can; speed will come later. 1- Type the highlighted word 2- Then you can see the text you have typed so far 3- Underlines words contain typing errors Story typing: After you have learned all the letters you can improve your typing efficiency by practicing with story typing. You can choose the story from a list. If you do not finish typing the story, you can stop and return to the same place in the next session. Typing info  After text exercise, you can examine your performance. In the typing info table you can see your efficiency and the factors affecting it. Arrows show the direction of your progress.  The commentator informs you of your strengths and notifies you where you should pay attention. Ergonomics  Sit firmly with your back and neck straight  Set the keyboard at a suitable height so that the angle between your upper arms and your forearms is 90 degrees or slightly more  Put the soles of your feet firmly on the floor or on a foot stool Display position 1- Sit an arm’s length away from the monitor(about 60 cm/ 24 inches) 2- Viewing angle should be slightly downward vertically 3- Monitor should not rest on top of the computer Other 1- check the direction of light: there should not be any reflections on the monitor 2- remember to have breaks: stretch up and let your eyes rest by looking into distance Finger position
  5. 5. - starting with your left hand, place your little finger on A , ring finger on the S , middle finger on D and index finger on F, and let your thumb rest over the Space bar - with your right hand , place your index finger on J, middle finger on K, ring finger on L and your little finger on the next key - press Enter with your right hand’s little finger - you may be able to feel small bumps on the keys under your index fingers ( F and J) or middle fingers ( D and K) - most keyboards have these bumps to help orient typists. Keep your wrists straight and palms curved in a relaxed position, and grow accustomed to the bumps if they are there - press Enter with your right hand’s little finger Instructional games Instructions to play (Bubbles game) in this software - to pop a bubble, press the char in it. - When you have missed six bubbles, the game is over. - Red and blue bubbles, which are faster than green ones, will give you better score. Instructions to play (WordTris game) in this software - to catch the beam, type the word in it and press space - when the box is full of missed beams, the game is over - to get the best possible score, look at the word display below the box. Instructions to play (clouds game) in this software: - to catch a cloud, type the word below it and press Space or Enter - to move between clouds at any time, press Enter/Space (next) or Backspace (previews) - Try not to miss stormy clouds- after six missed ones the game is over - Sunny clouds will give you a great bonus, so try to catch as many of them as possible Screenshots:
  6. 6. This is the interface of the program. As you see you can enter your name From this screenshot you will find that the program consists of six sections. They are: studying, review, statistics, info, settings and purchase.
  7. 7. From setting section you can control: sounds, lesson duration, fonts, theme, keyboard and speed unit. This screenshot show one type of the exercises provided by the program. Here you must type the story without errors. If there is any error the software will give you a feedback as underlined text.
  8. 8. In info section, you find information about the program: the producer and how to contact with the producer and the company. This is a screenshot of an instructional game in TypingMaster called Bubbles game