Research paper middle east college


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Research paper middle east college

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Research paper middle east college

  1. 1. Assuring Quality in IT Department in Middle East College<br />Mazin Ali Abdullah Al-Maqrashi<br />68968<br />Sultan Qaboos University<br />Overview<br />This proposal is about ensuring quality in Middle East College which is one of an important technologist college in Oman. I had taken my internship in this college particularly in the IT department and my training benefits are good so far. In general, this proposal will focus in the assessment of IT support department in cases of the quality of the services that provided. The main goal of the research is to ensure quality of IT Department in Middle East College. More focus will be for the quality of products and services that this department provides for faculty members and students. The main objectives that will be focused in this research are to develop personnel knowledge and skills by assessing improve the quality of products and services in this department. The second objective is to improve the curriculum in this department by assessing the whole content and products. The third objective of this research is to provide qualitative environment for teaching and learning by ensuring the quality of material and stuffs around the environment of IT Department.<br />Personnel<br />I will assess the personnel in IT department in MEC which will cover instructors, students and staffs. I will assess the instructors from different directions including, the strategies of teaching, attendance of the lectures on time and using technology in teaching. About the students I will assess them by evaluate their levels of learning, grades, skills and innovations in this institution. In case of assessing the staff of this department I will look through the quality of services that they provide for students and instructors. Moreover, most of the students and teachers have weaknesses in case of troubleshooting their computers and using some of the software in their learning.<br /> I will use a questionnaire or survey to assess students’ performers, knowledge, skills and level of understanding. The following is a sample of the questionnaire that I will use to evaluate students:<br />The sentenceAgreeNot ApplicableDisagree1I satisfy of product and services in IT Department2IT Department develops my knowledge and skills.3IT Department helps me to improve my performance and level of thinking.4IT Department has not covered my interest and ambition.<br />On the other hand, I will assess the instructor by using interviews but I will mature their ways of teaching, using technology in their learning and teaching, support students with different resources for learning and the abilities to cover and manage the content of learning correctly.<br />These are some of the questions of the interview that I will make for instructors:<br /><ul><li>Did you think that IT Department helps you to develop your teaching strategies and methods of teaching? How?Is IT Department providing technologies and material that facilitate your way of teaching and develop your teaching skills?Did you encourage students for learning by motivate them through the technology and recourses that you provide for them?</li></ul>In addition, I will evaluate the faculty member and the administration of the IT department by cover the area of their responsibility, the services that they provided and improving the department quality. I will also use interview to evaluate this dimension as the following:<br /><ul><li>What type of services that you provide in IT Department?How the administrations help the department to improve?What is the future plan to develop this department to have high quality products and services?</li></ul>Curriculum<br />In this department I will assess the curriculums which are including books, online text and types of content that used to teach students. I will evaluate each type of curriculum: are they meet students’ needs? Do those curriculums provide supportive recourses for students to get more information and search about knowledge? Are they different type of content provide for students (text, audio and visuals)? There are some limitations of some courses in the department because of lack of some resources that support learning. <br />I will use an expert review to see and evaluate the qualitative of the curriculum in this department and how much fit the student abilities and met their needs. However, I will evaluate the supported recourses that will supply this courses and students in learning.<br />The following is an expert review that I will use to evaluate the curriculum, products and recourses in IT Department:<br />sentenceWeakGoodVery goodExcellentMatch between system and the real worldConsistency and standardsFlexibility and efficiency of useHelp and documentationAesthetic and minimalist designError prevention<br />Environment<br />The environment is Middle East college specially IT department. There are some strengths and limitations in the environment in this department. This department provide different services for example, LRTC, equipment for learning, different labs and IT support. In case of the limitation of the environment of IT department there are some lacks of materials which are facilitating learning and teaching. In addition, this department has some limitation in IT support because there are many students and teachers have some problems on their computers and as a result of that they will need a lot of support from IT technicians. There no workshop that trains faculty staff and students to maintain their own laptops or fixing simple problem in the department.<br />I will observe the environment of the department in the Middle East College and cover all the branches that contained by using checklist observation sheet. In this dimension I will evaluate the materials that department provide, the labs, the activities and creativity of the department, new technology and other cases.<br />The following checklist which I will use it to evaluate the infrastructure of IT environment:<br /><ul><li>ItemYesNoComments1LRTC is effective in the department.2Computer labs are working well.3The sitting of the labs are good.4IT support are had effective services.</li></ul>The following checklist which I will use it to evaluate the IT environment:<br />ItemYes NoComments1The condition of the department is fine.2Different technologies provided in IT department.3The environment is motivating students for learning<br />Conclusion<br />All in all, this research are discussing some strong points in IT Department in MEC and other limitations of this department and how to improve it in the future. I see that my plan had evaluated and cover all the dimension of this department and that will help in ensuring quality in an effective way. This research covered three main dimensions which are personnel; curriculum and environment of this department and this are the strongest points in the research because the main goal is to ensure the quality in IT Department and that’s why we should to cover all the dimensions of IT demonist ions. Moreover, in this paper I had used effective assessment tools to evaluate each diminution of the department and I think each tool fit the context that it used in. However, there are some limitations that I should to fix in this paper which include personnel satisfactions, curriculum of IT Department and more knowledge about the area of IT in MEC.<br />Recommendation<br />In the future I think there is some other area that I should to focus on in IT Department because the collection of data should be in effective way to continue other steps in the research. I need to improve the way of assessing the context of learning and choosing the suitable tool for each area or context to ensure the quality of each dimension in the right position.<br />References<br /><ul><li>Joanne Fritz, Guide (2011). How to Write Goals and Objectives for Your Grant Proposal , Retrieved from website:
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