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Research paper

  1. 1. How to use Digital Disli Company Website workshop<br />Khalid Al-Fajrani<br />Sultan Qaboos University<br />Overview<br />Investigate the effect of a website of Digital Disli Company as a dynamic website for creating, collaborating, sharing between the employee of Digital Disli Company. A review of literature reveals inconclusive and contradictory finding relate to this investigation. Previous studies in the area tend to introduce most business websites these days are dynamic meaning that the web pages are dynamically built pages that allow user interaction, collaboration and sharing idea. Investigation into the effect of Designing and Evaluating a Web-Based Collaboration Application: A Case Study website as dynamic tool for interaction and collaboration. Wenli Zhu (2005) reached that SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft is a Web-based collaboration application designed to help a team to share information and collaboration with each other. Adrianus Franciscus Hendricus Johannes den Otter state that A design team members’ design organization which uses dynamic website usually prefer communication through the this website for the sharing of electronic design information, because it and its equivalents are easy to use and the website interface, the speed, the ease of storing and updating of documents and the search of documents are convenient and do not need any proof of effectiveness. However, designing team website typically connects people within an organization and not people from different organizations because of securities that this website provide (Adrianus Franciscus Hendricus Johannes den Otter (2005). Chris Cameron(2010) found that office Medium website is the best tool which provides a wide variety of collaborative features wrapped up in an elegantly designed interface. With live chat, user profiles, polls and calendars so this website will help the collaboration, sharing and communication between employees.<br />The main purpose of this report is to evaluate a website as a dynamic of website creation and collaboration method among employees in Digital Disli company which is specialist in producing hardware and software in technology field such as Desktop and laptop computers, networks devices, digital camera attractive mobiles and famous software that customer need. The main goal of this report is to evaluate collaboration between Digital Disli's employees in order to increase productivity and communication. This main purpose will include several objectives focus on three major area personnel, Curriculum and environment. These objectives will be as following:<br /><ul><li>Designer will able to design interactive website by using HTML language during workshop times.
  2. 2. Product team will able to use dynamic website for developing DDC's product during Official working hours.
  3. 3. Administrators team will able to manage website among 300 user of DDC's Website
  4. 4. Workshop will provide accurate content for 300 employees in DDC
  5. 5. E-learning will enhance the learning process of using the website for 300 employees in DDC
  6. 6. Computer Lab will provide all facilities and service beginner needs for 100 beginner employees of how to use DDC's website
  7. 7. LMS will be suitable distance learning of how to use DDC's website for 200 employees </li></ul>So to measure this objectives, I built a diagram that clarify how to collect the data from three major areas which are personnel, curriculum and environment and after that how to analysis those data by using advance program in statistical field such as SPSS program. In order to achieve the first measurable objective, Rubric will be the best tool that help me to measure the progress of designer team of DDC so I conduct this designer this rubric and they should focus on the items that include in this rubric to be sure about them then I will measure the website that they design based on rubric. Second and third objectives I will distribute surveys, one for Product team and other for admin team to collect data about their attitude beyond the website and the facilities and services that this website provides. Then, I analysis this data using SPSS program, then presenting the result. In curriculum measurable objectives I will be use survey to collect data about the content that I use each the content accurate or not, it has enough information that employee need or not and so on. After that I will input these data in SPSS program for analyzing data and presenting the result that I found. Finally, in environment, the check list will be the best tool to collect data about the services and facilities provided in DDC's environment. After using chick list, I analysis the data using Excel program in order to find the result.<br />Personnel<br />The employees of DDC are collaboration team who need to enhance their productivities and communication during their work so a website will be the best to help them collaborate, communicate and share information so the web designers is one of the most important team who help to design attractive website for DDC's employee. Web designers are responsible for creating the look and feel of World Wide Web pages for a client's Web site. This involves developing a graphic design that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by the Web site. A web designer may take part in the initial planning of a Web site, meeting with the client to discuss ideas for the layout and organization of the site, the types of colors or images to use (photos, illustrations, videos, etc.), and other matters concerning overall graphic design. So all these characteristics of web designer should be evaluated using rubric in order to get accurate result about designing dynamic website that encourage collaboration, communication and sharing information.<br />Criteria & Types of EvidenceWebsite EvidenceRating0134Objectivity/BiasThe purpose of the site is clear, including any specific point of view.There is a statement of scope and purpose.Sponsorship and/or affiliations are clearly stated.Other things to considerIs information presented as fact or opinion? Is it primary or secondary information?     <br /> Second product teams are the target user for this website because they will use this website to share their knowledge and their decisions about developing DDC's products. Third team is the administrators who will manage the website. Finally, trainees who will be able to train their target audience who use this website and how will be able to share their content through this website as E-learning website for this company. <br />NoYesItems-Did you use the website before -Did you use messenger or any chat rooms before-Are you interest of the interface of DDC website-Dose the E-learning page in website provide all your needs to share and communicate<br /> <br />Curriculum<br />Workshop should include clear objectives about how employees use DDC's website and accurate information about the using of this website. This workshop will be in two methods to deliver the content for target audience which are face to face using computer lab and e-learning using LMS tools. For the first employees, I will provide them with materials like books, print out and teach them how to use DDC's website as collaboration tool, so product teams will be able to use chat rooms for how to develop desktop, they will be use discussion forum for discussion about the weakness of batteries of HP laptop , they will be use e-mail box to exchange the reports of DDC's product. All this objectives will achieve during the workshop time. For the same objectives, advance employee will be the second target audience to achieve these objectives but the way of learning will be the different. So to evaluate the content, I will distribute this survey<br />NoYesItems-Dose content provide full graphics and information students need -Dose the manual is a good tool for self learning-Are the teacher provide you full explanation about how to use a website as a communication tool-Dose the teacher deliver the message clearly <br />Environment<br />For the beginner employees I will collect data about the facilities and services in computer lab in order to get their attitude and refection toward the DDC's environment. However, advance employees have background about how the using computer, internet and so one but theu will use one of LMS to learn about DDC's website so I will evaluate this LMC how does it deliver the content with attractive way by using chick list.<br />disagreeagreeItems-Computer lap has good computer that help me to learn -All computers in Computer lab are work-E-learning is the best way to save the effort, time and money-The network has high speed <br />Conclusion<br />I conclude my report about the strengths and the weakness of this report. First of all the strengths, I use effective tools that help me to ensure quality of how to use DDC's website as collaboration tool such as rubric that bring for me clear idea about how to design a website using HTML language. Second the survey will be quick tool that is collected a lot of information about the employees and their attitude toward the content. Finally, chick list will be a best tool to collect data about environment. Other strength, I found many studies that provide me many information about how to evaluate a website as dynamic way for collaboration. The weaknesses of this plan may be in the case of evaluating the reflection of employees toward the workshop. I am not sure to find the same number of employees who participate on the first meeting in workshop and second time. May I lose number of them during the workshop of how to use DDC's website so I may not get the same result<br />Reference<br /> Draine, S. C., & McClintock, M. (1999). Developing a User-Knowledge Assessment Tool for ConsumerSoftware. In the Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Munich,Germany, pp.111-112 <br /> Wenli Zhu (2005) Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052 USA<br /> Chris Cameron / January 18, 2010 11:05 AM,<br /> Fellenz, C., Parkkinen, J., & Shubin, H. (1999). Web Navigation: Resolving Conflicts between the Desktop and the Web. SIGCHI Bulletin, Vol. 31, pp. 26-28.<br /> Adrianus Franciscus Hendricus Johannes den Otter(2005 ). SharePoint User Interface Guidelines. Technical Report: Microsoft Corporation. Redmond, WA.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />