4th meeting Polish Presentation


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4th meeting Polish Presentation

  1. 1. The professional photographer
  2. 2. The professional photographer is a person who takes and develops photos.
  3. 3. Who can become a photographer? Anyone can become a professional photographer, regardless of education. It depends on your skills and creativity. However, it is advisable to complete some specialised courses or studies.
  4. 4. A good photographer must have:  visual acuity  color discrimination  perceptivity  reflex  concentration  good visual – motor coordination  communicative skills  ability to persuade and negotiate  accuracy  patience
  5. 5. What are the duties?  organization of the workplace  bussiness planning  matching props for photo shots and photographic materials  taking different types of photography  conducting chemical and digital treatment of photos  archiving works
  6. 6. Working conditions Photographer may work in many places. These can be a photographer, a private dwelling, institution or open space. Operating time depends on your needs, time of day and weather. Working hours are not fixed, the photographer can work on Sundays and holidays. When working as a photographer you have to remember about the possibility of exposure to harmful chemicals and electromagnetic radiation.
  7. 7. How much can a photographer earn? Earnings depend on the quantity and quality of the orders received. A photographer can be paid for individual images, a series of images or shots of a specific event. A famous photographer can make a lot of money per month but it is worth to remember that the earnings are not regular.
  8. 8. What are the types of photography?
  9. 9. Wedding photography
  10. 10. Landscape photography
  11. 11. Portrait photography
  12. 12. Fashion photography
  13. 13. Advertising photography
  14. 14. Press photography
  15. 15. Interior photography
  16. 16. Scientific photography
  17. 17. Documentary photography
  18. 18. Aerial photography
  19. 19. School photography
  20. 20. Well known Polish photographers are:
  21. 21. Jan Bułhak The legend of Polish photography, co - founder of National Association of Polish Photographers.
  22. 22. Robert Wolański A well – known fashion photographer.
  23. 23. Tomasz Tomaszewski The most famous Polish press photographer, being successful both in Poland and abroad.
  24. 24. Tomasz Gudzowaty He is a multiple winner of the most important photographic competitions, including World Press Photo.
  25. 25. Ryszard Horowitz A precursor of computer processing photographs. His works surprisingly combine unexpected objects, characters and events.
  26. 26. Well known foreign photographers are:
  27. 27. Robert Capa One of the most important photographers of the twentieth century, the cinematographer of the five wars.
  28. 28. Carol Guzy Four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Photographer of the Year 2012.
  29. 29. Steve McCurry World famous mainly due to his photograph "Afghan Girl", first published on the cover of National Geographic in June 1985.
  30. 30. Henri Cartier-Bresson One of the greatest French photographers of the twentieth century.
  31. 31. Dorothea Lange American photographer, best known for photographs presenting the situation of American society during the Great Depression in the 30's of the twentieth century.
  32. 32. Each country has its own system of education, preparing to working as a photographer.
  33. 33. The job of photographer is one of the freelance professions, related to arts. Although there are special schools of photography, courses and workshops you can attend it still does not guarantee you will get a job in this profession. Although it may help, the main condition in this case is the ability to take interesting, beautiful, outstanding images.
  34. 34. Most often they are looking for people who not only know photography workshop well and can take technically correct pictures, but most of all they have talent, they can capture in a photograph what is most important or the most beautiful in the subject
  35. 35. However, most often the professional career is based on determination, experience and good use of your skills.
  36. 36. You can become a professional photographer too.
  37. 37. The project has been prepared by students of Gimnazjum No 7 in Koszalin.