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Escaping the python sandbox

There’s two things I really like: Capture the flag competitions and Python.
Fortunately, I have found out that there are challenges that combine both.
In my session I will talk about challenges from 3 different CTF competitions and about the upgraded challenges I wrote from PwCTF.
I will explain the difficulties of creating Python Sandbox and I will show the security issues in the wild.

Things you will learn from my session:
* Why Python Sandbox is a bad idea
* How to exploit Python Sandbox using knowledge of Python language to execute code remotely
* Why it’s hard to protect Python from code execution using Web Application Firewall
* At the end of the session you will get 3 pySandbox challenges to solve in order to check your abilities

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Escaping the python sandbox

  1. 1. $ • • • • • @realgam3 • •
  2. 2. Objects
  3. 3. from __future__ import print_function targets = __builtins__.__dict__.keys() targets.remove('raw_input') targets.remove('print') for x in targets: del __builtins__.__dict__[x]
  4. 4. banned = [ "import", "exec", "eval", "pickle", "os", "subprocess", "kevin sucks", "input", "banned", "cry sum more", "sys" ]
  5. 5. https://Links • • 5-PySandbox.pdf • • flask-jinja2.html
  6. 6. If You Really Like CTF Challenges