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A Matter of Choice: How B2B Buyers Choose in Today’s Complex Markets


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This eBook covers new dynamics in buyer choice modeling, why funnel thinking is limted in the new buyer-driven world, and how business marketing must transform to meet new challenges.

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A Matter of Choice: How B2B Buyers Choose in Today’s Complex Markets

  1. 1. A Matter Of ChoiceHow B2B Buyers Choose InToday’s Complex Markets by Tony Zambito
  2. 2. Copyright NoticesA Matter Of Choice: How B2B Buyers Choose In Today’sComplex MarketsCopyright 2012 by Buyerology and Goal Centric Management,Inc., All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmittedin any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic,including photocopying and recording, or byany information storage and retrieval system, withoutpermission in writing from the publisher. Requests forpermission or further information should be addressed toTony Zambito at: 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 2
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  4. 4. Table of ContentsSlow Death of the Funnel 6Revenue Growth by Choice 14Psychology of Choice 253 Ways to Connect with Buyers 344 Ways to Transform Business 43Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Slow Death of the Funnel: Why Buyer Choice Matters to RevenueCopyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Finding the keys that unlock improving revenueperformance and achieving growth is becomingharder and harder as we go from a single buyermodel to that of more interdependency amongecosystems and networks by B2B buyers. B2Bmarketing and sales is still predominantlytethered to traditional ideas, approaches, andsystems that are being dragged into the modernera. While we have seen modifications, the ideaof the traditional funnel is still at the core ofmany B2B organizations today. It matters littlewhether you keep it vertical or flip it sidewaysand make it horizontal – it is still suggesting afunnel that winnows down opportunities downto a “buy” decision.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 6
  7. 7. As the modern era rages on with increasingspeed where the Internet and Social Technologiesare converging into new forms, theoversimplification of the funnel becomes moreand more apparent. Simply put, buyers just don’tact or behave in that way anymore. Evidencesuggesting that buyers are behaving well out ofthe norm of our conventional views of the funnelas well as the buying process is abundant fromsurveys. These behaviors cannot be representedin the view of a funnel.DemandGen, for example, reported that B2Bbuyers don’t talk to a sales rep until they’veconducted independent research 77% of thetime. There are plenty of surveys around showingbuyers acting and behaving differently – yet – thewillingness to snap the tether cord of the funneldoesn’t appear readily apparent. It does beg thequestion of: what is going on?Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 7
  8. 8. I believe that is still an open question without ananswer. We are about to see an uptick in Big Databeing touted as the next Big Thing. Why? Tofigure out what’s going on. My thinking is that ifthis Big Data explosion is designed to tell uswhat’s going on within the confines of the funnel– then B2B organizations can find themselves inthe untenable position of explaining why Big Datais not telling them anything. Here’s why: we willlearn a lot about what buyers purchase and wewill learn a lot about how they are purchasing –perhaps.What is missing is the most important question ofall – why. And there are two very importantcomponents to the why question:First, why are they buying and second, why arethey making the choices they make.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 8
  9. 9. Traditional marketing and sales, oriented towardsthe funnel, don’t answer these why questionsvery well. To get close, it may take years of pilingon data after data to get a clue. This is a veryexpensive proposition for companies to take ontoday.Despite the many super hyped concepts comingto the forefront attempting to address the 77%who are not getting a sales rep involved untilmuch later, the funnel – whether vertical orhorizontal or even cyclical – seems to be glossedover like a sacred cow. The language of thesemany new concepts is spoken through the prismof the funnel – still.For example, if we take an often used expressionof the first part of a funnel – awareness – manyof the new concepts are really talking about howto make awareness happen differently in the newsocial buyer era.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 9
  10. 10. Buyers Explore vs. Become Aware. B2Bbuyers are less likely to become aware ofsolutions and more likely to explore and findthem. And they are making significant choicesduring their exploring based on what they find.Unlike consumer purchases where there is anobject of purchase desired – for example a HDTV– B2B buyers are making choices on which paththey will invest more time hiking and exploring.Buyers Are Part of Ecosystems andNetworks. The age of the single buyer has cometo a close in complex B2B environments. Whilethere may be a target buyer per se’, they areincreasingly dependent upon various ecosystemparticipants who are directly impacted bypurchase decisions and have a voice in thesedecisions. The funnel is very limited outside thescope of the single buyer.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 10
  11. 11. Buyers Just Don’t Make New Buys. In thecomplex realities of today, buyers are notrepeating the new buy orientation of the funnel.There are many choices being made around howto modify different alternatives. In the age ofjust-in-time – and now in the age of real-time,buyers look ahead into the longevity ofrepurchase – or continuous supply that feeds theecosystem with little disruption.Buyer Views Extend Beyond Purchase. Thefunnel is based on the short-term view of makingthe sale and it is measured in quantities. Intoday’s environment, the funnel cannotaccommodate the long term views buyers haveon the overall buying experience and doesn’taccount for many factors that happen well afterthe sale.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 11
  12. 12. Given these limitations, I believe that companiestoday must attempt to understand buyer choicesand adopt a different model. A Buyer ChoiceModel that begins to reflect buyer behavior andprovides the language and terminology neededto understand why buyers choose as they do. Itputs the buyer at the center of B2B marketing,sales, and service and reflects, more accurately,that buyers are making multiple choicesthroughout their actions as well as behaviors thatultimately lead to a purchase decision.But – it doesn’t stop there at the purchasedecision. There is a continuous loop that extendsbeyond the purchase decision. The idea of buyerchoice modeling is to understand choices that arebeing made in this continuous loop – so as not tobe left out of the loop.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 12
  13. 13. Revenue Growth by Choice and The Buyer OrbitCopyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 13
  14. 14. Growth is getting harder and harder to come by.With this comes the realization that some of theembedded thinking about how to reach andmarket to buyers are not working well.Previously, we looked at how the funnel is facinga slow death and the limitations of so calledfunnel thinking. We are entering a new era of thebuyer. Buyer behaviors are shifting yet we knowonly a fraction about this shift. One emerginginsight is that of buyer choice. Simply stated,buyers are making multiple choices prior to aswell as well after buying decisions.Important to Understand Buyer ChoiceBuyers Have Many Options. The floodgates haveopened on channels, social media, old media, theInternet, and countless other ways to interact,explore, retrieve, and digest information in thisnew era of the buyer. With countless optionsavailable, buyers are making choices on where tostart their exploring.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 14
  15. 15. The Buyer At The Center Of Strategy,Marketing, And Sales.Conventional funnel thinking has a hard timedoing this. A better way of stating this is thatconventional strategy, marketing, and salesdecisions are funneled through an old paradigmof the buyer where marketing and sales held theinformation cards – cards used to target, sell, andpersuade buyers.Today, buyers make the choice on whichinformation cards they decide to deal. B2Bleaders today must find ways to focus strategy onthe buyer, the choices they make, and theexperiences they have with their organizations.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 15
  16. 16. Experience Determines Choice. A while back,I made a choice to attend a Broadway musical –of which I am a big fan. The pre-show experienceand excitement was plenty of fun with a greatdinner in New York. The musical started andabout 20 minutes into the musical the dreadbegan to overcome me. I knew this musicalproduction was going to be – dreadful. We madethe choice to leave at intermission and the choicedidn’t ruin the entire experience of the eveningbut it sure changed it. We chose to find a jazzclub and had a great time which meant cancellingout the plans we had after the show.Buyers today are taking experience cues wellbefore the buyer decision journey and well after.The buyer experience cues they take-in alter theirthinking about the choices they make. And theycould be choices about whether to continuehaving an experience with your organizations – or– find another.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 16
  17. 17. Understanding Buyer Choice Helps You ToMake The Right Choices AvailableBuyer choice anchors five choice elements thatcan be thought of as continuously orbiting buyerstoday. A fundamental shift is happening here. Inthe conventional DNA of funnel thinking, we areaccustomed to thinking that involves phases orsteps. One phase ends and another phase begin.What I propose is something we can call theBuyer Orbit. This is meant to shift the thinkingtowards recognizing that buyers are continuouslyaddressing goals, challenges, issues, uncertainty,and growth that are in a continuous orbital loop.This applies to buyer choice:Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 17
  18. 18. Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 18
  19. 19. Explore. As mentioned, funnel thinking usuallystarted with attempts to make buyers aware of aproduct or solution. It is still rooted in thethinking of flashing attention-getting meansbefore buyer’s eyes as well as push messagingoutwards in the hopes of making buyers aware.Today, buyers are mapping out deliberateexploration prompted by the orbital loop of thegoals and etc. that orbit them. Confronted withmany choices, buyers are taking time to map outwhere to explore, how to explore, and etc.Network. As buyers make progression towardsless of a single buyer model to that of a worldthat includes ecosystems and open networks,buyers are making choices to interact withnetworks and different ecosystem players tocollaborate on addressing the issues orbitingthem.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 19
  20. 20. Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 20
  21. 21. Decide. The way buyers decide today isbecoming increasingly complex. Choices arebeing made on such things as the rules fordeciding, who is included, checkingdependencies, and assessing impact. Buyerstoday no longer make decisions in a vacuum.Buy. The actual buy choice has become a higherstakes game in the B2B world. Not only are therules for deciding more complex, but there aremore dependencies related to buying andpotential impact as well. The experience elementhere is now more critical than ever because ofthe high stakes. Making the wrong choice, forexample, on a software platform designed tomeasure quality of manufactured parts couldhave drastic affects downstream with OEMs anddistribution.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 21
  22. 22. Relate. The word – relate – has moreapplicability in a B2B context than say engage forexample. The higher stakes involved meansbuyers needs an organization that can relate tothe high stakes and a relational bond is beingformed. In the example mentioned above, theremay be many discussions before and after thebuy choice to ensure that the software platformmeets an intended goal.The ability for B2B companies to providerelational choices and experiences becomes animportant factor. Does the company providerelational choices whether they are face-to-face,telephone, or complex networking technologythat involves exchanging design ideas andspecifications?Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 22
  23. 23. The new era of the buyer is resulting in aparadigm shift on what is required thinking aboutthe buyer today. Letting go of funnel thinking isno easy task – especially when you strip away thehyperbole and promotion that can surroundstrategy, it is still very much about the funnel.Buyers today have many elements related togrowth, goals, and uncertainty orbiting theirworld. Making choices as this orbital loopcontinuously impacts their world is changing thevery nature of buyer behavior today. Thesechanges are rocket propelled by a new world ofhyper-connectivity and hyper-competition.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 23
  24. 24. How B2B Leaders Respond to thePsychology of Buyer ChoiceCopyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 24
  25. 25. When it comes to understanding the psychologyof the buyer, much has been done in the world ofB2C to get inside the mind of consumers tounderstand buying choices. For B2B, it has beenharder to translate B2C research dynamics intoways that would make the psychology of B2Bbuyers readily understood. However, what we doknow is that there is an increasingconsumerization effect happening in B2B buyingwhereby B2B buyers have the same desires formore experiential purchasing.In the previous section we discussed the BuyerOrbit and the elements of the Buyer ChoiceModel. Each of these now filled with morepsychological aspects related to why B2B buyersbuy. This comes with implications for B2B leadersto not only understand new buyer psychology butto also shift business models, operations,strategies, and interactions that transforms theway they connect with B2B buyers.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 25
  26. 26. Understanding buyer choice has manyimplications for B2B strategies and tactics –whether they are focused on demand generation,content marketing, or selling approaches.Addressing new buyer psychology and buyerchoice paradigms, within elements of buyerchoice modeling, can be transformational:Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 26
  27. 27. ExploreWith more and more buyers mapping outexploration due to the proliferation of contentand information channels, a side effect of B2Bbusinesses scrambling to be noticed in the 50%to 70% window of buyers remaining anonymous,B2B businesses are considering the implicationsof buyers taking deliberate action to map outtheir exploration. What this means: predicting and modeling how buyers map and begin their exploring as well as what forms of navigation they usually take specific to their industry. How to respond: devote more resources to qualitative investigative means, such as contextual interviewing and ethnographic research, to uncover how buyers begin their efforts to explore and how they are dealing with content proliferation.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 27
  28. 28. NetworkAs elaborated upon recently, the single buyermodel is no longer sufficient and more and moreB2B buyers operate from the new buying modelof working within ecosystems and relying onnetwork participation. Codependency is here tostay and B2B businesses must adapt What this means: reexamine how buyers are viewed internally and what forms of outmoded approaches may be resulting in missed opportunities. How to respond: use various forms of B2B buyer research and begin working with buyers to understand important ecosystem and network drivers for their business and industries. Incorporate important ecosystem views into strategy and organizational infrastructure.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 28
  29. 29. DecideThe art and science of decision-making isbecoming more complex each year. An increasingnumber of variables are being introduced intodecision-making such as globalization,uncertainty, ecosystem considerations, and more– shifting how buying is taking place. What this means: how buyers are buying today is shifting dramatically and B2B businesses need to understand the new rules of decision-making, in addition to the buyer decision journey, that are being implemented for purchase decisions. How to respond: shift internal focus to understanding new rules affecting decision- making, acquired through the mix of analytics and qualitative insight, and support how buyers are making purchase decisions.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 29
  30. 30. BuyBuying today is a higher stakes game for manybusinesses today. The margin for costly mistakesis the slimmest in decades. The extent of poorchoices can have disastrous effect on manyaspects of a business. What this means: B2B leaders must not confuse how buyers buy with why buyers buy. The focus is on understanding new buyer psychology in terms of their collective attitudes, goals, beliefs, and perceptions. This new collection of mental models are changing each time new variables, such as new technologies, are introduced. How to respond: getting an understanding of buyer mental models via qualitative research efforts will become crucial each year as buyer psychology continues to shift.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 30
  31. 31. RelateWith higher stakes involved in decision-makingand purchases today, B2B buyers seek moreassurances post-purchase than ever before.Unlike the emphasis on engagement in B2C post-purchase, the need for deeper ties relationally isaffecting long-term loyalty. What this means: shifting out of funnel thinking and viewing the entire buyer experience cycle is a new rule of B2B thinking today. How to respond: post-purchase support and talent can no longer be an after-thought of organizational planning but be seen as the gateway to being included in newly formed ecosystems and networks by buyers.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 31
  32. 32. What we are witnessing today is a marked shiftfrom funnel-thinking to that of focusing on thetotal buyer experience that does not fit neatlyinto stages or step approach thinking.The new buyer psychology compels B2Bbusinesses today to make the buyer thecenterpiece of strategy and respond to thecontinuous loops of what confronts them (thebuyer orbit) and the choices (buyer choicemodel) they must make.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 32
  33. 33. 3 Ways To Connect With Today’s B2B BuyersCopyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 33
  34. 34. Connecting with today’s B2B buyers is on theminds of most CEO’s and their teams today. Nottoo long ago, reaching and connecting with B2Bbuyers was a straight forward proposition.Depending on surveys from such sources as IDC,IDG Connect, DemandGen Report, Forrester, andmore, we know that buyers are remaininginvisible to B2B businesses and spend only aquarter of their time talking directly to saleswhen making purchase decisions.The idea of connecting to B2B buyers has gonefrom straight forward to major league complex.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 34
  35. 35. There are plenty of debates regarding the besttactical means to connect with B2B buyers. Theeffectiveness of these tactical means, as reportedby once again the likes of IDC and etc., show thatmany B2B leaders believe these tactical effortssuch as content marketing and marketingautomation may only be effective about aquarter of the time. It does represent a big gapand it begs for a rephrasing of the challenge –this a big disconnect with B2B buyers. Enough tokeep any sane B2B CEO and their seniormanagement team scrambling for answers.We have pointed out in this book thatconventional funnel thinking is woefullyinadequate in today’s B2B buyer landscape and islimited in the ability to address new and evolvingcomplexities.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 35
  36. 36. Buyer Modeling To Understand BuyerChoices and ScenariosBusiness executives today are using the conceptsof buyer modeling to understand as well asvisually illuminate buyer choice. Buyer modelingincorporates the elements of attitudes, beliefs,values, goals, perceptions, needs, andmotivations. By modeling buyers, buyingscenarios, buyer experience, and decisionjourneys, B2B executives can then map strategyas well as tactical marketing and sales activitiesthat enable them to connect with B2B buyers ona relational level.Buyer modeling is based on qualitative researchthat addresses choices being made versusinadequate interviewing that is done in thecontext of the funnel.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 36
  37. 37. On The Total Brand and Buyer ExperienceB2B businesses are learning how to think outsidethe context of the funnel and how to encompassthe total view of the brand and buyer experience.The invisibility of buyers who are in explore andnetwork mode of the buyer choice model makesit an imperative for B2B businesses to betterunderstand how different buyers interact withdifferent channels that create impressionablebrand and buyer experience. The emphasis here is on identifying critical BuyerMoment of Truth™ impression points thatcontribute to the overall brand and buyerexperience. For example, does the web channelbrand and buyer experience stay true to formwhen buyers interact with either the socialmedia, sales, resellers, partner, or servicechannels?Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 37
  38. 38. HP, for instance, has a strong ecosystem ofreseller and partner channels where the brandand buyer experience has many potential pitfallsand has several challenging Buyer Moment ofTruth handoff points that can make or break theirinvolvement.B2B leaders today can conduct buyer experiencemapping that identifies critical Buyer Moment ofTruth and ensure that the brand and buyerexperience stays true to form throughout.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 38
  39. 39. Descriptive Buyer Segmentation Based onBuying Behavior and OpportunityBy integrating the benefits of predictive analyticswith that of predictive buyer modeling, B2Bleaders are gaining smarts on takingsegmentation to a new level. With the use ofvisually illuminating B2B Buyergraphics, buyerscan be segmented descriptively by explore andbuying behavior and also by modeling buyingscenarios that identify where the organizationcan reach a “best fit” level with buyers.This can be especially useful in industries wherethere is a strong company or account focus aswell as complex buying scenarios that involvelengthy buying cycles.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 39
  40. 40. Descriptive means of segmentation helps toilluminate the many elements related to choice,needs, goals, attitudes, behaviors, values, andexperience. This approach enables bothmarketing and sales to focus on resonating withbuyer segments that have similar goals andbuying behaviors where knowledge in doing so isdynamic and enriched with each company oraccount interaction.In essence, allowing B2B businesses to buildstrong connections with B2B buyers in buyersegments that have higher winning percentages.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 40
  41. 41. When B2B leaders can do these three things,they can be better informed on how to guide theoverall trajectory of their organization. Theirfocus is on identifying the buyers and buyersegments that they can best establish aconnection within the context of understandingchoices being made.More importantly, they can learn how to connectwith B2B buyers today in ways that resonates andinvites participation into the buyer driven worldof goals, challenges, issues, uncertainties, andgrowth objectives that orbit them continuously.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 41
  42. 42. 4 Ways the Power of Buyer Choice Will Transform Business MarketingCopyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 42
  43. 43. How buyers make choices today, in large partdriven by empowering new technologies, willtransform how B2B businesses will view buyersas well as redefine what is meant by businessmarketing. The rigid funnel will no longer serveas a workable means of communicating uniqueviews of buyers and their buying behaviors.This not to say that buyer processes, stages, andsteps are no longer relevant but to highlight thatbuyers today no longer make choices neatly inthe paradigm of the funnel. A rigid funnel view,whether it is drawn up horizontal or vertical,cannot provide the orbital view of choices beingmade continuously.There are four ways that new buyer choicedynamics will transform the practice of businessmarketing and alter the view of what practicesare relevant:Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 43
  44. 44. Predictive Buyer Modeling And IntelligenceAs we covered, many B2B businesses arewrestling with the unknown and the invisible.B2B buyers are remaining invisible in theirbehaviors associated with exploring as well asestablishing new networks of participants indecision-making. There will be a rise in the use ofbuyer modeling techniques as well as integratingthe use of buyer intelligence, predictive analytics,and the illuminating aspects of predictive buyermodeling.The changes underway in buyer behavior willcause B2B business marketing to extend wellbeyond conventional buyer profiling as well assimplistic buyer persona creating for demandgeneration.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 44
  45. 45. Reorient From Business Marketing Teamsto Buyer Driven Marketing TeamsTraditional business marketing has beenhistorically put together teams that are sellerdriven and narrowly funnel focused. The singlebuyer model view narrowly shared across allchannels. Leaders in B2B marketing and sales willsoon have to migrate towards buyer segmentteams that are focused on activities that arefocused on the buyer’s entire brand and buyerexperience.We are beginning to see leading organizations,such as GE, move towards aligning theirorganizations to industry buyer segment teamsfocused on deeper understanding and alignmentwith buyers.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 45
  46. 46. Create Orbital Match With BuyersB2B is becoming more complex with everypassing month. When informed with deep buyerintelligence, business marketing can begin toalign to the continuous orbital loop of whatconfronts buyers and how they make choices.The new role of business marketing is to pullbuyers into an orbital loop that mirrors theirown. The new business marketing strategy is tocreate the gravitational pull that buyers aredrawn to because it aligns with their own orbitalloops. Conversely, how can your organization getclose to the buyer’s own gravitational pull and bedrawn into their orbital loop?This is a departure from the seller driven andnarrow funnel view of push messaging. Anotherway of positioning this concept in simple terms isthis: either your B2B business becomes part ofthe orbital loop or you can watch it from afarwith a telescope – and be out of the loop.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 46
  47. 47. Total Brand and Buyer ExperienceBusiness marketing today can take a leadershiprole by transforming itself to orient around thebuyer. Historically, in the seller driven view world,business marketing has been positioned as theconveyers of getting information in front ofbuyers. Producing material that buyers couldread, provide messaging to sales, and puttingtogether promotional programs with the aim toget sellers to sell harder. My intuitive guess is thatin the world of business marketing, thispositioning still exists in a large majority of B2Borganizations – perhaps trapped within the labelof marketing communications.To influence corporate strategy and decision-making, business marketing must now becomethe conveyors of buyer intelligence andinfluencing organizations to orient around thebuyer. Conveying that what counts is the totalbrand and buyer experience.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 47
  48. 48. Business marketing today, by making these fourways the cornerstone of transformation, canenhance their leadership role in organizations.Orienting businesses around the understandingof buyer choices being made in a new complexbuyer driven world. This is no easy challenge yetone that business marketing must take up.Business marketing must demonstrate that itunderstands buyers deeply and that a designedfocus on the total brand and buyer experience isthe new business marketing strategy. It is time forbusiness marketing to come out of the literaturecloset and lead.Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 48
  49. 49. About Tony Zambito Tony is the originator of buyer persona research and creation. Today, Tony is breaking new ground in establishing Buyerology℠ as the new qualitative research means of understanding buyer behaviors and choices to make better informed decisions. A seasoned corporate senior executive with Fortune 100 firms and now entrepreneur since founding Goal Centric in 2002, Tony offers the rare combination of both executive experience and unique buyer insight approaches. He is the author of his widely read blog Buyerology Now Contact: and keynote speaker on the topic of how changing buyer behaviors are impacting business today. Tony has helped Fortune 100 such as FedEx, HP, and Reed Elsevier to make informed decisions using Twitter: @tonyzambito buyer personas, buyer insight, and Business Buyergraphics™. He holds a B.S. in Business and an M.B.A. in Marketing. LinkedIn: Tony Zambito Tony and his wife Cindy with their two daughters returned to the east Blog: Buyerology Now coast after nearly a dozen years living through the boom and bust of Silicon Valley. He is an avid jazz fan as well as jazz percussionist and youWeb: just may catch Tony playing with his band My Cousin Tone’ somewhere on the east coast. Copyright 2012 Buyerology and Goal Centric Management, Inc. 49