Tyrone spates ted slide show 2


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Tyrone spates ted slide show 2

  1. 1. LemnSissay“A child of the state is LemnSissay’sTED presentation about growing up as a foster child.
  2. 2. LemnSissay useshumor and hisreal life experiencesas a child to capturethe audiences attention.
  3. 3. Mr. Sissay gave examples of manyfictional characters in literature and film that were either adopted, foster children or wards of the state. The point is thatalthough in fiction it is sensationalized it isnot this way in real life. In real life, mostadults who grow up this way fear that byexposing themselves and telling their lifestories they will weaken their standing inthe world.
  4. 4. Lemn’s mother was a 16 year oldgirl from Ethiopia who found herselfpregnant in the 1960s. She was takento a home for young mothersand expected to give up her child.She was a student at Oxford and shealways expected to have her childreturned to her after she finishedschooling.
  5. 5. Lemn was placed into a home with a white family who had no other children. Afterthis family started having children of their own, Lemn was told that he had the devilin him. He was told to go away and think about love and scripture. Twenty-four hours later, he wastold that once again he would be going away. He was taken away by a social worker and not allowedto say goodbye to anyone. He was returned to the orphanage under the impression that if he prayedenough for forgiveness he would return to the only family he had ever known.
  6. 6. Since he had no family to checkon him or worry where hewas, as a child, Lemn was left inan assessment home for a year.He was later told by his socialworker that he never should havebeen there in the first place.
  7. 7. ComparisonsBoth speakers are well versed in their topics.They both also use good eye contact and humor to tell their stories.
  8. 8. ContrastsSir Ken Richardsonuses visual aides tohelp keep his audiencesattention.
  9. 9. LemnIssay keeps hisaudience’s attentionby telling hislife story. He useshis personalstory to emotionallyconnect with theaudience.
  10. 10. My classmates can learn Watching this that it is okay to tell a presentation I learned story. Visual aides are that to emotionally great assets to have, but connect with an you can be just as strongaudience their has to be of a public speaker by a personal connection. just speaking.
  11. 11. Dynamism 5/5 I enjoyed this speech due to the personal connection. It isn’t ascripted speech. There aren’t any visual aides, but still he was able to keep an audiences attention. Even though the situation was sad at times, he also used humor to keep the audience involved.
  12. 12. LemnSissay used humor and had a personal connection with his audience. Hehad good eye contact and was well versed in his topic. He was confident andcomfortable on stage and it affected his performance.
  13. 13. “You can define how strong a democracy is by how it’s government treats its child, the child of the state.” LemnIssay