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Designing a Garden Pond? Read This!


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A pond is a wonderful addition to any garden as long as it has a design that compliments and complements the rest of the landscape. Learn more about the things that will help you achieve these attributes by reading this material.

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Designing a Garden Pond? Read This!

  1. 1. Designing a Garden Pond? Read This!
  2. 2. A pond never fails to make something out of your garden. It is your choicehowever if you’d have the addition of something that will give the look andfeel of your garden a pleasant boost or not. Then again, as the cost ofbuilding a pond and installing the water pumps and the other equipmentsthat complete it can sum up to a good amount of money, you are surelyshould be after a one that’s well-done.One of the things that are essential to the building of a garden pond that isworth your time, money and effort is a working design. In other words, youhave to come up with a pond design that works best for your garden and forits purpose.A working pond design is not only one that pleases the eye. This is evenwhen you want this new structure to be the focal point of the garden or evenof the entire lawn. You should consider its size relative to the size of thegarden, the purpose of the pond, and the ease its design offers you when itcomes to maintenance.The size of the pond in relation to the size of the whole garden or the wholelawn should also be considered. A garden pond that is too small for anexpansive garden can look out of place. And this will not be good if you wantthe structure to be something that draws the eyes of people who step foot inthis place. You can be forgiving of the pond’s size though if your garden isnot that vast. Size also matters when it comes to the search for pondequipments, For instance, bigger ponds require submersible pumps.What you want the pond for is a major consideration for its design. Gardenponds can be used to raise aquatic plants or hydrophytes such as waterlilies. They could also serve as spaces to raise fish in. Or they could be bothof this as in the common case of lilies with kois and/or carps. Basically, whenyou’ll have a pond where some kind of ecosystem will thrive you should takeinto account the required water depth and thriving space per individual perspecies. [1]
  3. 3. Even the latest pond-appropriate line of Lowara pumps in Perth dealer shopswill not be enough to keep your pond in the best condition. You have to getyour hands wet in maintaining it regularly. For this, you’ll need the pond’sdesign to give you ease at moving stuff in and around the structure. Pipes,hoses and submerged equipment parts will need checking from time to timeso you better incorporate these factors when conceptualizing the layout ofthe pond.Designing the look and layout of your pond could be the fun part of theproject for you. However, your fun should have a tinge of logic andpracticality too. For this, remember the things that make a pond designworth it. [2]