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Royal kingdom challenge - Introduction

  1. 1. By tyrasims2 The Modern Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Welcome to the Modern Royal Kingdom Challenge, where I am aiming to make the best Modern Royal Kingdom EVER! Meet our founder, William Royal “Hello Ladies.” You don’t look like much of a King… if you don’t mind me saying “What do you mean?” Your shirt…? “I’m a romance sim. Just because I’m King doesn’t mean I can’t be hot!”
  3. 3. “ This is my wife Mary. Of course I secured myself a beautiful Queen, even if I do end up cheating on her” Just be careful though. Your cute little wife is actually a knowledge sim meaning she’s smarter than she looks! “Are you sure? I mean I chose her because she was a bit dim…”
  4. 4. “ Who is that fit guy over there?” That’s your husband… “Who said that!?” I’m ‘the voice’ and I shall be guiding you “Oh, that’s good because I have no clue what I’m doing hehe!”
  5. 5. This is the rubbish castle. You can tell its homemade. I’m just glad its not a box… its 3 boxes in a row “This isn’t exactly fit for a King!” Shut up before I turn you into a zombie! -gulp-
  6. 6. What you doing King? “It’s time for me to make my first move on my sweet bride” Yay! The kids are coming “I just want to WooHoo actually, lets not think of the aftermath”
  7. 7. “ The train journey here was pretty nice wasn’t it sweetie? Very scenic.” “I didn’t ask you to lie here with me to talk about trains.” “What did you want to talk about then?”
  8. 8. “ Less talk. More action.” “Oh William, its not even 9am, we’ve just arrived.” “Less talk remember”
  9. 9.
  10. 10. I see he managed to get what he wanted. Poor Mary, so sweet and innocent.
  11. 11. How’d it go? “I told her if she figured out what to do she’d get a logic point.” For a knowledge sim she is kind of dumb… “Told you so.”
  12. 12. “ Hi honey!” “Umm, hi…” “I didn’t get my logic point yet.” “We shall have to try again later, but right now I’m finding a way to improve the kingdom.” “Okay honey. See you later.” So find anything? “I think I need to focus on entertainment. I’ll be the funny King.”
  13. 13. Working on charisma so you can be better on stage? “Shhh, I’m practicing!” Sorry… “So have you heard the one about why this is a modern royal kingdom challenge… because the voice is too lazy to download custom content” hahaha, hilarious :(
  14. 14. Why are you watching a movie? “Movies are fun!” You’re a knowledge sim, shouldn’t you be doing something more productive? “Okay!”
  15. 15. “ Stories are fun!” What’s it about? “It’s a story about a man cooking a lobster.” Isn’t that just a cook book? “NO! STORY!”
  16. 16. “ I’m the Gypsy Witch to sell you potions, find you dates and cause commotion. Simmers won’t you let me in? I promise not to kick your bin” Ummm… go away?
  17. 17. The welcome party finally arrived and with it came the head of the Noble family member Othello. You’ll find more about him in the Noble’s introduction.
  18. 18. He even brought his wife Desdemona along with him too “I would rather go bowling actually…” Yeah, she’s a pleasure sim.
  19. 19. Tagging along came Roger Merchant. “Pretty nice from the back, pretty nice indeed.” Oh Roger…
  20. 20. “ It is an honour your majesty” “Yeah, whatever.” I best keep this guy away from my wife he’s a bit of a looker I couldn’t agree more –sigh-
  21. 21. “ Nice to meet you… Mr King?” “The pleasure is all mine.” “Don’t let me in? I’ll curse your house, and turn your king into a mouse!” LEAVE GYPSY WITCH!
  22. 22. “ Hello your majesty, I’m Desdemona the wife of Othello.” “Please, call me Mary. Because that’s my name hehe”
  23. 23. “ I actually kissed my husband for the first time ever today and then we took our clothes off so I could get a logic point!” That isn’t really a conversation that will help you make friends Mary…
  24. 24. “ Oh My Simland! That’s amazing!” I see a strong connection between the Royals and the Nobles coming
  25. 25. However William and Othello weren’t doing so well “Listen here buddy. Stay away from my wife and I’ll give you land and all the gold you want.” “I don’t need your money your highness, fair Desdemon is the only one for me.”
  26. 26. “ I found a field I wish to specialise in today.” “Law enforcement, military, politics?” “No, Entertainment. I want to be an acting King.” “oh brother…”
  27. 27. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love the outfit Your Majesty “Well at least I made you laugh” You look like such a dork!
  28. 28. “ The King looks so good in his work clothes” –sigh- … once a romance sim, always a romance sim. That there is Bethany Peasant as you may have guessed from her strange clothes. You’ll meet her later on too.
  29. 29. Now the king has left I can freely heart fart his wife. Oh great, Roger here has a little crush.
  30. 30. “ By the moons and stars it is a true pleasure to dine with you your highness” “It’s only sandwiches but we don’t yet have a live in cook.”
  31. 31. “ I do hope our families have a strong future together. I mean like, I asked ‘the voice’ and she said that if you have a daughter she could be a contender to marry the heir!”
  32. 32. “ The voice? What’s that?” “Wise men speak of a voice which commands and guides us through our lives. I’ve never encountered such a thing but many say they only speak to the chosen. Your majesty here is clearly chosen.” Not by choice trust me… she came with the deal.
  33. 33. “ So Roger, do you have a wife?... Or a husband actually?” “It’s the moustache isn’t it?” “Ummm… I was just trying to be Simolitically Correct?”
  34. 34. “ Don’t mind me Othello, I just felt the need to eat another sandwich.” “I do not mind at all.” “I have never felt so hungry in all my life” No, I bet you haven’t…
  35. 35. -BELCH- “Oh do pardon me.” “Bleh, that is disgusting!”
  36. 36. “ Hehe, my turn” –BURP-
  37. 37. You know the party has started when the Queen belches and the pleasure sim is on the ‘juice’ already.
  38. 38. “ Your wife has a nice –hic- bum. But I’m not too sure –hic- bout her face.” Just stay calm and collected and simply smile. Oh dear…
  39. 39. “ When we got, when we got, married my daddy did not like it at all!” –hic- “Oh really what a shame” He should have been glad she got married at all with that face.
  40. 40. Finally all the juiced up guests went home. “Ouchie, I cut my finger.” Oh dear… “I don’t feel too well.”
  41. 41. “ I guess I’m allergic to cutting myself hehe.” Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason…
  42. 42. Welcome home! Hey.. Is that your car? “It’s part of the act. Imagine how hilarious my advisors found it when I turned up at court in a car not even worthy of a peasant!” I’m sure they were very impressed… “So, where is my wife?”
  43. 43. “ Hehe, someone just did a stinky!” … “I know it was you Mr voice!” a) the green puff of cloud came out of you and b) I’m a girl. “Oh… I need bed now.” And with that I sent the royals to bed, ending their first day in the castle.
  44. 44. So we shall leave the Royals with this picture… pretty much sums them up I’d say. Now we travel a little bit down the road to meet the Nobles.
  45. 45. Here we have Desdemona. “Who is talking?!” I am the voice, and your family have been chosen “Oh cool, listen I’m on the toilet. Can you come back later?” Sure thing
  46. 46. Who you calling? “Just the Queen for a quick chat.” I’m glad to see you guys get on, that will do well for future generations. “Yeah, she’s a bit slow though” no comment…
  47. 47. “ Oh yes, how very silly of the King to think you’re pregnant. You are clearly just allergic to macaroni” -sigh-
  48. 48. Meanwhile……Looking good! “Hello voice, my wife has told me all about you.” Oh that’s good. So you wish to be a noble athlete? Can’t you go any faster than that! “Anything for you.”
  49. 49. Ouch? “Yes, indeed.” Sorry about that Othello “A simple dose of pain is but a challenge to succeed.”
  50. 50. “ I am pleased to meet you fellow noble.” “The honour is all mine.” _________ NOTE: for townies I used hair colour to distinguish class Blonde = (high up) Noble Black = Noble Red= Merchant Brown = Peasant
  51. 51. “ Hey Marisa, want to hear my folk song?” “Is it a noble folk song?” “Uhhh, yeah sure.” “NOBLE NOBLE FOLK SONG, NOBLE NOBLE CHANT! MAKING MONEY, SWEET AS HONEY, NOBLES SING THIS SONG!” Oh pleasure sims.
  52. 52. Another noble also happened to pass by, the amazing Ben Long… who always ends up married into my legacies and this one will probably be no exception.
  53. 53. “ Voice! Voice!” Yes? “I’m really fit!” Yes, I know... –sigh- now go get changed, we have guests.
  54. 54. “ That pretty peasant girl is displaying signs of attraction towards me.” Yes Othello, its because you are very attractive. “Do you think so?” Unfortunately, yes. I may have to resurrect you and marry you at some point. “But what about Desdemona?” She’ll get over it.
  55. 55. Finally the welcome wagon arrived with Harry Peasant, our Peasant founder. I do hope these nobles are friendly.
  56. 56. And his Wife Bethany Peasant “Hey, hey, party at the noble’s crib!”
  57. 57. Along with them came Rogers wife Anna Merchant. I hope this guy is as good looking as I’ve heard. She’s a romance sim which equals trouble.
  58. 58. “ Why hello there Mrs Merchant I am honoured with your presence.” “No, trust me, the pleasure is all mine.” Othello had went back on the running machine in free will hence he is in his football kit again.
  59. 59. “ OMS* I can’t believe those peasants are making out in my living room!” “I mean, I’m a romance sim but even I would never behave in such a manner in the house of someone such as yourself.” “Wait… you’re a romance sim?” -gulp- *Oh My Simland
  60. 60. “ Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing?! Go back to your peasant filth if you wish to behave in such a manner.”
  61. 61. “ Nobody calls me peasant filth!”
  62. 62. “ Hi everyone, it’s me Marisa. If the nobles have a boy, don’t you think I should marry him?” You may be a noble now, but you’re still annoying.
  63. 63. “ But I even smile as I jump into your pool!” Okay! Okay! I’ll think about it.
  64. 64. Why do we have to have the peasants for lunch? Be nice, peasants have feelings too!
  65. 65. “ I would like to make a toast to my beautiful wife and the future of our family.” “Why thank you dear.” The meal did go pretty well.
  66. 66. However throughout there was obviously conflict between the Nobles and the Peasants. “Can you please stop talking about holidays, I bet you can’t even afford a holiday!”
  67. 67. “ I bet they can’t even afford ice-cream, right Marisa?” “Honey, why did we come here again?” “Not to be ridiculed, that’s for certain man.”
  68. 68. Later into the evening… Othello what are you doing? “Dancing… why?” “You look really strange. But why are you dancing” “I’m getting warmed up for the wooing of Desdemon tonight.” Oh I see. You are obviously going to pretend it is me “Does you flirting with me count as cheating? I hope not.” Too in love with Desdemona for your own good Othello…
  69. 69. “ JAZZ HANDS!”
  70. 70. “ Did you turn my husband crazy while I was gone?” No…
  71. 71. “ Dance with me my angel.” “What is this all about Othello?” “Tonight is our first night together.” “Oh, I see.”
  72. 72.
  73. 73. “ We must head upstairs now, before I get beside myself with passion” -drooool-
  74. 74. Just breathe, stay calm. Don’t worry Desdemona, I’ll be here the entire time. “You’ll what?!” Umm… only kidding? –gulp-
  75. 75. “ Come closer to me my sweet.”
  76. 76.
  77. 77. And thus, the deed was done.
  78. 78. MORNING! “Good morning voice.” How was last night? “The way the stars sparkle is not for the moon to know.” “What he really means is stop being nosey.” Oh… fine… well I watched anyway
  79. 79. “ Why are they still sat here whilst I eat my breakfast?” I believe we have a glitch… “Protest for peasants rights!” “I’m not leaving until your husband woohoos me.” I shall have to find a way to sort this out. Anyway, now we leave the Nobles and go visit the Merchants. Yippee-Do!
  80. 80. And finally we can officially meet the Merchant Family. The man is named Roger he’s a knowledge sim yet extremely outgoing and the beautiful Anna is (as you can probably guess) a troublesome romance sim. Shame upon her!
  81. 81. “ Roger, listen, we’re newly wed and we’ve just moved in. Why don’t we try out the new bed?” “Well I say Anna.”
  82. 82. “ Don’t be shy, I won’t bite.” You can never tell with you romancers… Be quite, I’m trying to seduce my husband Poor man.
  83. 83. And seduce him she did.
  84. 84. What lovely weather we’re having. “You don’t have to act like I don’t know what they’re doing you know.” You’re so young, so innocent. “The perils of doing a 9am paper round at a romance Sims house.”
  85. 85. No need to comment really…
  86. 86. Of course Anna here couldn’t get it off her mind Again! Again! Not yet Anna, Roger is busy.
  87. 87. Looking for a job? “You bet! My LTW is to be a Hand of Poseidon, sailing the seas searching for treasure.” I guess that makes Anna your mermaid. “I’m ignoring that comment. Anyway, they don’t have the job today, better luck tomorrow maybe?”
  88. 88. “ I! NEED! WOOHOO! NOW!” Sorry Anna but you have to wait, go do something fun! I’ve got Free time installed so the possibilities are endless!
  89. 89. Of all the things you could get a natural talent in… Nature? “I like watching the birds okay!” You’re a romance sim shouldn’t it be something where you get to wear a short skirt, like salsa…
  90. 90. “ What a beautiful beetle.” -sigh-
  91. 91. “ Hey, look, a cat. It reminds me of Roger.” I’m not sure I see the resemblance but sure. Roger the cat.
  92. 92. “ Hey there baby roger, mamma loves you. Yes she does, Coochie-Coo!” If I couldn’t see her wants (WooHoo with 3 different Sims) I’d say she was a family sim or something.
  93. 93. Of course I needed some victims – I mean fine young gentleman to fulfil Anna's desires. And luckily Kennedy Cox happened to walk by “Would the merchants like the privilege of interacting with a man of noble status such as myself?” I believe we would…
  94. 94. “ Hello there good sir my name is Anna Merchant, wife of Roger Merchant, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Now to see if she is attracted to him…
  95. 95. Ewwwww! Well atleast we know she has taste. Hang on a second, is that Komei in the background who is by default a merchant?
  96. 96. “ Hello there fellow Merchant. I am pleased to meet you.” *notice the platinum plumbob from this mornings activities
  97. 97. “ Boooooo!” No need to do that in front of him Anna, you might of hurt his feelings.
  98. 98. “ I like your shirt.” “Do not talk to me. I came here because I pity you and your mediocre status, not because I like you.”
  99. 99. “ Kennedy, are you not glad we meet family? Now we marry in, yes?”
  100. 100. “ My wife is pretty fine don’t you think?” “No, not at all. I mean why is your wife so repulsing?!”
  101. 101. “ Are you not attracted to women then?” Not again Roger!
  102. 102. “ Komei is usually straight. Why are you interested in men?” “Oh no, not at all. I have a wife remember.”
  103. 103. “ Well if you have heir who play ball that way, I am sure I would change my racket.”
  104. 104. Roger however didn’t get on as well with Kennedy here. “Ahaha, you not only have the misfortune of being a Merchant you also have a terrible nose!” “Ow, that hurt!”
  105. 105. Kennedy spent the rest of the time, being annoying. Or in other words being himself “I wish to use the computer.” Football!
  106. 106. “ I went to Simbridge university, I wish to use the computer!” Using your connections won’t get you anywhere Ken.
  107. 107. This is actually the face he pulled the entire time… and for the rest of the evening.
  108. 108. “ Despite the fact I found your joke hilarious, I still am going to scowl at you for not letting me use your computer.”
  109. 109. Finally I sent the delightful guests home. What you doing out here Anna? “Looking at a beautiful bird whilst I wait for Roger to prepare himself.” Prepare himself for what? “Round 2, look in my want panel.”
  110. 110. “ Oh Anna, you just can’t control yourself” That she can’t my friend.
  111. 111.
  112. 112. All worn out from Anna’s want panel, the pair went to sleep.
  113. 113. Morning! “Morning voice” Up we get, we have work to do.
  114. 114. “ I found the underwear – I mean job.” Well that’s good. I think Anna is making breakfast. “yes, I am fully aware of that.”
  115. 115. Loving the realistic tan lines…
  116. 116. “ After WooHoo twice in one day you must be pregnant by now.”
  117. 117. “ Sweetie, I’m a romance sim. Lets not talk of children okay?” And this is where we leave the Merchants and go off in search of the last family of the chapter. The Peasants.
  118. 118. And here we have them, the most loving couple in all of Simland. The peasants.
  119. 119. Harry Merchant, the ONLY family sim in the game (I rolled the dice btw). A little scruffy looking, but then he is a peasant. His LTW is to have 3 kids graduate college. You can have 3 kids Harry but no college for peasants. “It shall just have to be a distant dream dude.”
  120. 120. And then Bethany, our local popularity sim who wants to be a General. I like her, she keeps telling the king to ring her…
  121. 121. And here is their house… hut, shack. Whatever.
  122. 122. With complementary cheap flamingo “I hate this stupid, ugly flamingo!” HEY!
  123. 123. “ I’m sorry voice, your on my team I forgot that.” What team? “You’ll see…”
  124. 124. Because they are peasants they haven’t got very much money so they must hit the skilling in order to get any promotions needed for jobs. I’m not sure what to do with Harry yet.
  125. 125. “ I’m so glad I’m a peasant sometimes. It means I can have a job and actually fulfill my dream of being a general.” Every cloud has a silver lining “I’ve never heard that expression before voice, that shall have to be the family motto.” Well it’s a pretty common- I mean yeah sure, I’m a genius.
  126. 126. So with that, Beth got started on her body skill “I need to be nice and healthy for the nobles to realise I’m not your average peasant recruit.” You got that right Beth.
  127. 127. Unsure of what job to give Harry here, I decided he needed a hobby. “Pottery releases your anger dude, replace that negativity with clay.” Harry, you aren’t a hippy “I don’t associate myself with labels man.”
  128. 128. “ I put a leaf on the plate to represent freedom.”
  129. 129. “ Hi there fellow peasant. I just wanted to welcome you to Simland. Us peasants have to stick together you know so if there is anything you need, advice or even first kisses for all your sons, then maybe I can help.”
  130. 130. “ Yes Beth, all peasants are a family.” Wise words Mr humble.
  131. 131. And with that the welcome party arrived. Uhhh, your majesty, what are you doing here? “A certain peasant lady keeps heart farting me and I need some lovers so…” -sigh-
  132. 132. And of course whilst looking for possible lovers you obviously bring your wife. “Uhhhh, like where's the free cleaning point?” Oh brother…
  133. 133. She totally has a crush on me. He totally did not just brush my hand. Oh great… Poor Harry.
  134. 134. “ Nice to meet you I’m the Queen.” “I’m Beth.” “Would that be Lady Beth?” “No, I’m a peasant.” “Have you seen any cleaning points around here?”
  135. 135. “ Listen guys, I know you’re royalty and stuff. But what do you want?” “We just came to meet some peasants.” “Why? So you could pity us and then run back to your big old castle with your maids and luxuries?” “We just wanted to help, didn’t we honey?” “Well let me tell you, you guys might be royalty but every cloud has a silver lining.” “Hehe, that was a funny joke!”
  136. 136. “ That girl was rude to us!” “Shhh, less talk more action.” On the lawn, really? “That means you too!”
  137. 137. “ I still don’t undertand why you wanted to meet them William. We’re sat on a cheap couch eating lunch meat sandwhiches.” Oh trust me, that ain’t meat. Peasants can only afford road kill…
  138. 138. “ Elizabeth wouldn’t be so ugly if she actually wore a little make-up” Her name is Bethany… “My wife is rocking the natural look, nothing more beautiful than that dudes.” I couldn’t of put it better myself Harry
  139. 139. The Royals even managed to ruin the dinner conversation “Our first WooHoo was great! How was yours?” “We ummm… just moved in.” “Well, it won’t be as good as ours anyway, I mean I even got a logic point!”
  140. 140. “ Hi there, I saw you jogging past and wondered if you would like to come in. I mean we’re family right?” “How kind of you. I’m Sophie.” “Beth. So you know the Royals are round.” “Oh great…” My thoughts exactly
  141. 141. “ You should join the anti-royal movement. We’re planning on robbing them you know.” “I’m not sure, I’m not really into crime. But I would be interested in what you’re protesting for.”
  142. 142. The Royals stood right next to them should of heard that right? Nope. “Wheeee! Lets play smash a plate with a ball!” “Hehe, she said ball!”
  143. 143. Sophie even was bold enough to tell the Royals of her plans. “How can you destroy my castle? You can’t even afford anything to destroy it with silly peasant!”
  144. 144. The Royals weirdness got even worse of course. I wonder if Beth would let me watch her on the toilet too. “Their tiles are yellow. YAY YELLOW! Do I get a cooking point now?”
  145. 145. “ So your majesty, I love the way you let your hair be long and free man.” “stay away from my wife.” “Two men are fighting over me. I smell a body point coming…”
  146. 146. Eventually I managed to get rid of the Royals and it was time for an important night in the couples marriage. “So…?” “Just relax Beth my love, let your feelings take over.”
  147. 147.
  148. 148. Lets give them their privacy. “Yeah man, love is a bond shared strictly between lovers.”
  149. 149. “ Where’s Harry?” I believe it’s a surprise…
  150. 150. “ I know I can’t cook, but it’s the thought that counts right?” Yeah, I’m sure it is.
  151. 151. “ Thanks for breakfast.” “Anything for you.”
  152. 152. “ What are we going to do about my career?” “Well, I don’t agree with you participating in war anyway but what do you mean?” “If, or when, I’m pregnant?” “The anwser my friend is blowing in the w-” We have copyrights to avoid Harry “Oh, sorry. Well anyway, we’ll figure that out when it comes to it.”
  153. 153. And finally, Bethany sets off for her first day of work.
  154. 154. So that’s all we have time for today (notice the pun). Hopefully the next chapters will answer some questions Will the King actually be able to rule? What will be the relationship between the Nobles and the Royals? Will Anna ever find someone ‘good enough’ for her to cheat with? Will Bethany join the anti-royal movement? I hope you enjoyed this introduction. Future chapters will be dedicated to one family at a time so you get a good insight to them all. Goodbye and ummm, hope your sims don’t die and stuff…