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Cosplay - Just the Basics - Silent Amora


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Cosplay - Just the Basics - Costume Fabric

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Cosplay - Just the Basics - Silent Amora

  1. 1. Just the Basics COSPLAY Silent Amora Silent Amora
  2. 2.  Costume-play  the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game.  No. of genres - Unlimited What is Cosplay? Silent Amora
  3. 3. From Age To Age Humans 1 122 Who can cosplay? Or if you end up living more than 122 years
  4. 4.  Fun. (duh!)  Representing what you love  Representing your perspective of an artist’s product  Networking Why Cosplay? Silent Amora
  5. 5.  Comic-Con  Anime-Con  Video Game Fest  Cool Japan Festival  Dragon-Con  Pop-Culture Expos  Japan Habba  Halloween Parties  Or have a cosplay party of your own Where can I cosplay? Silent Amora
  6. 6.  A character you resemble  A character you like  A popular character  A character you can  Anyone! Or Anything! Who/What do I cosplay as? Silent Amora
  7. 7.  Photo-shoots  Locations  And a lot of tailoring/adhesive bonding/cutting and repair work  Costume  Make Up  Props  Character Behavior/Body Language What comprises of Cosplay Silent Amora
  8. 8. Before you make your costume:  Reference Pictures  Time  Skill-Level  Adjustments/Measurements Costume Silent Amora
  9. 9. The fabric of your costume is dependent on:  Weather  Comfort Level  Location  Wear & Tear  Stretch  Drape type  Sheen Costume - Fabric Silent Amora
  10. 10. Cotton –  Lightweight  Pleats  Best for  Shirts/T-Shirts  Dresses  Uniforms Costume - Fabric Cosplay: Makimachi Misao (Rurouni Kenshin) Cosplayer: Tanya (Syrinx Cosplay & Supplies) Photographer: Promit De (I, Saint Yuvee) Silent Amora
  11. 11.  Suitings–  Professional Look  Best for  Jackets  Uniforms  Sturdy pleats Costume - Fabric Cosplay: Kakashi (Naruto) Cosplayer: Sunil (Sun Il) Photographer: Sunil (Sun Il) Silent Amora
  12. 12.  Spandex  Lightweight  Stretchy  Best for  Bodysuits Costume - Fabric Cosplay: Domino(Deadpool) Cosplayer: Niha (Niha Novacaine) Photographer: Comic Con India Silent Amora
  13. 13.  Satin – Matte  Lightweight  Iron-able  Wrinkles easily  Best for  Gowns and Dresses  Capes Costume - Fabric Cosplay: Aurora (Child of Light) Cosplayer: Garima (Mysty Cat) Photographer: Promit De (I, Saint Yuvee) Silent Amora
  14. 14.  Rexine/Pu Leather/Pleather  Heavy  Badass  Best for  Full Body Jackets  Capes Costume - Fabric Cosplay: Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII) Cosplayer: Vijay Sinha (Vijay Sinha Cosplay) Photographer: Promit De (I, Saint Yuvee) Silent Amora
  15. 15.  Cotton/Poly-Blend  Strong  Pleats  Best for  Absolutely Everything Costume - Fabric Silent Amora
  16. 16. Find your Measurements Silent Amora
  17. 17.  Tips for getting an accurate measurement  Wear close fitting clothing or just undergarments  Wear the undergarments you’ll wear with the costume (especially bras for the ladies; this can make a huge difference)  Grab a buddy to help!  The tape should be parallel to the floor, and snug, but loose enough to fit comfortably  Bust and hips are the widest points of your body  Waist is the smallest point of your body (a lot of people get this wrong! they think their waist is lower than it actually is) Find your Measurements Silent Amora
  18. 18.  Layout all pattern pieces on fabric before cutting anything  Remember your seam allowance.  Pin your pieces together before sewing, perpendicular to the line you are sewing.  Remove pins as you sew – they could damage your machine or your eyes!  Always finish your edges! Folding the edge of the fabric under once is NOT a proper hem. Inside seams can be finished with a zig zag stitch. Iron it. Sewing Silent Amora
  19. 19.  Purchase matching thread, buttons, fasteners, zippers etc at the same time as the fabric.  Use the right fabric. Don’t use a flimsy or stretchy fabric like lycra or viscose for jackets and pants.  Stay away from crushed velvet, shiny polyester, PVC, sequins  For poofy gowns, use hoop skirts/wired underskirts  Make adjustments to suit your body.  Use Fabric Paints, Not Acrylic or Poster Colors or Water Colors Costume - Tips Silent Amora
  20. 20.  Vests/Tank Tops  Corsets  Sleeves  Shoulder Pads  Socks  Leggings Costume – Add Ons/Alternatives Silent Amora
  21. 21.  May not arrive on time for con  High Risk (no control over result)  Price may be higher than reasonable  Possibly poor quality  Possibly inaccurate  May be hard to keep in contact with seller (ex. not responding to emails)  May not always fit properly  Can find good prices  Great if you can't sew  Great for if you have no time to work on a costume  Usually good quality  Can be found online (eBay, commissioners) and offline (cons, anime stores, costume shops)  Commissioners allow for you to request variations  Less stress! (Making costume can be stressful)  Less mess! (Making a costume can be messy) Costume – Buying Pros and Cons Silent Amora
  22. 22. My First Cosplay Silent Amora
  23. 23. Silent Amora
  24. 24. Yeah….. Many things went wrong that day Silent Amora
  25. 25. Bruce, why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up Silent Amora
  26. 26. Cosplay: Alice (Resident Evil) Cosplayer: Mahima (Silent Amora) Photographer: Promit De (I, Saint Yuvee) Silent Amora
  27. 27. Cosplay: Emily (Corpse Bride) Cosplayer: Mahima (Silent Amora) Photographer: Jitesh Panchal Silent Amora
  28. 28. Cosplay: Emily (Corpse Bride) Cosplayer: Mahima (Silent Amora) Photographer: Promit De (I, Saint Yuvee) Silent Amora
  29. 29. Cosplay: Alma (F.E.A.R) Cosplayer: Mahima (Silent Amora) Photographer: Selfie Silent Amora
  30. 30.  Don't touch a cosplayer's props. They go through a lot of trouble to make or buy them to make the whole outfit work and it is disrespectful if you insist on holding the props.  Don't touch their wigs.  Most Cosplayers are really nice and polite. But if you bother them with questions about their personal life right there at the convention center, that is invasion of privacy.  Respect all Cosplayers. They cosplay for their own reasons and do whatever they can to look the same as the character they love. That takes guts and effort.  It doesn't matter who wins. Everyone is awesome and everyone is to be applauded for their efforts. Comic Con Etiquette Silent Amora
  31. 31.  After Parties  Social Media  Social Networking  Responding  You don’t know?  TL;DR - Don't be a despo. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a creep. Simple rules of life. Post Comic Con Etiquette Silent Amora
  32. 32.  Cosplaying is about the love of getting in the shoes of a character YOU like.  Don't worry about how good other people are at their cosplays. Rather get inspired by them. Don't be jealous.  Don't worry about how many other people are going to do the same cosplay as yours. You are all individuals. Individuals who love the same thing. This should unite you. Not divide you.  Everybody has different priorities in life. Everybody has different talent, different skills, different ways of putting in effort into their cosplays. As cosplayers it should be our goal to ensure that everyone loves each other's cosplay and encourages more people to cosplay. Philosophy Silent Amora
  33. 33. Thank you Silent AmoraSilent Amora