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Perfume poster analysis


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Perfume poster analysis

  1. 1. ‘ catch the fever’ written over her cleavage immediately brings attention to her breasts making the perfume appear sensual. The colour red connotates sexiness and provocative-ness which is the colour of her short silk dress and the background and writing over the poster. Her dress is short and stops at her upper thighs conveying seductiveness The position of the camera is quite low angle making her appear high in power and drawing more attention to her. The use of the rule of thirds draws more attention to her face and her chest. The fact that she is looking at you engages with the audience and makes it seem more real than fantasy. The name of the perfume ‘heat’ – hot, sizzling, glow, steam – all words that have connotations of sexual nature relates to the word ‘heat’ and the slogan ‘catch the fever’ The poster connotates red through the background and the font colour. Red dennotes ‘heat’ and ‘fever’ which is brought into the poster
  2. 2. The colour purple is used throughout the poster to conform with the name of the perfume ‘orchid’ which is a purple flower. This is shown through the sand, the dress and the sky colour Her hair appears natural and free flowing, emphasising the natural feel that the poster aims to give off Serif font is used and written in purple which is seen as feminine so it attracts the target audience of women by using this font. The poster is very natural in a sense that she is in a natural environment with minimal make-up and relaxing freely. Halle berry is giving strong eye contact to her audience so that it appears that she is looking directly at you, drawing her audience in.
  3. 3. The light pink colour used is extremely feminine and not to heavy, giving the perfume a sense of ‘lightness’ and it would be expected that the scent of the perfume wouldn't be too strong. Her thin strap from her dress is fallen which has denotations of her having a fun nature – not caring or it could denote that she is relaxed and too much in her own world to have noticed Her gaze isn’t direct contact to the audience, it is directed as if she is looking at something or thinking, making her audience wonder what she could either be looking or thinking about. The poster gives of a sense that once the perfume is worn you become in your own little world. Using a young, attractive, famous women is often used in perfume posters and it appeals to the target market because by using an unattractive woman it wouldn't’ have a same affect and appeal to the audience. The strong gaze and slight smirk of the model creates an enigma, allowing the audience to want to know what she is smirking at and where her gaze leads to. Women often enjoy keeping secrets and mystery which is shown through this poster.