Analysis of charity posters


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Analysis of charity posters

  1. 1. The main mission of the charity NSPCC is to end all forms of cruelty towards children in the UK, by having this particular mission statement they will have to be able to convey this message through their posters and adverts in order for their charity to continue to be successful. <br />The image:<br />The image of a small girl looking extremely sad and depressed creates quite a dark atmosphere because no one likes to see little kids upset. Her mouth and eyes are the focal points as they are key to the expression on someones face – the downturned mouth and dark eyes conveys melancholy. It is key that the an image of a child was used for this poster because that is who the charity is for and also they are the good at expression their emotion through their action and the way they look – cannot hide their feelings. In addition, the image places beside the little girl, as a backdrop, appears dark and gloomy – connotating the way the girl is feeling.<br />The text:<br />The text at the top being in capitals and bold has a sense of telling you what to do, makes you want to look at the poster and take in what it is conveying. The full stop at the end of each sentence adds a seriousness to the poster which combines with the image to ensure it is known that the topic is important. The last sentence says ‘Cruelty to children must stop. FULL STOP’ this uses a play on words which makes the sentence memorable and also encourages the audience to take on board what is being said.<br />The target audience:<br />This poster will be for the target audience of mothers with young children because they are more likely to stop and look at the poster as there is a young girl on it. Also, it will appeal women that work with children, not as many men will be attracted to this poster. I think that the poster attracts it audience quite well because the image and text combine well.<br />
  2. 2. The text: <br />The masthead is in bold pink writing which immediately keeps the women attracted to it as pink is often associated with women and breast cancer. However, if all the text was taken away from the poster, it would be hard to tell what the poster is about so in that sense the image and text do not combine together well there. <br />The image: <br />The pink motor bikes are quite appealing because it is not something you see everyday, motorbikes are mainly driven by men as it has connotations of power. By having a pink motorbike it only appeals to girls and it will then give them a sense of power. Different views of the motorbikes are placed about the poster which also makes it interesting and appealing to look at. Women that ride motorbikes are often considered ‘tough’, by assosciating something tough with breast cancer expresses that it can be fought.<br />The target audience: <br />The target audience for the breast cancer charity is women of all ages that have been affected or who have people close to them that have been affected by breast cancer. I think that from this poster the audience being targeted is those that have been affected by the disease rather than others.<br />