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Screen Grabs


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Screen Grabs

  1. 1. Screen grabs of magazine <ul><li>Full body shot Edited black and white adding pictures adds a visual image to the contents page instead of just reading text. </li></ul>Features on content page are topics that usually wouldn’t appear in the magazine weekly. Used text from Photoshop the black and white text contrast the black and white pictures. Regulars are articles that feature in the magazine all the time.
  2. 2. Screen grab 2 Regulars in the magazine That appear all the time. Used different colour to show the difference between Regulars and Features
  3. 3. Screen grab 3 Picture I downloaded from ps brushes the brush is a fashion item as this is a college magazine aimed at fashion. Ps brushes of makeup items
  4. 4. Screen grab 4 Added more brushes
  5. 5. Screen grab 5 Added another picture and more brushes
  6. 6. Screen grab 6
  7. 7. Screen grab 7 Masthead Lead article Cover lines Left third