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2009 Typhoon Tommy Tour Sponsorship


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jet ski freestyle tour sponsorship by typhoon tommy on 2009 jetski water tour

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2009 Typhoon Tommy Tour Sponsorship

  1. 1. Our International tour went to 12 events in 2008 in front of large crowds reaching almost two million. We offer a professionally managed show that is announced, produced, promoted, and performed by some of the best talent in the water stunt industry. Contact Typhoon Tommy Nuttall for more information 734-652-1481. Crowd Interactive display area Our staff is home to the top watercraft performers, who have won a combined 20 plus World and National championships! Interactive activities between shows at every event
  2. 2. Our Method: Your sponsorship offers public relations opportunities by embedded your advertising directly into the action of our shows. This idea will allow companies to expand their relationship with customers by providing an atmosphere that matches their lifestyle rather than intruding upon it. We will communicate to the fans that because of your sponsorship they are getting events that would not otherwise visit their market and that this event is provided by your brand or company. We do this by providing:  Ads on posters that we autograph and give  away to our fans! T-shirt signings and On-site signage and signage on watercraft. giveaways.  Value added media, videos, T-shirts, post  Public address announcements before, during, event awards, pictures, parties and web site credits. and after events. !
  3. 3. The total marketing package World Class Freestyle Action Additional Acts and interactive displays Large Crowds Plus Highly optimized websites that are at the top of all major search engines, plus MySpace, photo hosting, forums and social sites. Try out some keywords like; “jet ski shows”, “water stunt shows”, “jet ski freestyle” and many others forward to
  4. 4. 2008 Schedule of Events June 20-23– GM Detroit International River Days was performed in front of huge crowds reaching one million at the General Motors World Headquarters and features; Music on two stages, family fun, entertainment, GM cool events, water shows, and the Target International Fireworks. July 3rd and 4th - 31th annual Three rivers regatta is Pittsburgh’s official Fourth of July celebration. This is a large and popular event. We are also producing a Water Ski show at this event, which adds more marketing value. July 14-15 - The 53 annual running of this large event, which features a concert by Michelle Branch and the Wreckers, commodore’s ball, water sports, golf tournament, sponsors expo, air show, and more . Voted 2006 best event and volunteer staff in North and South Carolina! July 20-22 - The 58th “Roar on the River” is run on a volunteer basis and all proceeds go to charities and organizations at home and around the world; features the SST 120 & 45 APBA World titles, concert, fireworks, and car show.
  5. 5. 2008 schedule of events April 4th & 5th, 2008 - Sarasota Marina Jacks freestyle show and freeride weekend - A weekend of jet ski events featuring a special show for Marina Jacks special client. Two night of concerts watching the Boneshackers with John Havell and a freeride on Sunday at Bradenton Beach. Memorial Day weekend festival and parade in Wallied Lake, MI at Bayside Sports Grille – Special freestyle jet ski shows and events over the weekend. June 13th and 14th, 2008 at Steamboat Festival in Peoria, IL – A weekend of APBA APR Boat Racing action and freestyle jet ski shows at the nicely attended event that included many concerts.
  6. 6. July 26th weekend St. Clair Riverfest festival featuring offshore boat race, concerts, talent contest, food and fun. Sept. 1st and 2nd Eric Malone will be attending this event, which was well attended by motorsports fans. Labor Day at Konocti Harbor Resort in Northern California– Check out all the stuff going on!!! Huge bands, Typhoon Tommy Skywalker show, livefest FMX, Bikini Contest, Bret Micheals after show and much more!
  7. 7. 2nd Annual Sept. 8th-9th Miami, OH This was a well attended event that is growing fast and is one of the largest educational festivals in the State of Ohio. Sept 15th Raystown, PA PWC industry specific event. This event is not included in the 2008 12 round tour of events. Sept. 24th --Extreme Adventure Hidalgo for Televisa in Zimapan, Mexico. This event was headlined for Televisa, which is major TV station in Latin America – airing Oct. 18th We also attended the IJSBA world finals and two APBA jet ski races, which is not included in the 12 round tour of events attended.
  8. 8. Headlines from past events
  9. 9. Value added headlines!
  10. 10. WFWA Performers Mike Hoffman Dan Stein Chad Cummings Eric Muller Ken Balough Rambo Rosie Corey Gibson Kenny Jourant Chip Reihl Jared Ajlouny Jeff Marsh Khan Funk And many others available. We are constantly adding new talent to our team. Each rider based on availability.
  11. 11. Sponsors 2008
  12. 12. Fans and fun Special guests and Acts Sky divers Bikini girls 8-time world JetSki Freestyle Champ Eric Malone