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Typemock Isolator++ - Easier unit testing in c++


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Typemock Isolator++ - Easier unit testing in c++

  1. 1. Easier Unit Testing in with Typemock Isolator++ Typemock
  2. 2. LIVE video feed at Agenda  Introducing Isolator++  Some code demos  I++ API Design principles  Some more code demos  Live Q&A  Possibly a song
  3. 3. What can you do?  Global Methods  Static Methods  Interfaces  Live Instances  Non publics  Futures  Return Value or PTR  Throw Exception  Execute Custom Code  Call the original Behavior  Called or not called  Count calls  Assert on call parameters
  4. 4. DEMO Setting up
  5. 5. DEMO Recursive Fakes
  6. 6. DEMO Static Methods
  7. 7. DEMO Sequencing Behavior
  8. 8. DEMO Checking Interactions
  9. 9. DEMO Custom Assertions
  10. 10. API design guidelines  AAA  Short and sweet  Recursive fakes  No ‘mock’ or ‘stub’  Non strict behavior  Sticky Behavior  No harm-No Foul
  11. 11. LIVE video feed at 30 days trial version
  12. 12. LIVE video feed at Short Song
  13. 13. LIVE video feed at There are classes I'll remember All my life - I can't disclose  Some a thousand lines or longer Some ate dead, and some are worse
  14. 14. LIVE video feed at But at night I have a mission I Write some tests - Delete some code  It could cost me my position I'd my boss finds out he will explode
  15. 15. LIVE video feed at But of all these files and functions There is one – that scares me more God I really hope that someone's Gonna deal with it, hopefully offshore
  16. 16. LIVE video feed at Long ago this function name meant something But now it's just a pile of mess Oh dear god what am I doing? "delete from source control?" "yes"
  17. 17. LIVE video feed at I hope my friend of shore won’t stress