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  1. 1. WhoYohan TottingDeveloper, founder of ThinkRoomsSissyManagement, co-founder of Petshopbox StudioKuswantoDesigner, co-founder of Petshopbox Studio
  2. 2. WhatAs a hire-to-work business owner, weexperienced the problem:Hard to find a perfect employeeHard to find a perfect project
  3. 3. WhatWe also experienced the problem:Finding an employee is a complex andtiring task and most of time ourstrategy it was just not work.Same thing with finding a project
  4. 4. WhenWe have to say “right now”Right now, we are searching for a perfectemployee and a perfect project.
  5. 5. WhereEverywhere.Small business almost always face thesame problem.
  6. 6. WhySmall business have limited connectioncompare to big businesssmall business tend to put job vacancy adin the cheapest method they can find:social media, online forum, universitymessage board, through friends.
  7. 7. WhyEmployee never know the small businessexistsEmployee less interested with smallbusiness because they think smallbusiness’s clients were not famous, andthey don’t bother to contact the businessdirectly.
  8. 8. HowFor us, the solution was in:Something we do everydaySomething we bring everywhere
  9. 9. WhoWe create FingerJobs for everyone whoface the same problem with us.They arewho want to get perfect employees andperfect projects in the easiest waypossible.
  10. 10. WhatFingerJobs, is an app that will helpbusiness owner and freelancer to meeteach other easier for a perfect employeeor a perfect job.FingerJobs works based on skillmatchmaking and geolocation system.
  11. 11. WhenFingerJobs, is still on the very early stageright now. But once it finish, everyone canuse it anywhere and anytime they feelready to meet new people.
  12. 12. WherePeople can use FingerJobs everywhere, aslong as they have smartphone andinternet connection.
  13. 13. WhyWe create FingerJobs as an answer to theproblems we face.We believe, all othersmall business owner who face the sameproblem with us can get benefit fromFingerJobs also.
  14. 14. HowTo use FingerJobsyou can Login (fillbio form manually)or Login withLinkedIn (bio formautomaticallyfilled).
  15. 15. HowTo use FingerJobs youcan Login (fill bio formmanually) or Loginwith LinkedIn (bioform automaticallyfilled).User can beFreelancer and Clientat the same time
  16. 16. HowMake sure you filledup your bio withinteresting yetprofessionalkeywords aboutyou.Don’t ever forget totag your skills.
  17. 17. HowMake sure you filledup your projectdescription withinteresting yetprofessional keywordsabout your project.Don’t ever forget totag your requirementskills.
  18. 18. HowWe’re using skill tagsto counting yourmatching score.The more same tagsbetween your bioand the project, thehigher the matchingscore.
  19. 19. How1 star = <40%matching score2 star = 40-70%matching score3 star = >70%matching score
  20. 20. HowIn map, find yourperfect match.
  21. 21. HowClick the pin toenter his/her bioor project.
  22. 22. HowInterested?. Click“apply project” or“offer project”.The other user willget emailnotification that youwant to meet withthem.
  23. 23. HowIf you got email notification fromFingerJobs, why don’t you arrange to meet.That’s mean you are in short distancefrom one to another.
  24. 24. What FingerJobssolve?
  25. 25. FingerJobs solve...1. FingerJobs expandthe acknowledgmentfor both businessowners andfreelancers.
  26. 26. FingerJobs solve...2.Cut all the hasslethat happened onconventional jobsearching oremployeesearching process.
  27. 27. FingerJobs solve...3.Cut all the waitingtime.The processgo straight tomeet-up betweenusers for interviewprocess.
  28. 28. FingerJobs solve...4.Making mobilelifestyle becomemore useful andmeaningful.
  29. 29. So what are youwaiting for?Just get yourself always ready.Because with FingerJobs, anytimeand anywhere is your jobinterview.