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How mobile numbers can bridge the mobile & internet worlds


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Presentation by tyntec on how internet businesses can integrate mobile numbers into their apps and other web 2.0 applications

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How mobile numbers can bridge the mobile & internet worlds

  1. 1. How mobile numbers can bridge themobile & internet worlds
  2. 2. The evolution of numbers: From fixed to cloudPhone numbers, be it mobile, landline or IP-based, serve as a unique address where people can bereached. The development of phone number usage has been about personalisation and identity.With mobile phones this paradigm changed: a mobile number serves as single, personal point ofcontact. With the introduction of mobiles a very powerful personal address was created.However, today a mobile number has effectively been limited by its restricted association with asingle, physical device.At the same time, the internet space has become a medium where people created online identities, forexample email addresses, voip-Ids or social profiles.With mobile and the internet converging into a wide range of new services, the mobile number isbecoming independent from the device, enabling companies to use a mobile phone number associatedwith an online identity as a single point of contact. 2
  3. 3. This means… … Numbers are becoming independent from the mobile phone / SIM card. ... Online identities can be enhanced with a mobile phone number, enabling the convergence of the ‘online identity’ with the ‘mobile identity’ (the mobile phone). ... Numbers can be associated with enterprise services. Enterprises and internet companies can benefit from associating mobilenumbers with enterprise services and/or online identities, creating value- added services and attracting and retaining customers. 3
  4. 4. At the same time, consumers demand simplicity, high quality and lower cost servicesThe consumer expectation What should businesses do Consumers expect the long term Retain customers by providing numbers for longusage of their number. term use. To move or change numbers can be stressful and time-consuming for a person or a business, and for that reason people tend to keep a contact number. Although consumers expect to meet Provide temporary and anonymous numbers and talk to virtual friends, at the same which are hosted in a social network / dating time they have privacy concerns when service and can be associated with an online using social networks and virtual dating identity. This enables the consumer to call/text services. their virtual friend without disclosing their real contact details. The end-user wants to organise and Reduce the complexity of consumers’ varioussimplify the wide range of ‘identities’ devices and online profiles to communicate withthat are spread over mobile (personal & one number services by providing over the topcorporate phones) and internet (voip, applications such as cloud telephony, one numberchat, social networking) into one point services, mobile social networking, telecomof contact. services into web 2.0. Reduce cost in telecoms Provide over the top services that areservices. cost-effective or free, especially in 4 international communications.
  5. 5. Short codes vs. long numbers Short codes Long numbersShort codes can be expensive: Short codes can Cost – Long numbers offer lower prices both tobe significantly more expensive than alternatives, the company that are using them and tocosting as much as $2000 to set up and $1000 a consumers who are interacting via the number.month to maintain. Ease of use – Long numbers are easy and quickShort code deployment can be time to set up, allowing companies to activateconsuming and complex: Multi-operator short campaigns within a short time frame and withoutcodes are complex and time consuming to set up complex set up procedures.and manage, meaning that there can be a Reach – As well as being internationally available,significant lead time for brands and short code vs. long numbers can reach every mobile networkproviders in setting up a number. (not just those that have entered into a shortShort codes are enabled for national use code agreement) and are available for customersonly: Short codes are limited to national who are roaming off their home network.coverage, meaning that they cannot be deployed Image – Long numbers are associated withfor international campaigns. standard pricing in the eyes of the subscriber andThe premium rate scandals of recent years are therefore more trusted than short codes.have diminished consumer trust in short codes, Voice & SMS enabled – Long numbers can beleading to reduced response rates for campaigns voice enabled, allowing companies to create multi-using the technology. channel interaction across both voice and SMSSMS enabled only using the same number. 5
  6. 6. How mobile numbers canconverge telco & internet 6
  7. 7. It is possible to bridge the Telco & Web worldswith the mobile phone number 0049 178 236 4444
  8. 8. X Michael.tyntec John-tyntec +49 1722364444 +49 1785670000 X +49 1722364444 Michael.tyntecA mobile number enables users to communicate with any of their contacts whether they use a mobile app or any OTT service, wherever they are and on any device.
  9. 9. What you can do with mobile numbers: You can power mobile apps that provide free or low-cost texting and calling. The mobile number enables users to reach and be reached by any of their contacts, regardless of whether they use the app. You can associate a mobile number with a VoIP account to enable users to use the service wherever they are, on any device You can enable virtual dating services with temporary, anonymous phone numbers to offer users the ability to talk to their flirts without having to give their true mobile phone number, therefore tackling privacy concerns You can use a mobile number to connect a private mobile network with the public GSM network. 9 And much more!
  10. 10. tyntec enables the telco and web worlds tocommunicate seamlessly tyntec provides mobile numbers for long term or temporary use – depending on what the customer needs. Through the tt.One solution, tyntec is able to provide anonymous, temporary numbers hosted in social networks and virtual dating services to facilitate virtual conversations. tyntec enables mobile numbers – associated with SMS and voice connectivity – for ‘One Number’ internet telephony services (similar to Google Voice). tyntec supports innovative businesses models that are centered on mobile numbers, SMS and voice that support internet telephony companies looking to provide free or low-cost mobile telecoms services 10
  11. 11. Our Mobile Numbers offering tyntec provides mobile numbers for long term use. Through the tt.One solution, tyntec is able to provide numbers hosted in social networks and virtual dating, which can be handled in an anonymous and temporary way, to facilitate virtual conversations. Internet telephony companies looking to provide free or low-cost mobile telecom services, as tyntec supports innovative businesses models that are centered on mobile numbers, SMS and voice. 11
  12. 12. What tyntec provides: tyntec provides virtual mobile numbers as well as enabling them for SMS and voice connectivity. tyntec fully operates and scales the system, including the interconnection in the operator environment. This involves the operation and maintenance of proprietary mobile number ranges (HLR - Home Location Register), incl. port-in and port-out capabilities. Mobile numbers are available tyntec transcodes between the telecom and together with Mobile Inbound internet protocols. SMS (SMS-enabled numbers) tyntec manages the relationship with the as well as Voice Inbound and operator, acting as a single point of access for tt.One (SMS & voice enabled our customers. numbers). tyntec works with a virtual long numbers mechanism, which is a reliable, scalable and globally accessible, in contrast to short codes. 12
  13. 13. Find out more today! tyntec is a mobile interaction specialist, enabling businesses to integrate mobile telecom services for a wide range of uses – from mission-critical applications to internet services. We reduce the complexity involved in accessing the complex telecoms world by providing a high quality, easy-to- integrate and global offering using universal services such as SMS, voice and numbers. Founded in 2002, and with more than 150 staff in five offices around the globe, tyntec works with 500+ businesses including mobile service providers, enterprises and internet companies. 13