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Race and why it matters


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Race and why it matters

  1. 1. Race and why it matters <br>Julie Melillo<br>
  2. 2. Race is a social concept used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.<br>
  3. 3. History of race <br>• Late 19th century: Anti-immigration Movement <br>• 1870-1933 Government wants to assimilate Native Americans <br>• Post-Slavery reconstruction: Separate but equal <br>• Jim Crow Period <br>• 1942: Pearl Harbor (Discrimination against the Japanese)<br>
  4. 4. The difference in median household incomes between whites and blacks has grown from about $19,000 in 1967 to roughly $27,000 in 2011.<br>
  5. 5. Race and the workplace <br>1. Sterotypes; model minority <br>2. Be skeptical of ability; Institutionalized <br>3. Be unaware of &quot;color Privilege&quot;<br>
  6. 6. In everyday Interactions <br>• Non Dominant Groups may use: <br>• Language &quot;mirroring&quot; <br>• Isolate Themselves <br>• Remain Silent <br>• Emphasize Commonalities<br>