7 Ways to Advertise on Instagram


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In the coming weeks Instagram will start with advertising. Users will have to option to hide these ads from their stream. But brands can bypass this option, by being creative in their efforts to engage their fans, so they will not have any reason to hide your branded content.

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7 Ways to Advertise on Instagram

  1. 1. 7 WAYS TO ADVERTISE ON INSTAGRAM … WITHOUT THE OPTION OR NEED TO HIDE IT. Martijn Verver! 0651 195 285 linkedin.com/nl/martijnverver! twitter.com/tyno
  2. 2. Mercedes-Benz - in a campaign for their new CLA - asked their fans to submit Instagram-pics they interpreted as #untamed. During 10 days in April these pics were exhibited in the centre of Paris in a digital installation. http://www.untamed-installation.com
  3. 3. Martijn Verver! Nike PhotoID lets you design a custom sneaker. Choose your favorite Instagram-pic and Nike picks the linkedin.com/nl/martijnverver! colours in it to design your own shoe. https://photoid.nike.com 0651 195 285 twitter.com/tyno
  4. 4. British fans were encouraged to submit inspirational photos featuring red, blue and silver (the colours Martijn Verver! linkedin.com/nl/martijnverver! of specific flavors of the new Red Bull Editions drink). the best entries were brought to life with 0651 195 285 twitter.com/tyno billboards across five different cities in the UK. http://redsilverblue.redbull.co.uk
  5. 5. Martijn Verver! Kellog’s turned their SpecialK shop in Stockholm into a Instashop where a free box of new cereal was linkedin.com/nl/martijnverver! ‘swapped’ for Instagram-pics tagged with #nyaspecialk. 0651 195 285 twitter.com/tyno
  6. 6. Levi Strauss launched a global casting effort for their 2012 Brand Campaign and they are opening up Martijn Verver! linkedin.com/nl/martijnverver! the casting via Instagram. They asked people to tag their Instagram-pics #iamlevis with the hope that 0651 195 to crowdsource the next talent to appear in their advertising. twitter.com/tyno they’d be able 285
  7. 7. Oreo asked one simple question: Cookie or Creme? You could vote for your favourite part of an Oreo Martijn Verver! linkedin.com/nl/martijnverver! cookie by tagging a random Instagram-pic with #Cookiethis or #Creamthis. Artists would recreate the 0651 195 285 twitter.com/tyno picture in 3D with cookie or creme. Oreo is a rockstar on Instagram: http://instagram.com/oreo
  8. 8. NewYork.com, a city guide for both locals and tourists, invited the most passionate and connected Martijn Verver! linkedin.com/nl/martijnverver! creators of authentic New York City content on Instagram for a day of shooting in NewYork. The use 0651 195 285 twitter.com/tyno of #WeLoveThisCity for the launching campaign still works. http://instagram.com/newyorkcom