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SIAST Copyright Compliance, Jan16, 2013


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SIAST Copyright Compliance, Jan16, 2013

  1. 1. 15/01/2013 Curriculum ResourcesCopyright Compliance Types SourcesCurriculum Resources  Print (Text)  Physical MediaJanuary 2013 ◦ Books, Journals, ◦ Paper ◦ Equipment / User manuals, ◦ DVD, ... Brochures, … ,  Digital Files  Graphics ◦ PDF, DOC, … ◦ Photos, charts, ◦ JPG, GIF, … ◦ Line art, clip art, ... ◦ MP4, …  Video ◦ HTML SIAST CopyKat ◦ DVD, YouTube or other streaming video, ...Nancy PardoeSIAST Policy & Guidelines SIAST Copying Guidelines “Use of Copyrighted Materials” Policy 1. Permission not required: linking, public ◦ A-1.24 (August 2010) domain material SIAST Copying Guidelines 2. Permission provided for reuse: web site SIAST Fair Dealing Guidelines terms & conditions te s co t o s Location of Guidelines 3. SIAST licenses: Library databases ◦ mySIAST, Employees Page, Administrative 4. Fair Dealing QuickLinks, POP Manual, sections 10.2 & 10.3 5. Copyright Act educational exceptions Copyright Office web site ... Otherwise, permission must be obtained. ◦ 1
  2. 2. 15/01/2013Recent Copyright Changes Use of Copyrighted Materials Fair Dealing Licenses / No Permission ◦ “the use of a copyright-protected work Permission Fair Dealing Required without permission or payment” ◦ Updated SIAST Fair Dealing Guidelines approved Nov 1st Copyright Modernization Act (C-11) Previous Updated SIAST SIAST ◦ Most sections proclaimed “in force” Nov 7th Guidelines Guidelines ◦ Education is now a fair dealing purpose More options for educational use Fair Dealing & Curriculum SIAST Fair Dealing Guidelines Resources SummaryThe good news: 1. Copies must be for a 6. Acknowledge source Fair dealing may be used to distribute fair dealing purpose and include fair dealing curriculum resources to students. 2. Attribution required notice for some purposes 7. Cost-recovery basis Fair dealing does not require the f any fees charged for f h d 3. Limit number and permission of the copyright owner. distribution of copies 8. Refer copying outsideBut ... 4. Short excerpts these guidelines 5. Cumulative copying Fair dealing comes with associated prohibited responsibilities. 2
  3. 3. 15/01/2013Distribution (Guideline 3) Short Excerpt (Guideline 4) Class handouts  May reproduce up to 10% (safe harbour) Posted to a:  May copy more than 10% when copying ◦ mySIAST course page one chapter, one article, etc. ◦ SIAST network drive accessible to students in  Recommended that program area or the program library purchase a copy of the resource ◦ Blackboard / WebCT course management  Example resources: system ◦ Hard-copy (paper) book Course manuals / course packs / reading ◦ Digital (ex. PDF) copies of material publicly packs sold through the bookstore available on the InternetShort Excerpts: Fair Dealing? Short Excerpts: InternetCopying pages from Hole’s Essentials ...  Web sites: (586pgs) ◦ What is an article? Copying pages 30-52 & 317-339? ◦ What is 10% of a web site? Copying a chapter of 65 pages? ◦ Has the material been legally posted? g yp Copying just the review exercises or  Copying selected objects summaries? ◦ Graphics Copying only graphics / illustrations / ◦ Trademarks, logos, etc … figures / charts? 3
  4. 4. 15/01/2013 Acknowledgement & NoticeStreaming Video: Internet (Guideline 6) Display (performance)  Need to distinguish SIAST created ◦ Link to original source material from third-party copyrighted ◦ Allowed under s. 29.4 material. Saving a Copy  Short excerpt p ◦ Only allowed if web site / license conditions ◦ Article, chapter, set of pages permit downloading or provide a download ◦ Provide acknowledgement & notice mechanism.  Selected objects ◦ Review questions, graphics, ◦ Citation and reference / acknowledgment listSummary – Fair Dealing with Copyright OfficeCurriculum Resources The dealing must be a reproduction. Copyright Office web site The dealing must be a short extract.  Contact Information  Overview of copyright compliance The amount taken must be fair. Find us: The distribution must be fair fair.  SIAST Libraries main page, Quick Links section Cumulative copying is not allowed. or Documentation: Acknowledge the source and include the fair dealing notice. All other fair dealing guidelines must be met. 4