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Top 10 exercise tips


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If you are struggling with weight gain you're not alone. Millions of people are overweight and many want to correct their problem and lose weight. In order to lose weight you'll need to find a good diet and exercise plan. You'll also need to be ready to lose weight. . Many people lose weight only to quickly put the weight back on again once the diet is over.

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Top 10 exercise tips

  1. 1. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight LossTable of ContentsTips for Weight Loss .................................................................................................................................. 2Avoid Common Diet Mistake ................................................................................................................... 3Stress Less – Exercise More ................................................................................................................... 4 Set and Keep Your Weight Loss Goals ......................................................................................... 5Nutritional .................................................................................................................................................... 6 Facts for Dieters ..................................................................................................................................... 7
  2. 2. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss Best Exercises for Dieters ................................................................................................................ 8 Tips For Weight LossWhen youre trying to lose weight you need to start and keep up on a good exercise routine.Keep a healthy diet and add exercise to help burn calories. Find the right workout for you andfollow these easy tips to keep you on track. 1. Exercise every day. Whether you exercise for 15 minutes or an hour be sure to make time every day for exercising. Regular exercise helps you take weight off and also helps you feel better physically and mentally. If you are serious about losing weight you need to combine diet and exercise. 2. Combine aerobic exercise with flexibility training. The body needs aerobic exercise and flexibility training. To accomplish both you can do separate exercise routines on alternate days or add some simple flexibility exercises to your pre-aerobic warm up. 3. Start slowly. Many overweight people have not been very active. Its important to start a new exercise routine slowly only doing what you can. As your fitness level increases you can adjust your workout accordingly. Check with your doctor before you begin any new exercise program. 4. Try various exercises to break up the monotony. The more types of exercises you have to choose from the more apt youll be to keep up on your exercise program. Always look for new and interesting exercises and be open to trying new workouts.
  3. 3. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss 5. Dont sweat the small stuff – If you forget to exercise or don’t have time one day dont worry about it. Simply pick up your routine the next day. Too many dieters think they have failed when they miss just one day of working out. 6. Stay hydrated. The body needs plenty of water – especially while exercising. Make sure that you keep up your water intake. Plain water has no calories and hydrates just as well as flavored or enhanced water drinks. 7. Add more exercise to your day. Whenever possible try to add a little more exercise to your everyday activities. Walk to the store, ride your bike to the train station or walk up the stairs to add more exercise without the hassle. 8. Keep a regular exercise schedule. Those who exercise regularly – the same time every day – tend to keep up their exercise routines. The body reacts favorably to routines. Find the time that works best for you and stick to it – even on weekends. 9. Keep an exercise journal. Youll be able to see at a glance what exercises youve been doing, how much youve been doing them and at what intervals. This can serve as a great way to boost your motivation. Set goals for weekly exercise and reward yourself when you reach them. 10. Find exercises you can do at home. While joining a fitness center or gym is one option always have some exercise routines you can follow when youre at home. There will be times when you just dont feel like going to the gym. Dont let that be an excuse for not exercising. Avoid Common Diet MistakesMany people are on weight loss diets and are trying to shed excess pounds. Not everyone will be successful in his or her dieting attempts. Why do some people find success while others
  4. 4. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Lossfail? There are some common dieting mistakes that you need to avoid to give yourself a better chance for success. Mistake #1 – Not Counting CaloriesMany people think that they can easily judge what they should be eating and so they dont need to count calories. In fact it can be very important to keep track of your daily caloric intake.Calories can be very deceiving. Keep a log of all your daily calories. If you prefer you can writedown the foods you eat and look up the calories later on. At any rate you still need to check and measure the calories that you take in. Mistake #2 – Not ExercisingEven the best of diet plans will work better when you exercise. Exercising will not only help you burn extra calories but also helps your body regain a more normal metabolism allowing you to burn even more calories throughout the day. Be wary of diet plans that tell you that you dont need to exercise since activity will help you burn away calories. Adding even a 15-minute workout to your day will help you greatly improve your fitness level and help you lose weight. Mistake #3 – Not Eating EnoughDieting doesnt mean that you need to starve yourself. You should be able to eat a healthy dietwith smaller portions and lose weight. When you eat too few calories youre actually depriving yourself of the vitamins and nutrients that are essential for proper health. Check to see how many calories you should be eating and try to stick to that amount. Mistake #4 – Not Setting GoalsWeight loss goals, like anything else, need to be spelled out. When you fail to set goals youre heading for defeat. You need to set realistic weight loss goals so that you know what yourestriving for. Setting goals is like giving yourself a map for attaining your ideal weight. Without the map youll likely head off course and fail to lose weight.
  5. 5. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss Mistake #5 – Not Changing Eating Habits Dieting isnt simply about losing weight – its also about keeping the weight off. In order to do that you need to develop healthy eating habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Learn to eat healthier foods in smaller portions and soon youll be changing the way you like to eat. Many people go on an eating binge as soon as the diet is over and simply end up packing the pounds right back on. Mistake #6 – Not Getting SupportMany people think that dieting is a personal thing and so they dont involve anyone else in theirquest. The truth is that the right kind of support can help you reach your weight loss goals morequickly. Choose people for your support team who are helpful, positive and supportive. Ignore those who send negative messages. Enough positive reinforcement will help you through the rough spots. Click Here To Lose Weight Today Stress Less – Exercise MoreExercise is an important part of any weight loss plan. Doctors are now recognizing that there isa connection between stress and exercise. Exercise can help you get rid of stress in your life.Too much stress can actually make you feel less like exercising. How do you combat the stressin your life? Getting on a regular exercise plan and sticking to it can help you relieve stress andhelp you lose weight.
  6. 6. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight LossThere is a very real connection between stress and exercise. Stress causes the body toproduce excess hormones and adrenaline. Exercising can actually help to decrease ouradrenaline and help us feel more relaxed and in balance.Stress can be acute but can also accumulate or build up in the body. You may have noticedthat sometimes little stresses build up until suddenly just one more small stress puts us over theedge. This buildup of stress is normal but we can help to reduce and eliminate stress byexercising.Many people find that they like to use exercise as a transition in their lives. When transitioningbetween home and work or home and school it can be helpful to cushion the transition withsome exercise. Even a small amount of exercise, say 15 minutes, can help us effectively copewith stress.Exercising in the morning can be helpful to assist in gearing up for the day. Getting the oxygenmoving better in the body will help us think as we go to work or school. Exercise can bring on aeuphoric feeling that makes us feel exhilarated. This feeling can last for several hours makingthe day much more bearable. The best exercises to do in the morning are those that haveaerobic qualities. However doing any type of exercise will improve your outlook for the day.It can be helpful to do some exercises in the evening. Exercising after a long workday can helprelieve the stress while at the same time calm and relax the mind. Dont do strenuous exercisestoo close to bedtime; however, since they are likely to make you feel more wide awake. Insteadtry some calming yoga or stretching exercises that will help you relax before bed.Experiment with exercise routines and times. Youll soon find the time that works best for you.Once you find a good exercise routine and time try to stick with it. Research shows that youremuch more likely to exercise more and reduce stress when you maintain a regular schedule.Vary your exercise routine based on the type of activity you like to do at a particular time of day.
  7. 7. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight LossFor instance if you enjoy running in the mornings, you can substitute other aerobic activities likebicycling to create a more interesting mix.The main thing to remember is to exercise regularly. 30 minutes of daily exercise will help youbest reduce stress and feel better. If you cant fit that into your schedule try two 15-minutesessions. When daily exercise is not possible try to fit in exercise at least 3 days of the week.Youll be much happier and will reap the benefits of weight loss as well Start That Weight Loss Today Nutritional Facts for DietersEveryone needs to be aware of how to read and understand food nutritional values. For thoseon a weight loss diet it is particularly important to know how to read nutritional labels in order tomake the best food choices. Learn how to read labels and choose foods wisely with these easytips.  Calories – Calories are one of the most important considerations for dieters who are trying to lose weight. Comparison of calories between similar foods can be confusing. Be sure to review the calories per serving.  Serving Size – Check to see what the recommended serving size is. This can be deceiving. Often pictures on the box show larger portions than are actually recommended. You may find that the serving size is very small. For example on a box of cookies the serving size may be only 3 cookies.  Servings Per Container – This is the actual amount of food in the package based on recommended serving sizes.  Daily Values – Food sold in the United States must list nutritional facts on the label. Daily values are listed as percentages based on a 2,000 daily calorie diet. Be aware that the percentages would need to be adjusted if you are eating fewer than 2,000 calories per day.
  8. 8. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss  Calories from Fat – Check to see how many of the calories in the food are from fat. If the calories from fat are high you should probably avoid eating that particular food or reduce the amount of it that you eat. You want to keep your fat intake low for a healthy diet.  Fat Breakdown – The label will show the breakdown of fat in the product into saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol and total fat. Check to see how much of the total fat is cholesterol or trans fat.  Check to see how you eat the product. For example a box of cereal may show caloric intake based on eating the product dry. Look to see if there is nutritional information based on the way you eat the product. In this case if you put milk on your cereal you need to check for the nutritional value with milk included.  Sodium – Everyone needs to take care to limit his or her sodium intake. Check the package to find out how much sodium is in each serving. Salt is often used as a preservative and so it may be surprising to see just how much sodium is in each serving.  Carbohydrates – Many people on weight loss diets are limiting their carbohydrate intake. Check the label to see what percentage of the product is made up of carbs.  Sugar – Those on a diet and others may want to limit their sugar intake. Many unexpected foods contain sugar. Check the label to see just how much of the food is made up of sugar and avoid those with high sugar content.  Compare labels. You can often do better by simply eating a small amount of foods you like rather than trying to adapt to a diet that you dont care for. Check the labels to compare which food is the better choice and pick the one that is healthier. Best Exercises for DietersExercise is a necessary part of any weight loss diet plan. Exercise helps to burn more calories,increases our overall health and helps us lose weight. Youll feel better when you are exercisingon a daily basis. The thought of starting an exercise plan can be daunting for many of us whoare overweight. You may not have regularly exercised in a long time and dont know where tobegin.The best way to start exercising is to begin slowly. Those who have not been exercisingregularly may be out of shape. It is key to remember that any exercise, even a little bit, will go a
  9. 9. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Losslong way towards helping you lose weight. Keep in mind that you need to start slowly but canincrease your exercise activities as your fitness level increases.Start SlowlyThere are three main types of exercises including flexibility, cardiovascular and weight training.When starting a new exercise routine begin by doing some basic flexibility exercises. You dontneed any special equipment to do flexibility exercises. Simple toe-touches and side stretcheswill slowly help you increase your flexibility. When doing the exercises try to push yourself alittle further each time. Soon you will notice an increase in your flexibility as your muscles startto stretch out.WalkingWalking is one of the best exercises for those starting a new diet and exercise plan. Walkingcan be done anywhere and at your own pace. You can walk as far as you can and mayincrease the length and intensity of your walks at any time. When starting a walking routinebegin with 15 minutes at a comfortable pace. As your stamina increase youll be able to add 5minutes to your walking workout.YogaYoga is a good exercise for beginners. Yoga offers a gentle way to stretch your body. Thevarious yoga poses allow you to stretch all your muscles. Yoga can be done by almost anyoneand can easily be done at home. Yoga not only helps with flexibility but also teaches goodbreathing techniques. Start with a 15-minute daily yoga session and youll soon be able toincrease your yoga workout.AerobicsAerobic exercises increase your heart rate and provide a healthy workout. Start an aerobicroutine slowly if you arent used to this type of activity. Do as much as you can and stop when
  10. 10. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Lossyou need to. Take frequent breaks at first. Choose an aerobic class or DVD that is createdespecially for beginners. When you begin the program, start by using only your legs. As yourfitness level increases you can add your arms to the routine.Specialized TrainingThose on a weight loss diet may have special exercise needs. Often dieters have weightproblems in certain areas such as in the stomach or hips. Choose exercises that target theareas you need. For example to help flatten the stomach do sit-ups or crunches. To helpdecrease hip size, try stepping exercises. Add a simple calisthenics exercise routine to yourdaily exercise regime. There you have it , but just like anything in life it take time and focusbut at the end of the road , you will be proud the you did your best and all the merit belongs to you . Only you can change your life and your world , they happiness is in the person who makes there life happy . I hope you are one to choose joy rather than pain. Hope this ebookhelped you and I will be sending you plenty of tips and workouts to help you body , mind, and soul so look out for my emails . For more information and diet programs Click hereWishing you all the luck on you path to fitness…….. Ty Matthews
  11. 11. Top 10 Exercise Tips for Weight Loss