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Tyler Wilkinson San Diego - Interesting Facts about La Jolla


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Here you get the opportunity to know the important things about the La Jolla so that you enhance your knowledge about San Diego.

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Tyler Wilkinson San Diego - Interesting Facts about La Jolla

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION • La Jolla is a proud community which is especially unique with its Southern California neighbors. It may border San Diego, but it has a very distinct personality that is not to mistaken for anywhere else.
  2. 2. History of La Jolla • The Spanish originally referred to the city as “la joya” which means “the jewel.” This is how the popular nickname “The Jewel City” came to be known around the world; some say “La Jolla” was simply a corruption of the original Spanish word.
  3. 3. Facts about La Jolla • La Jolla is the largest side of the North Beach community in San Diego and is divided into three main parts: La Jolla Cove, Bird Rock, and UTC.
  4. 4. La Jolla Cove • It is the gem of the La Jolla. The coastline gradually decreases with the cliffs in the north and there is a slope in the south which spreads in large flat rocks which can go up.
  5. 5. Bird Rock • Located in the north-south La Jolla of the Pacific coast, Bird Rock feels a more moderate, maintenance than La Jolla Cove while keeping a high-velocity.
  6. 6. University Towne Center(UTC) • This is more economical for housing than La Jolla Cove and Bird Rock, and there are some student housing for nearby California University, San Diego. It’s also home to office buildings and a Westfield Mall.
  7. 7. Good Eats in La Jolla • There are lots of restaurants in La Jolla. George’s at the Cove is a La Jolla institution with fine dining and a terrace that overlooks the ocean. The Marine Room is an exceptional dining experience at high tide when the waves crash against the windows of the restaurant.
  8. 8. Apartment and Houses in La Jolla • There are variety of houses housing options and they vary wildly in price between UTC You can rent or buy many different types of properties ranging from condos or apartments to single-family houses. and the beach neighborhoods.
  9. 9. • Tyler Wilkinson San Diego is a successful businessman who provides the help in business development, marketing and traveling in United States.