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After escaping music school, Tyler Weaver morphed into a writer & transmedia producer. Uttering the words, “what the hell,” he made two historical documentaries, The Fourteen Minute Gap and Withheld In Full. Seeking to make something happier, he released Il Mio Canto Libero, a music video for composer Francesca DiGiovanna and in April, 2009, released his first feature-length film, the music documentary, Gather ‘Round the Mic, filmed in Cleveland and featuring an international cast of musicians. In 2010, he produced a music video for Dolores Dagenais’ Obviously, a trailer for Anthony Schiavino’s acclaimed Sergeant Zero comic book series, launched the Multi-Hyphenate blogazine, and collaborated on three scripts (including the script that became Whiz!Bam!Pow!) with writing partner (in crime), Paul Klein.

An active writer, he has contributed articles to the websites of Jon Reiss, Sheri Candler, the Spectator Arts blog, Write On! Online, the Indie Film Hub, Freethinking Out Loud, and is a regular contributor to Focal Press’ Mastering Film website.

Tyler is currently putting his 20+ years of being a comic book nut to good use, with projects like his current transmedia project, Whiz!Bam!Pow! and the book, Comics for Film, Games & Animation: Using Comics to Construct Your Transmedia Storyworld, to be published by Focal Press in 2012.

In 2007, he released IL MIO CANTO LIBERO, a music video for composer Francesca DiGiovanna and in April, 2009, released his first feature-length film, the music documentary, GATHER ‘ROUND THE MIC, filmed in Cleveland and featuring an international cast of musicians.

Working with the Mary Ferrell Foundation (where he also served as Executive Director) and the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Group, his credits include THE FOURTEEN MINUTE GAP and WITHHELD IN FULL for the Foundation, and the web series HOT SHOTS @ HOT SPOTS with the 20/30 Group.

In 2010, he produced (within a month of each other) a music video for Dolores Dagenais’ OBVIOUSLY, a trailer for Anthony Schiavino’s acclaimed SERGEANT ZERO comic book series, and – for the first time – a wedding collage.

He is presently in active development on a new transmedia project, WHIZ!BAM!POW!, which gives him an excuse to put his 20+years of being a comic book nut to good use.

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Tyler Weaver's Resume

  1. 1. TYLERWEAVER’SRÉSUMÉ E | tyler@tyler-weaver.com W | http://tyler-weaver.com T | @tylerweaver
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE?
  3. 3. I want to help you and yourcompany make the most of theever-changing and ever-connected world by embracingcharacter-driven, immersivestorytelling.
  6. 6. WHAT ISPRESS in To be published by FOCAL IT? 2012, it is the first book to look at the comics medium from a transmediaperspective, showing creatives in film, games, and animation how to effectively integrate comics into their own projects. For more info: http://tyler-weaver.com/2011/08/18/400-pages-of-scribbles/
  7. 7. PROJECT & CREATIVE DIRECTORWHIZ!BAM!POW! (Now) http://whizbampow.com
  8. 8. WHAT IS IT?A multi-volume, nativetransmedia love letter tocomic books and the peoplethat they inspire, toldthrough...COMICSRADIOFILMPROSE & MORE!“Part nostalgia. Part innovation. Allpointed towards the future ofentertainment.” - JOHN T.TRIGONIS, writer/director CERISE.
  9. 9. •Through the course of the just-wrapped IndieGoGo campaign, “Whiz!Bam!Pow!” was featured on FILM THREAT, Andrea Phillips’ DEUS EX MACHINATIO, iFANBOY, Stacey Cornelius’ THE STUDIO SOURCE and was the featured project of “Scream Queens” & “Commercial Kings” producers JOKE & BIAGIO. •Formed partnership with the COMIC BOOK CONNECTION INITIATIVE to donate comic books to their cause - helping inner city kids in Ohio learn to read through comic books. •With the campaign complete and the team in place, “Whiz!Bam!Pow!” is targeted for roll-out around Christmas, 2011.art by BLAIR CAMPBELL
  10. 10. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,THE MARY FERRELL FOUNDATION (2005-2009) http://www.maryferrell.org
  11. 11. •Two years after being hired as an intern, I became Executive Director of the largest independent digital archive on modern American history in the world.• Through a combination of my own unique skill set and my role as Executive Director, I crafted video and story content to make historical documents come alive, providing multiple gateways into the Foundation’s archive.• Led two massive site redesigns to make the MFF site look as authoritative as it was regarded.
  12. 12. • Aggressive linking, SEO, and grassroots media strategies took us from page 33 of Google search results to page one within six months. Our site stats tripled, and the Foundation was mentioned on CNN, MSNBC, SALON.COM, the HUFFINGTON POST, and PLAYBOY.COM.• When I started with the Foundation, we had about 25,000 pages online.  When I left? 2.5 million and growing with a quadrupled user base.
  13. 13. WRITINGS
  14. 14. In addition to my own blog at TYLER-WEAVER DOT COM, I have contributedto blogs such as...THIS MONKEY CAN TYPE... MODERNDAYSTORYTELLERTHE 3AM SCREENWRITER MARIA LOKKEN dot comTHE SPECTATOR ARTS BLOG ... and I am now a regular contributor to FOCAL PRESS’PULP TONE MASTERING FILM dot comSHERI CANDLER dot comJON REISS dot comACID ZEN
  16. 16. “Tyler is one of our most valued contributors “... I submitted my first of the two-part series to him, and he gave rawto Mastering Film, the blog site for Focal and honest feedback as to where I could not only make it stronger, butPress. Not only does he write succinct, useful also bring out my unique "pimp angel" writing voice. I am deeplyarticles, his posts on documentary storytelling grateful to him for encouraging me not to stay inside the lines. Receiving validation as a writer is so important to our fragile egos. Tylerhave been among the top generators of provided that along with direct guidance as to what his readers wouldconversations and clicks, thanks to the great want. His clear vision for his site and his honesty in feedback make himcontent and his social media reach. Tyler is an a great person to write for or collaborate with. Tyler is a straight-extremely adaptable communicator who can forward, amazing man. He flings no bull. Hes the real deal. I amwork in a variety of forms. I look forward to honored to have shared my words with his readers and hope to do somore articles and hope to collaborate with many times over.”him on a book in the near future!” Elinor Actipis, publisher, Focal Press Jeanne Bowerman, co-founder #Scriptchat “Tyler has an infectious enthusiasm that motivates everyone around him. Personable “Right from the start I knew Tyler was someone special. and creative, he helps others move to areas of With an appetite for creativity and an insatiable desire to thinking they may not have previously stand out above the rest, Tyler is a visionary. He truly considered. Tyler’s diversified background and understands his audiences. Hes open-minded and will put experience make his creative works sparkle - but don’t let his artistic side fool you – this guy himself inside your vision to give you exactly what you rocks in the corporate world!” want, if not better.” Sherry Fiester, Editor, JFK Lancer Productions & Gautam Pai, Exec. Producer (Cleveland 20/30 Club), Hot Spots @ Hot Shots Publications
  17. 17. ONE MORETHING...
  18. 18. I DON’T HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE.I don’t make excuses, and I don’t take it easy. I work hard. And I work smart.
  19. 19. If you think we could work together, get in touch with me @tyler@tyler-weaver.com THANKS!