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Engaging a diverse audience


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Engaging a diverse audience

  1. 1. Using Social Media toEngage a Diverse Audience Presented by Tyler Clark at The Sixth Annual Nonprofit Summit
  2. 2. The ProblemIn the moment The aftermath
  3. 3. Agenda• Identify – Develop personas to focus your message• Understand – Where is your audience and why?• Target – Craft your campaign to match
  4. 4. Develop personas representing the types of people you want to connect to.Focus your message to align with their perspective. Identify
  5. 5. Segment• Define your segments• Not every organization cares about the same types of people…• Donors, Volunteers, Activists – who do you want to connect with?
  6. 6. Personas• Within the segments, develop personas• Start with 3 personas within your most desired segment• Age? Gender? Family? Job? Income? Education?
  7. 7. Profile #1
  8. 8. Profile #2
  9. 9. Profile #3
  10. 10. Go Deeper• Start with demographics, but don’t end there• What are their values and beliefs?• What motivates them to share?
  11. 11. Determine where your audience is spending time and why. Ensure you are focusing your efforts in the right places. Understand
  12. 12. Reality Check• Take the personas to your next board meeting or membership committee• Ask for feedback• Ensure you’re on the right track
  13. 13. Rationale• Based on what you know or project, why would they care about your organization?• What would they get from it?
  14. 14. Natural Habitat• Where are they spending their time?• Likely, Facebook• Possibly, LinkedIn for professionals• Also, Twitter for younger, more educated
  15. 15. What Are They Doing?• Why do they use social media?• To be connected• To gather information• For entertainment• For career & business purposes
  16. 16. How To Find Out?• Run a paper survey at your next local event• Ask some questions of your existing fans & followers• Create an online survey & send to email list
  17. 17. Craft your campaign to match what youve learned.Plan a content calendar to ensure each message has maximum impact and a consistent voice. Target
  18. 18. Plan• Create a content calendar• Plan 4 months out – high level• Plan 4 weeks out – detail• Ensure your topics and audiences are all addressed
  19. 19. Content-Based Strategy
  20. 20. Spread the Word Socially
  21. 21. Share Relevant 3rd-Party Links
  22. 22. Calls to Action• Find the right voice for each audience• Align your appeal to their values
  23. 23. Corporate“Become a corporate sponsor for our annualdinner & show your support for those in need.”
  24. 24. Religious“Remember Proverbs 22:9–He who is generouswill be blessed, for he gives some of his food tothe poor.”
  25. 25. More aggressive?“Proverbs 28:27–He who gives to the poor willnever want, but he who shuts his eyes will havemany curses.”
  26. 26. Socialites“This year’s gala will have you swing dancing tothe accompaniment of a national touring act!”
  27. 27. Tips on Tone• Be personable• Self deprecating• Avoid polarizing• Top Tens
  28. 28. Your ChallengeBy the end of the week, profile 10-12Facebook fans, and group them into just 3personas.
  29. 29. 330-397-2275