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Ubuntu touch


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CSCI 103

Published in: Technology
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Ubuntu touch

  1. 1. An into to Tyler Postma 9/25/13
  2. 2. Features of Touch  Can easily be ported to Android devices  Utilizes all 4 corners of the screen for controls  Uses gesture-based controls  Can activate a full desktop version when connected to an external monitor  The code is open-source so anyone can modify it
  3. 3. It makes all non-android phones look like this:
  4. 4. A unified ecosystem Unified Code for the whole family Unity for phones/tablets Unity for TVs Unity for desktops
  5. 5. The update process is quite simplistic Update becomes available Go to Update Manager Click “Update” You’re done, it’s that simple
  6. 6. The same as any Linux distro The graphical interface The core of the distro The Linux Kernel