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  • IPC NRF Presentation

    1. 1. Payment Security & Payment DiversityShould Not Cost a BundleTyler HannanIP Commerce, Inc.
    2. 2. Commerce Can Be Confusing RETAILER2
    3. 3. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA RETAILER3
    4. 4. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO RETAILER4
    5. 5. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO ACH RETAILER5
    6. 6. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO LOYALTY ACH RETAILER6
    7. 7. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO PCI LOYALTY ACH RETAILER7
    8. 8. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO PCI TPP LOYALTY ACH RETAILER8
    9. 9. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO PCI TPP LOYALTY RDC ACH RETAILER9
    10. 10. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO PCI TPP PA-DSS LOYALTY RDC ACH RETAILER10
    11. 11. Commerce Can Be Confusing SVA ISO PCI TPP MCR PA-DSS LOYALTY RDC ACH RETAILER11
    13. 13. Commerce Can Be Confusing ? RETAILER13
    14. 14. Industry Requires Transformational Infrastructure Payments Today Through IP Commerce C re dit/ b it De C re dit/ b it De AC H S to re d Va lue e Che ck e C om m e rc e VS. B 2B R e m itta nc e G ift C a rd Le nd in g / ina nc in F g One - to - One , Proprie tary N e twork Enable s Many- to- One Co nne ctio ns Co nne ctio ns • Closed networks • Open networks • Proprietary • Standards-based • Hard-coded limitations • Dynamic availability and greater choice • Limited service provider opportunity – few • Easy plug-in offers unlimited service availability available services today (credit/debit) (Check21, Electronic Invoice Presentment and • Limited to brick and mortar terminals and e- Payment, etc.) commerce sites • Available to the ‘other’ 75% of market14
    15. 15. IP Commerce Partners15
    16. 16. Toolkit & Platform Overview Co mme rc e So ftware Co nne ctivity Se rvic e Conne ctivity Platfo rm Co mme rc e Co mme rc e To o lkits fo r To o lkits S e rvic e s fo r Applic atio • For use by Service Providers • ns For use by software vendors and developers to payment- to integrate services into enable software platform Business process management • Software re-usable across • Services re-usable across and rules engine, with built-in network through single network thru single transaction switch enabling: integration integration •Service creation and discovery • Retailer can use the open •Security and access control toolkit to payment enable •Metering and billing their legacy platforms •Routing transaction messages between applications •Data transformation between applications16
    17. 17. Understanding PA-DSS (aka PABP) Payment Application Data Security Standard • Created by Visa to assist software companies in creating secure payment applications • Reduces risk to consumers from unauthorized use of payment account information • Constitutes the most rigorous security standard common in the payment application marketplace • Assists merchants in meeting larger PCI compliance requirements • Identifies payment applications that have been validated as PA-DSS compliant17
    18. 18. Simplifying Security Certification • Out-of-box support – User credential policy enforcement – Payment account data encryption and persistence management – Key management – Security audit logging • Help software companies embed PA-DSS principles into the SDLC • Provide for cost-effective PA-DSS assessment with minimal impact on the organization • Simplify ongoing maintenance of PA-DSS compliance18
    19. 19. Multi-Channel Retail: Today Retailers currently manage a vast network of vendors and providers, many with one-to-one connections. Multiple Integration Points = Unmanageable & Inconsistent Security Point of Credit/ Sale Debit Check/ Web ACH Gift/ Kiosk Loyalty RETAILER Call Center PayPal Other Mobile Payments19
    20. 20. Multi-Channel Retail: Vision IP Commerce uses Microsoft Technology to deliver payment services consistently to the entire multi-channel retail segment Single Integration Point = Increased Security Point of Credit/ Sale Debit Check/ Web IP ACH Commerce Platform Gift/ Kiosk & Loyalty RETAILER Commerce Toolkits Call Center PayPal Other Mobile Payments20
    21. 21. Microsoft Technology Foundation Enterprise Retail Applications Small/Medium Business Applications Commerce Toolkit for MCR Commerce Toolkit for Applications Commerce Toolkits Microsoft Microsoft SQL Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Commerce Server Windows Office Office Server Vista Accounting 2007 Microsoft Windows Server IP Commerce Platform21
    22. 22. Commerce Server Architecture Smart Client Applications Web Applications Catalog and Customers Custom Marketing ASP.NET ASP.NET ASP.NET Inventory And Orders Applications Manager Application 1 Application 2 Application N Manager Manager Commerce Server 2007 MMCERPCRM BizTalk Server 2006 Data Order Profile Catalog Inventory Marketing WarehouseOther LOB Apps Subsystem Subsystem Subsystem Subsystem Subsystem MOM 2005 & Analytics BizTalk Adapters ASPNET 2.0 Management Pack Payment Accelerator Internet Information ServicesCredit/Debit Commerce ServerCheck/ACH IP Commerce Platform SQL ServerGift/Loyalty Business SQLeCommerce Intelligence Reporting Database Functions Services22
    23. 23. Contact Us for More Information sales@ipcommerce.com23
    24. 24. microsoft.com/peopleready/retail