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The new experiment is called “animal electricity” which the         The experiment was comparing the facial expression    ...
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Brain history


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Brain history

  1. 1. The new experiment is called “animal electricity” which the The experiment was comparing the facial expression The machine that allows the researches to see the ions thatpurpose of the experiment is to test the connection between and emotional responses between animal and human. runs from inside of the cell to the outside as an electricthe muscles and nerves system. The technique in the The experiment was design designed to induce anger current. Cells use about 20 to 40 channel ions that theyexperiment is to use the wire to twitch the frog’s muscle. or fear, using children as subjects and record their have to communicate with each other. The machine wasGalvani believed that this will prove his theory about the responses, the result will be compare to the responses developed from a thin, glass micro-pipette, one thousandthrelationship between the nerves system and the body muscle, of the animals. The conclusion of the experiment of a millimeter in diameter. G-Proteins that located inside abecause the electricity is flowing from frog’s muscles to the states that bases on all the animals, human are the cell respond to signals outside the cell which these G-nerves. Even though, the theory was disapproved due to the only ones capable of thinking what others are think protein will translate these signals into internal cellularfact that the chemical reaction was form from the acid on the about them. The technique of using an animal activities. These techniques that investigate the single ionsfrog’s skin but this experiment is a huge step for a better compares to human is very helpful and effective. assist the researchers in their experiments.understanding of the electrical basis of the neural activity. Charles Darwin History of Brain Erwin Neher and Bert Sakkman Luigi Galvani Published “The Expression of the By Emotion in Man and Animal” book Received Noble Prize award from their invention Italian Physiologist Ty Kraichok 1977 1991 1791 1869 1872 1972 1921 (Modern Time) (Modern (Renaissance (Renaissance) (Renaissance (Modern Time) Time) ) ) Herman Rorschach Godfrey Hounsfield Roger Guillemin and Andrew Schally Swiss Psychiatrist Nobel Prize Winners British engineer Sir Francis Galton Ink Bolt is a technique is still exists in The research was mainly about the Computed tomography or CT is a machine Published “Heriditary Genius” book present time. The black ink will be in peptide hormone in the brain. The that uses in the present day to investigate different shape in the white paper and the new technique for determine the the brain organ. It is a computer program patients need to describe the shape which this amounts of peptide and otherThe first "anthropometric laboratory “was that use tomography to create medical methods assisted the psychologists to hormones that are present in the bodybuilt in 1869. This lab was a place where imaging. This machine is commonly used evaluated and examine the patients’ mind. was discovered during this period ofthey uses the dubious measures of visual among the physicians, in order to examine The scoring areas are separated into 3 time. The research was mainly aboutacuity, auditory accuracy, and breathing the treatments for medical conditions and categories which are location, determinant the hormones that produced by thecapacity to assess the levels of intelligence, also for the researchers to study about the and content. It’s mainly looking for the hypothalamus which is the part thatwhich these are the new method to examine brain’s anatomy. It gives a clear image of information that the patients describe and control the temperature, hunger, andthe level of intelligence. The study also the all the organs inside the brain so this is refer to. This method is not completely thirst. The experiment also expandsstates that the intelligence of a person is a method that the researchers can use to reliable due to the lack of confirmation when an understanding of the grandularfollows from their genetic lines. explore their investigation about anatomy. individual validated the result. disease.