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Week13 - Group Presentation Slide


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Published in: Technology
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Week13 - Group Presentation Slide

  1. 1. How Encryption For Strong Security Works ● Pseudoramdom Noise ● Data Encryption ● Link Encryption ● VPN s1170132 Manamu Abe s1170133 Keigo Amma s1170144 Ryo Kanno s1170145 Masataka Kubota
  2. 2. Pseudoramdom Noise ● In cryptography, pseudorandom noise (PRN) is signal similar to noise which satisfies one or more of the standard test for statistical randomness.
  3. 3. Data Encryption ● Data encryption is a process in which plaintext data is converted into ciphertext so that it cannot be read.
  4. 4. Link Encryption ● Link encryption is the data security process of encrypting information at the data link level as it is transmitted between two points within a network.
  5. 5. VPN ●VPN(Virtual Private Network) is service to connect data communications between systems. ● We can use public lines like common carrier leased lines with VPN
  6. 6. REFERENCE  Pseuderandom Noise  Data Encryption  Link Encryption,,sid14_gci526309,00.html  VPN