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Submit In-Class Presentation #4-1

  1. 1. Lhaplus Member s1170132 Manamu Abe s1170133 Keigo Amma s1170144 Ryo Kanno s1170145 Masataka Kubota
  2. 2. The primary purpose of Lhaplus  Lphplus is the software for compressing and decompressing data files.  This is a free software and everyone can use easily. This picture is the icon of Lhaplus
  3. 3. Major advantages for using Lhaplus  Lhaplus help you to compress and decompress data files.  This is corresponding to many file types. For example, zip, rar, bz2, gz, lzh, tar, zoo, and so on.  Windows OS cannot decompress compressed file except zip file by default, so thanks to this software, Windows users can decompress many compressed file such as rar, lzh.
  4. 4. Lhaplus can extract and compact quickly with easy handing.
  5. 5. It is free software. So everyone can download.
  6. 6. Identify 5 major features of Lhaplus ● It can extract archives with only drag and drop or only doubleclick. ● It can accept several types of archives. ● It can automatically discern type of archives with it regardless of extension. ● It can extract and compact all archives in a directory at one time. ● It can automatically extract archives in a archive.
  7. 7. What other software programs are available in the market as competitor? other software 7zip (Free software, open source software) WinZip (Payware, WinZip Computing) WinRAR (Shareware, RARLAB) Izarc (Free software, Ivan Zahariev) +Lhaca (Freesoftware, Tomio Murayama) and so on. Competitor software is too many. So, I listed famous software only.
  8. 8. What other software programs are available in the market as competitor? How do they work? Function The main function is compression and extraction and most of the same. But, each software are difference that supported file, other function, share and so on. For example, when the files compresses or extracts, the software displays the error or not. Processing This point decides the software used by many users or not. It is important for archiver to process speed. But it is hard to decide to use which the software. Because there are processing is too fast but function is close.
  9. 9. How to use Lhaplus ● I explain only simple function. Because It have many function. ● Lhaplus have function that can compress and uncompress. ● First I explain to simple setup it's configuration. ● Please open Lhaplus with double click short cut icon.
  10. 10. Simple setting ● In this screen, please look at three red circle. ● At the light down side, we can select extensions. Please check it you want to use. If you can't understand you check all. ● Next please check all ● Now, we can use Lhaplus with light click file and select compress or uncompress