Submit In-Class Presentation #4-2


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Submit In-Class Presentation #4-2

  1. 1. About the contents The Contents of presentation is that your ideas and so on convinces the audience. And, a talk is important that easy to understand or not. So, We have to take care of the following. Don't Too much in a talk. All To talk about fit the presentation. To give audience more information. Because, it is hard to understand what is important and to the idea to convey.
  2. 2. About the contents So, how to make the presentation and explain? Recommendation To decide what to write in the presentation and to talk about. Only necessary and important information fit the presentation. To give audience key points and support. Others To show demonstration of the technology. To use the illustration.
  3. 3. Major arguments of “The slides” section (1) ● Title of slide should be descriptive so that the audience can understand what the main topic of the slide. ● You should start to talk with motivation and examples in order to convince the audience that your talk is worth listening. ● You must not start to talk with an outline slide. The audiences may feel boring and turn you out.
  4. 4. Major arguments of “The slides” section (2) ● There should not be much text on slides. Your slide must be simple (a little text which is descriptive) and clear. ● To make your slide easy to read, choose a readable font and keep it large. ● Use of figures or images is helpful to your audience. It is often good way to make your slide better, but never use figures or images that don’t relate to your talk. It will be affect on your slide negatively.
  5. 5. The presentation ● Point for presentation ➢ Never point at your laptop screen ➢ If you get flustered, don't panic ➢ Make eye contact with the audience ➢ Think about your goal in giving the talk
  6. 6. Answering question ● Answering questions from the audience is very hard. ➢ For countermeasure, Just as you practice your talk, practice answering questions. ● Before Answering the question. ➢ We give yourself a few moments to think about our answer.
  7. 7. The important points about Practicing talks #1 It is important that giving a practice talk before presenting in front of an audience. It can be a good idea to keep your practice talk audience relatively small. However, The group shouldn't be too small.
  8. 8. The important points about Practicing talks #2 Hardcopy slides are useful for audience to distribute, but audience are liable to pay attention to only paper. It is important that going to other people's practice talks. Attending others' talks can teach you a lot about good and bad talks.