Individual sections development exercise #4


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Individual sections development exercise #4

  1. 1. Sections Individual Sections Development Exercise #4 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - Person # 1 A. Why is a feasibility report so important in technical communication? Write in your own words; 75 words minimum. We need to write five common factors in the feasibility report, and they are so important in technical communication. They are the assessment of technology and system and the cost of project and so on. By creating this feasibility report, we may judge to the projects calmly. Also, there are the summaries of project and so on in this report. It is important for one in area of technology to need to build a close relationship. This report can give the information of project to new one joined the project. So, the feasibility report is important in technical communication B. Write 5 major points in the articles that are important. Write in your own words; 100 words minimum. As previously explained, the feasibility report contains five common factors. Three factors of them are especially important. First, it is description that about the assessment of technology and system. To describe about input and output, process of them, and producing the system, they may involve the robots produced by own company deeply. Second, it is description that economic standpoint about the cost of projects. Especially, it is most important that thinking the profit and cost in mind. Third, it is description that the schedule related second of major points. To choke off the project or not, it related to adjust the cost deeply. Fourth, to write the method to lead the proposition to the conclusions. Fifth, to write off simply to use the summary, glossary and so on.
  2. 2. C. Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above articles when preparing to design an important feasibility study on any topic? Write in your own words; 75 words minimum. First, by reading, we can apprehend what to write in this report easily. These articles are written that we should write the beginning and ending in this report. Also, to judge what the attention is easy. Second, it is written the emphasis on the important. Especially, it is reference easily because the article is divided five factors. Third, it is written the format. In the articles, it is put together the about the format and what to need. Fourth, it is written what we should write out of business. It may be important description when our company act in outside. Fifth, it is written about the purpose of feasibility report. D. Write a paragraph explaining a business situation where a feasibility study is necessary. Write in your own words; 100 words minimum. I think that two situations. First, for example, it is when we start the new project. In what way to use the technology, and the cost of it. These questions may be removed by the feasibility report, and we may be able to explain the other person about the project efficiently. This report is may be written them. Seconds, it is when to produce the project with other company. It is easy to confirm difference between the projects of each company, and it can inspect gain and loss in the project. Also, it is easy to become the cooperation between each company.
  3. 3. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER - Person # 2 A. How would you use a feasibility report for your business situation? (50 words minimum) When I will work up a new project from now, I will apply the necessary knowledge to write a feasibility report to it. I will check to be sure that there are enough items in a report and closely examine practicality, suitability and compatibility of a report when I will make a new project. B. Talk about a feasibility report that you want to prepare. Explain at least 10 major points you will include in this feasibility report of your choice. What will be the exact purpose of the report? Write in your own words. 1. To write an abstract in a report. 2. To write a summary in a report. 3. To write a contents list that including a separate list of illustrations in a report. 4. To write a glossary in a report. 5. To write a introduction that include a purpose and scope in a report. 6. To write a discussion that is the main body providing the evidence in a report. 7. To write a conclusions in a report. 8. To write a recommendations in a report. 9. To write a references in a report. 10. To write a appendixes in a report. C. Write five sentences explaining how a company should do research before designing a feasibility report. 1. Report writers must come to a conclusion. 2. Report writers must recommend that some action is taken or is not taken and / or that some choice is adopted or is rejected. 3. Report writers must be un biased and your approach must be logical. 4. Must know the precise purpose of the proposed project and its scope.
  4. 4. 5. Must know a suitable format for feasibility report. D. Write down five key words and its meaning that you read in the above articles. Write in your own words. ・practicality the real facts of a situation rather than ideas about how it might be. ・suitability the degree to which something or someone has the right qualities for a particular purpose. ・compatibility the ability of one piece of computer equipment to be used with another one, especially when they are made by different companies. ・purpose the purpose of something is what it is intended to achieve. ・scope the range of things that a subject, activity, book etc deals with. 3. PLAN DEVELOPER - Person #3 A. Develop a short concept map using the Concept Mapping software based on one of the articles you see above. Pick up the major sentences and make a concept map. Submit your Concept Map in Slideshare. Submit the URL in Moodle. //URL:
  5. 5. B. Develop a short concept map explaining how the following article is organized. Submit your Concept Map in Slideshare. //URL C. Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map you developed in the previous question. Major five key words are, Feasibility report, technical feasibility study, logistical or tactical plan, trouble shooting, and suitable format. D. Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the article you read above (in question B). What is a Technical Feasibility study? What is important to plan business? How calculate material requirement?