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Complete document design exercise #4

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Complete document design exercise #4

  1. 1. Complete Document Design Exercise #4 A. How would you advertise your business to the community? Write 5 points to explain how you think the ideas / concepts will be successful. Explain how another company selling a similar commodity markets their product. We have 5 advertising points of our company. First, we sill make rescue robots. They help afflicted people when a disaster occurs. For example, they will be useful when an earthquake happened. Second, we will make life support robots. For example, they helps disability people to live in comfort. Third, we will make toys with robots technology. We aim to make toys that delight people, from kids to adults. The 4th point is to take part in a robots competition and advertise the record of it. We can establish our performance by doing them. The last point is to introduce feed back of some customers to other customers. By doing it, people can trust capability of our products. B. What is the job of the human resources division in a company? How will you set up such a division in your company? Write down 5 questions that you will ask a potential employee in your company during a interview. The job of the human resources division is, I think of first, about to choice the employee. Also, the division fill the calculate of salary, the process about insurance of employee, the odd job and so on. The person in charge of the division is to have the communication skill and to be able to fill the job flawlessly. The numbers of person in charge should be keep the constant. I think that to choice the employee is most important job of this division, so I will ask a potential employee five questions during a interview. I choice their questions to base that to be of service in the own company and to excel in self-analysis.
  2. 2. 1. Why do you choice the own company? 2. What do you do in own company? 3. What are your advantages and disadvantages? 4. What do you think the different between student and member of society? 5. In campus life, what is the most important you gained? C. How will you divide the responsibility of running the company amongst your group partners? We divide all responsibilities of products and productions equally among our group. It will help to encourage our sense of unity and solidarity, and we can work with great cooperativeness. The responsibility of running company is divided between only two persons, the president and sales manager. This is because, when many people relate to this responsibility, we tend to lose our right perspectives. This is caused by negligence that, "If something happens, it is not only my fault". When only president and sales manager relate to running company, they have great responsibility of it. It can be load for them, but therefore, the decision will make our company better. D. Clearly write down the 5 different ways you will treat your potential customer with after-sales service. If something goes wrong with the product after it is sold, how will you provide customer service. Provide an example of how something might go wrong with the product. If something goes wrong with our product, we deal with it properly way. First, we give advice to customer on the telephone and make judgment what happened with our product. Second, if it need to be repaired, we go to customer's house or office to recall it. Third, in case the cause of trouble is all our fault, of course, we repair it for free. Fourth, when we finish repairing, we deliver it directly to customer. Also, we set one-week trial period for customer.
  3. 3. Customers can judge calmly whether you really want the product or not. E. How will you study the local market and what your competitors are doing? What will be some of the methods and approaches that you will consider? First, most easily way is search with internet. If competitor is on the market, almost company advertise themselves in internet. So we can search form internet first. Second if we can search information, we need to confirm the information. The searched site can trust. If so, we can use the information. Next for research other company, we can use brochure. Company brochure is confirmed item, so it is important data. However, data is nothing. We need to research ourselves. Way to search is analysis market data. Our idea is search with internet. Principally we search to academic site. Because those information is not many in normal market.