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Complete document design exercise #3

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Complete document design exercise #3

  1. 1. Complete Complete Document Design Exercise #3 A. Why is it important to launch this business? Identify three ways in which this business might help the local community? Times are changing. Now, STEM(careers in science, technology, engineer and math) developed to high level that we could not image. At the present day, there are some robots that blossomed into dream. Our company help people and offer entertainment to people with new robots technologies. We have three ways in which business help the local community. At first, we put out rescue robots. For example, we make robots that find and help afflicted people when people are buried in under a building by earthquake. At second, we put out livelihood supporting robots. For example, we make robots that help disability people. At third, we put out toys with robots technology. We aim to make toys that delight people, from kids to adults. B. Ideas for launching this business. Identify 5 innovative things you might want to do for developing this business. First, there is to make an appeal. For example, to entry like the robot contest. To expose our technology, someone approve, or is interested in, our business. Second, to build one's network of contacts to pick up some advices about our business. I think we need advisers to success our business. If there are many advisers, we may be able to think more flexible and solve the problems. Third, to consult the plan, case of success and so on of other companies. In setting up a business enterprise, they may become very important information. Fourth, to use the advertisements and sponsors. Sponsors donated fund for our company.
  2. 2. Also, by advertising, let many people be known robots created by our company and other sponsors. This is important to gain the fund. Fifth, to get together other company. Offering each technology, and by using the technologies, we develop the robots more effectively. Also, to be able to develop through friendly competition with the company. C. How should your business reach out to the potential customers? What might be some of the ways you will advertise your company. It is important to enrich customer services. For example, if there are some troubles with our products that we sold during a given period of time, we repair it, or exchange it for a new one for free. Also, other institutions, such as cooling-off, are introduced. When we produce a robot, we take into account following points. ・We design it in the position of customer. We think about what customers want, and make a continuous effort for producing good robots that meeting demand. ・ listen to customer's request. We reflect it as much as possible so that we can always We produce good robots satisfying all customers. We also take into account following points when we produce a robot for disaster relief. ・We make an experiment many times in order to deal with all disaster. ・Because it is fatal to human lives, we produce it with the greatest attention to avoid a failure caused by our technical bungle. D. How should you advertise your products? Develop a proper advertising strategy to market your product to the local community. Write a slogan for your advertisement. We advertise our company in common and typical way, such as CM, AD, web, trade show, and so on. What is advertised is following. ・What does this robot do? When and how does it help you? ・What is specific point of this robot? ・How convenient will our lives be with this robot? When we advertise a robot for disaster relief, following points are also included.
  3. 3. ・What kind of disaster does this robot help to rescue? ・If this robot is used, how convenient will rescue be compared to one with no robots? Our business slogan is, to build society with helpful robots. E. How could the University of Aizu assist your business? Explain elaborately. There are four things that this university assist. First, to have the individual seminar. We advertise and explain about our company in the seminar. Of course, it is to employ the students in this university. Second, to post information to newsgroup of campus. It is much the same the above, but this is the main that employment offers information. Third, to use the robots created by our company on trial. I think that it mainly use in the laboratory. To gain the data of about using robots is helpful for us. Fourth, to invite the class of venture. It may be that there are some students to be interested in this field. I think it is important that they have more appealing and to know technology. F. What are the resources you need to start the business? Do you need to employ people, do you need furniture, computers for your store, etc? Identify everything that you need. At first, we need a big factory that make a lot of robots. And so, we need a commodious space for constructing a factory. Also, we need machineries make robots and the computer control them. In addition, we want places to make robots but also a office and a meeting room. And we need to employ people to carry on. Above all, we need engineers who are skill in making robots. Next, we need people on phone duty. They provide consultation about our company and our products. And we must need to employ people or a company that sell our products to other companies. Final, we need oceans of money to resource everythings.
  4. 4. G. Give an example of a company who sells similar products in the market. How do they sell their product. Do an internet search for what they sell, the prices, discounts etc they offer etc and report it here. Our main product is rescue robot for save people. There are many company who sells similar product. For example, the company name is "tmsuk". This company product many kind of robot. One is supervise robot. Of course this robot can supervise room and can walk automatically. Another is looks like dinosaur. It can walk with four legs. It is toy as symbol robot. Another company is "ROBO GARAGE". This company product electric power saving robot. Famous robot is evolta. Evolta can clime gland canyon with only two batteries named evolta. Similar product is many but utility rescue robot didn't product. So general price can't make judge. About price is thirty-thousand-dollar. At an early year, the rescue robot business may move widely.