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Complete document design exercise #1


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Complete document design exercise #1

  1. 1. Complete Document Design Exercise #1 1. Write an e-mail to professor To: Subject: About our project Dear Professor Roy; I send this e-mail to you in order to acquaint you with our project. Now, robots play important role in our lives. And robots will be more important part of our lives in the future. So we think it is needed that creating and launching a new helpful robot. Our project is to launch a new company creating robots that help people's lives. To start our business, first of all, we must raise enough funds to launch our company. When we finish it, build our company, then, we can start our business. There are following members in this company. Masataka Kubota, company's president. Ryo Kanno, a designer of robots. Manamu Abe, a manufacturer of robots. Keigo Anma, a sales manager. Our company has only four members, but each of us is full of enthusiasm. Finally, we ask you for help. We are raising funds to launch our company, but enough funds are not raised yet. So, would you invest your some money in our project, please ? We would appreciate it very much if you would consider. Thank you for your time. Ryo Kanno
  2. 2. 2. Write a separate internal memo We launch a company. It is a new company for creating and selling robots. Our mission statement is to build the society supporting the life of people by new robot technology. The objective of our company is to make a untroubled and convenience life by development of the robots which support our life. And one of our goals is to reduce the damage by disasters 15% in 10 years. Our business philosophy is, 1, to help many people 2, to continue to develop 3, to keep good quality of robots Our target market is, for example, rescue corps. We market robot as a tool to save people when disaster happens. People always demand more comfortable life. So, our industry will more advance and develop in the future. Maybe, our company does not change in short term. But, we foresee that we will change it to bigger company in long term. Also, this industry may bring welfare in our society. So, our company needs to being poised to work on multiplicity of various projects. Our most competitive strength is enthusiasms. We believe, we can do anything as long as we never give up. Other strengths are ... nothing yet, but we will gain more strength with great efforts.