Traffic intelligence solution


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Traffic intelligence solution

  1. 1. TrafficIntelligence17 April 2013Company Confidential
  2. 2. 2We are the world’slargest fire andsecurity company.Company Confidential
  3. 3. We Protect People and Property Around the WorldCompany Confidential 3We help protect more than1 millionfirefighters worldwideWe help protect90%of the top 50 oil and gascompaniesWe help protect80%of the world’s top 200 retailersWe help protect nearly3 millioncommercial, government andresidential customersWe help protect a majority of theFortune 500companiesWe help protect over100 majorstadiums around the world*Numbers based on internal company estimates
  4. 4. Why Tyco Retail Solutions?/ 4 /Company Confidential• Expanded portfolio of mission-criticalsolutions and services that deliversignificant retailer profitability andoperational efficiencies• Provides decision support thatanswer challenging retailperformance and security questions• Captures, interprets, reports andintelligently responds to real-timeoperational data from:o Storeso Employeeso Inventoryo Shoppers
  5. 5. Why Our Traffic Intelligence Solution? Integrated Platform- Single integrated architecture providingcommon interface across different retail devices and applications. Multi-Sensor Portfolio – Embedded, Side Mounted, OverheadMonocular & Stereo Traffic Devices. Unique EAS Integration and Enhancement – directionbased alarm suppression, alarm reporting, power management Multiple Deployment Options – store only, enterprise orhosted deployment options Enterprise Health and Device Management – remoteconfiguration and device management World-Class Monitoring – ADT monitoring services providereal time pro-active problem detection and resolution Professional Services – project management, solutionarchitecture design, equipment optimization, comprehensive in-store training
  6. 6. Store Intelligence Platform/ 6 /Company ConfidentialRetailer benefits:• Increased operational efficiencies• Elimination of technology duplication• Streamlined, centralized system administration• Integrated data and processes
  7. 7. Broad Multi-Sensor Portfolio Offering/ 7 /Company ConfidentialTRS TrafficTechnologyAccuracy RangeFunctionalFeaturesEnvironmental ScenariosUse CaseIn/outcountsDirectionalEASIPremotemgmt.HeightdetectionHeat,coldLight,shadowBlockingChildren,cartsGreetersHighTrafficBeam Break –integrated orwall-mountAverage90%Up to 14’(4.2 m)*     Ideal for retailers with currentEAS Detection installs lookingfor a sensor solution that isvisually hidden inside exitantenna.OVERHEADVIDEOMonocularSensorAverage90%Up to 20’(6.1 m)*     Ideal for retailers looking tocapture traffic rates that areinterior locations where thereis no direct sunlight, andinfrequent crowding in thedoorway. Not suitable forstreet (or parking lot) facingentrances.StereoSensorAverage95%Up to 14’(4.2 m)*          Ideal for retailers looking tocapture traffic counts in morechallenging environments –including sunlight/shadows,dense groups, and shoppersor groups who back-up orlinger under the sensor.Wall mount
  8. 8. Unique Enhanced EAS Functionality/ 8 /Company Confidential Provides directional EAS alarming, helping tominimize nuisance alarms and improve shopperexperience. Enables detection of booster and jammer devicesas they enter the store, before a theft event occurs. Allows store personnel to focus on true alarmevents, improving overall system effectiveness andreliability. Permits ‘EAS On-Demand’ to significantly reducepower consumption. Serves as a gateway to permit collection andreporting of alarm events for up to 16 EAS devices(overhead devices only). Permits remote monitoring of EAS equipment.
  9. 9. Multiple Deployment OptionsIn-store: retailer is able to manage, identify andrespond immediately to EAS events withinstant resultsCorporate: allows company to control sensitiveinformation, streamline the process toincrease operation efficiencyHosted: leverage a “Software as a Service”model to provide reporting and expertanalysis to optimize store operations,improve shopper experiences, and reduceshrink
  10. 10. Designed to Meet the Enterprise Needs of Today’sRetailer:• Robust engine with powerful features• Out of box report content – dashboards, operationalinsights, etc.• Extremely scalable – support 1000’s users• Flexibility to incorporate custom reports• Enterprise distribution and auto-update supportOut of Box ReportsDashboard ViewsOperational InsightsRobust Reporting Platform
  11. 11. Enterprise Health and Device Management/ 11 /Company ConfidentialEnterprise Layout with Site StatusView Device DetailsSite Network TopologySite Device AlertsSite Details List with Site StatusView Device Event HistoryView status of Traffic device portfolio:• Summary of devices on line and functioning• Historical device functionality• Alert generated when devices go off line• Quick summaries at site and enterprise level
  12. 12. World Class Monitoring/ 12 /Company Confidential• Remote Diagnostic Center services provideo Service support for mission critical applicationso Monitoring for over thousands of remote network devices (fixed & mobile)o Real time and proactive health monitoring• 98% of service tickets resolved over the network or phone• Remote device management to centralize critical technical expertise• Largest group of retail focused field technicians in the world
  13. 13. Professional Services• ROI study facilitation - directly or with external organizations• Overall solution architecture design• Custom work flow and/or report development• Pre-project qualification and project coordinationo Site survey and infrastructure analysiso Equipment staging and validation• Equipment installation and optimization• Management of tagging processes by location• Comprehensive in-store training programo Technical training on system componentso Operations training – focus on complimenting existing processes• On-going solution service and support
  14. 14. / 14 /Company ConfidentialDeployed in Nearly 185,000 Stores WorldwideExtensive, Diverse Retail ExperienceAcross a range of industry sectors andglobal geographiesFrom single store deployments throughlarge scale, enterprise-wide rollouts