EAS Intelligence Solution


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EAS Intelligence Solution

  1. 1. EAS Intelligencethe key to higher profits
  2. 2. Why EAS IntelligenceMeasurable Store PerformanceAdditional Shrink ReductionImproved Service ResponseCarbon Footprint SavingsIncreased EAS ROI/ 2 /
  3. 3. Nuisance alarms desensitize staff and customersto alarm events, reducing the deterrent value ofthe exit systemIncrease in Organized Retail Crime results inhigher lossesEquipment issues, i.e., unplugged devices, causeitem deactivation failure and cause 50+% of falsealarmsEquipment downtime impacts the retailers’shopper experience and associate confidence intheir EAS programsInadequate EAS reporting and lack of visibilityallow the issue to grow unnoticed and impactretailers’ bottom lineRetailer Challenge/ 3 /
  4. 4. Preventing Erosion of EAS effectiveness Over TimeTheftRateTimeTheft Ratewithout EASShrinkReductionOptimum EASPerformanceForcesReducing EAS SystemEffectiveness• Low compliance• Unintended alarms• Unplugged systems / sabotage• Poor tuning / interferenceForces to Ensure EAS Effectiveness• Compliance enforcement• EAS monitoring• EAS reporting• EAS remote service/ 4 /
  5. 5. Retailer Benefits Maximize EAS effectiveness Service EAS systems remotely Reduce EAS power consumption costs upto 40% Increase EAS system uptime and decreaseservice calls Report on EAS compliance to highlighttraining opportunities Reduce non-theft alarms by capturingEAS alarm reasons Ensure proper response to EAS alarmsand reduce shrinkImproveProfitabilityIncreaseOperationalEfficiencyImproveShopperExperienceEnhanceEAS
  6. 6. Expanded portfolio of mission-criticalsolutions and services that deliversignificant retailer profitability andoperational efficienciesProvides decision support that answerschallenging retail performance andsecurity questionsCaptures, interprets, reports andintelligently responds to real-timeoperational data from:• Stores• Employees• Inventory• ShoppersWhy Tyco Retail Solutions/ 6 /
  7. 7. / 7 /Tyco Devices in Nearly 185,000 StoresWorldwideExtensive, Diverse Retail ExperienceAcross a range of industry sectors andglobal geographiesFrom single-store deployments throughlarge scale, enterprise-wide rollouts
  8. 8. EAS Intelligence• Improve Shopper Experience• Save EnergyTraffic Intelligence• Increase Conversion Rates• Drive RevenueInventory Intelligence• Improve Inventory Accuracy• Reduce Out of StocksMoving Beyond Loss PreventionEASIntelligenceTrafficIntelligenceInventoryIntelligenceStorePerformancePlatform/ 8 /
  9. 9. Retailer benefits:• Increased operational efficiencies• Elimination of technology duplication• Streamlined, centralized systemadministration• Integrated data and processesTrueVUE Store Intelligence Platform/ 9 /
  10. 10. Multi-Sensor PortfolioFrom embedded to overhead monocular, and stereo devicesUnique EAS Integration and EnhancementDirection-based alarm suppression, alarm reporting, powermanagementMultiple Deployment OptionsStore only, enterprise or hosted deployment optionsEnterprise Health and Device ManagementRemote configuration and device managementWorld-Class MonitoringADT monitoring services provide real time pro-activeproblem detection and resolutionProfessional ServicesProject management, solution architecture design,equipment optimization, comprehensive in-store trainingWhy Our EAS Intelligence Solution?/ 10 /
  11. 11. Ultralink: Alarm management device to capture,mine, and report on data related to EAS alarms aswell as traffic counts at monitored doorways. Enablesstructured response procedures to increase EASeffectiveness and reduce shrink.• Time, date and location of EAS alarms• Alarm response time• Alarm causeMultiple Alarm Data ManagementDevicesLocal Device Management: Data managementdevice to improve overall store performance.• Collects data from all connected EAS andtraffic devices within the store environment• Connects and enables remote setup,firmware updates, and diagnostics of up to124 devices per store from a centralizedlocation• Provides time, date, and location of EASeventsLDM II(CBC-4055)Ultralink(CBC-4020)/ 11 /
  12. 12. EAS Data ManagementFeatures:Collects data from up to16 EAS connecteddevices within the storeenvironmentConnects and enablesremote setup, firmwareupdates, and diagnosticsof up to 16 devices perstore from a centralizedlocationOverhead Traffic Devises with EAS Data ManagementFunctionalityController Compatibility9040orControllerFirmwareOverheadFirmwareInterface to TrueVUEInterface to controllerTrueVUE ReportingEngine&TrueVUE EnterpriseManager/ 12 /
  13. 13. In-store, retailer is able tomanage,identify andrespond immediately to EASevents with instant resultsCorporate, allow company tocontrol sensitiveinformation, streamline theprocess to increaseoperation efficiencyHosted (FUTURE), leverage a“Software as a Service”model to provide reportingto optimize store operations,improve shopperexperiences, and reduceshrinkMultiple Deployment OptionsCounter Counter and EASdetectorsEnterpriseReporting – Hosted Or LocalEnterpriseManager OptionCounter and EASsystemsCounterBIC-2300 UltralinkBIC-1100 LDM IIAND/OR AND/OR AND/ORCustomer or Tyco Network/ 13 /
  14. 14. Robust Reporting PlatformOut of Box Reports Dashboard Views Operational InsightsDesigned to Meet the Enterprise Needs of Today’s Retailer:• Robust engine with powerful features• Out of box report content – dashboards, operationalinsights, etc.• Extremely scalable – support 1000’s users• Flexibility to incorporate custom reports• Enterprise distribution and auto-update support/ 14 /
  15. 15. Dashboard ReportsEAS Dashboards Provide a Quick Overview of:• Alarm, detacher and deactivator metrics• Site, division or enterprise levels• Drill-down data for all key metrics with a click/ 15 /
  16. 16. Standard Alarm and Scorecard ReportDisplay Alarm Counts and Alarm Details:• Summarized for the store or division• Most include drill-downs to more detail• Graphical displays for easy datapresentation• Understand employee responsiveness toEAS alarm events/ 16 /
  17. 17. Exception ReportShow only critical data by defining exception criteria:• You customize the criteria to define these reports• Show only the data that meets your specific criteriaproviding actionable data/ 17 /
  18. 18. Device and Diagnostics ReportsProvide Service Departments with HealthMetrics:• Obtain key information about all connected EASdevices• See detail at the individual store level• View diagnostics for devices on demand• Reduce unnecessary service calls/ 18 /
  19. 19. Health and Device ManagementEnterprise Layout with Site StatusView Device DetailsSite Network TopologySite Device AlertsSite Details List with Site StatusView Device Event HistoryTrueVUE Enterprise ManagerView Status of Traffic Device Portfolio:• Summary of devices on line and functioning• Historical device functionality• Alert generated when devices go off line• Quick summaries at site and enterprise level/ 19 /
  20. 20. Remote Diagnostic Center servicesprovide• Service support for mission criticalapplications• Monitoring for over thousands of remotenetwork devices (fixed & mobile)• Real time and proactive health monitoring98% of service tickets resolved over thenetwork or phoneRemote device management to centralizecritical technical expertiseLargest group of retail focused fieldtechnicians in the worldWorld Class Monitoring Service/ 20 /
  21. 21. ROI study facilitation - directly or with externalorganizationsOverall solution architecture designCustom work flow and/or report developmentPre-project qualification and projectcoordination• Site survey and infrastructure analysis• Equipment staging and validationEquipment installation and optimizationManagement of tagging processes by locationComprehensive in-store training program• Technical training on system components• Operations training – focus on complimentingexisting processesOn-going solution service and supportProfessional Services/ 21 /
  22. 22. Customer InformationApparel footwear, accessories,fine and fashion jewelry,beauty products, homefurnishings , etc. Retailerwith 1,100 department storesites.Customer business issuesIncreased nuisance alarms,unsatisfactory shopperexperience and reducedEAS system integrityEAS service costs rising yearover yearPilot Results50% alarm reduction; improvedcustomer satisfaction &system integrity (soft)Identified 15% of the EASsystems had been renderedinoperable, reducing theirpotential shrink impactPotential 20-30% reduction inservice calls with EASintelligenceEAS Intelligence: Use CaseCopyright © 2012 Tyco Retail Solutions. All rights reserved. TYCO, SENSORMATIC and theproduct names listed in this document are marks and/or registered marks. Unauthorized useis strictly prohibited.0100000200000300000400000500000600000700000Oct-Dec2010Jan-Mar2011Apr-Jun2011625704401976335708Alarms - Sum per 3 monthperiodAlarmsNearly 50% reduction intotal EAS alarms in6 months/ 22 /
  23. 23. Global strength. Local expertise.At your service.North America Headquarters1501 Yamato RoadBoca Raton, FL 33431United StatesPhone: +1 877 258-6424Latin America Headquarters1501 Yamato RoadBoca Raton, FL 33431United StatesPhone: +1 877 258 6424United Kingdom/Ireland RegionalHeadquartersSecurity House, The SummitHanworth RoadSunbury-on-ThamesMiddlesex. TW16 5DBUnited KingdomPhone: +44 1932 743 432Continental Europe HeadquartersAm Schimmersfeld 5-740880 RatingenGermanyPhone: +49 2102 7141 0Asia-Pacific HeadquartersNo.26 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2Level 1Singapore 569507Phone: +65 63898000South Africa Headquarters1 Charles CrescentEastgate Ext 4, SandtonSouth AfricaPhone: +086 12 12 400Leverage our strength and experienceTyco Retail Solutions is a leading global provider ofintegrated retail performance and security solutions,deployed today at more than 80 percent of the world’stop 200 retailers. Customers range from single-storeboutiques to global retail enterprises. Operating inmore than 70 countries worldwide, Tyco RetailSolutions provides retailers with real-time visibility totheir inventory and assets to improve operations,optimize profitability and create memorable shopperexperiences.The Tyco Retail Solutions portfolio for retailers is solddirect and through authorized business partnersaround the world.www.tycoretailsolutions.com Copyright © 2012 Tyco Retail SolutionsAll rights reserved. TYCO RETAIL SOLUTIONS,SENSORMATIC, ADT, TrueVUE and the productnames listed in this document are marksand/or registered marks. Unauthorized useis strictly prohibited.