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How to be the wealthiest person on earth


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How what you think and feel about money and yourself are the biggest determinants of your success. Practical things you can do to create a mindset of abundance and attract wealth and be successful in your personal and business life

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How to be the wealthiest person on earth

  1. 1. How to be the Wealthiest Person on Earth Workshop
  2. 2. Welcome• Who I am?• Who you are?• Exchange• Outline
  3. 3. Me• Ola Agbaimoni• 50 years old• Passionate entrepreneur• Speaker,• writer,• Coach, trainer and mentor• Radio presenter
  4. 4. You• Your name• Where are you in your business journey (newbie, adolescent, old hack)• What have you noticed about the business world• How would you describe its relationship with money
  5. 5. Outline• Why is a healthy relationship with money important ?• Why am I qualified to speak – about my journey?• What is true wealth? – confusion between wealth and money• Exercises• 3 things you can do
  6. 6. Why is a healthy relationship with money important ?• Biggest asset in a business – YOU• 2 primary relationships determine your effectiveness
  7. 7. Why is a healthy relationship with money important ?• Conditioned mind• Thoughts feelings actions results• Money does not make money people do!
  8. 8. MeMy story – well paid - had to leave – had totrust – others dont have to . Couldn’t do thiswork without complete surrender
  9. 9. What is your current money experience?
  10. 10. ExamplesI am always arguing with my partner, itdoesnt seem to matter what we start arguingabout it always ends up with an argumentabout money. They never take responsibilityfor their spending Im always left picking upthe pieces at the end of the month whentheyve overspent.
  11. 11. No matter how hard I try to budget or howmuch I earn, I always seem to be struggling tomake ends meet and never seem to be able tohave the money I need -it is as if me andwealth live on two different planets
  12. 12. Ive worked hard to be in a position to affordanything I want - money is not aproblem, however, I often feel guilty abouthow much I have. I’ve noticed that I tend tospend money frivolously – its like I’m chuckingit away in disgust!
  13. 13. I noticed that whenever I feel down I go outand buy myself something whether I canafford it or not. I feel happy for a while butthen I start to feel as if something is missingagain and before I know it Im buying myselfsomething- else usually bigger and better andmore unaffordable. I know I shouldnt begetting into debt like this by just dont seemable to stop myself
  14. 14. Wealth• What is it?• How wealthy are you right now?
  15. 15. What is money?• What are some of the beliefs you have or some of the things you have heard about money?• Exercise
  16. 16. Money statementsBy your self• Score each sentence out of 10 based on how strongly or not you believe the statementIn pairs1. Where you surprised by any of your scores2. Which ones did you score the highest3. Do you know where you first heard this belief?
  17. 17. The Money Delusion• Dominates our lives - love hate duality• Complex equivalents• When we have negative beliefs they act to repel money and restrict the flow of abundance in our lives.
  18. 18. So what is Money?
  19. 19. Money• Money is energy• A means of keeping score• Medium of exchange• A way of transferring value
  20. 20. Money is energy• Needs to be in flow• What happens to stagnant water?By yourself• Using second worksheet replace the word money with the word energyIn pairs• How has it changed the feel of the statements?• What do you notice?
  21. 21. Money issues• 21st Century issues – over consumption belief in a lack mentality• We drive money away• Put dreams on hold until we have the money to live them–how many HUGGS in the room?
  22. 22. Money Harmony• Healing your relationship with money• Wealth and abundance• Stress free contented
  23. 23. The science behind the woo woo!• Law of attraction• Reticular activator• The luck study
  24. 24. 3 things you can do• Wealth narrative – journal• Identify and work with money mindset profile• money-mindset- profile-quiz/
  25. 25. • Short exercise to see if we can feel our way into our current money mindset profile• Work with your money history
  26. 26. Guided Meditation for the money mindsets• In order to undertake the next exercise we need to step into space of profound self honesty. A space where there is complete acceptance. There is no right or wrong answer. This is not who you are it is just how you are thinking.• Your thoughts are a product of your childhood conditioning. Everything that you heard modelled or experienced about money from your parents or other adults who were significant in your life has contributed to the way in which you now think of money. What you think is not who you are. Who you are, your authentic boundless self never changes you are complete, you lack for nothing you are a reflection of the divine presence of the source of all that pervades time and space. The essence of your nature is not in question.
  27. 27. Selecting your profile• When you open your eyes and read through the profiles. Try to withhold judgement there are no right or wrong profiles. There are states of mind they do not reflect your wholeness. Allow yourself to feel into the resonance of the mindset you most identify with. At this stage it is instinctive. Dont try to force it go with your gut.• When youve decided on the mindset that in this present moment you most closely associate with; work with a partner to answer the following questions
  28. 28. 1. How has holding this mindset impacted on your life so far?2. What has thinking this way prevented you from doing?3. What has it enabled you to do?4. If you are drawn to the Mystic then ask yourself...5. How have you used your gift to help others?6. What else could you do to enhance the healing of others?
  29. 29. Conclusion• Journey and process – doesnt happen over night• Is a journey of self healing and so money harmony leads to personal harmony• Tools and support is available
  30. 30. Products The Seven Moments Box Set Wealth Well-being Box SetCoaching & Mentoring Programme
  31. 31. The Seven Moments Box Set
  32. 32. The Seven Moments Box Set• 7 Days of reflection• Discovering the deeper insights offered by your life’s journey• Workbook• Meditation CD• The Seven Moments Cards
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  34. 34. Wealth Well-being Box Set• 30 Days of Reflection• Exploring Blockages to wealth and the healing pathways to wealth well-being• Workbook• Meditation CD• 46 Wealth Well-being cards
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