A series of research and perspectives from TBA Global     MOBILE MARKETING:     THE TIPPING     POINT IS NOW      Curated ...
MOBILE IS A PERSONAL 24/7, 365 LIFELINE                         worldwide. Both Apple and Android with their app store    ...
THE NEW     MEDIA LANDSCAPE       TYPE           WHO CONTROLS?                  EXAMPLES                  BENEFITS        ...
THE RISE OF THE      SMARTPHONE                                                                                           ...
6                                                                                                                         ...
DEFINE YOUR GOALS                                                mobile marketing strategy cannot exist in a vacuum. To be...
20 WAYS TO                          INTEGRATE MOBILE    Mobile marketing can take on many forms; the sky’s the limit when ...
2                     INTEGRATED MOBILE                     CAMPAIGNS                                                     ...
SAM THE COUNTRY MUSIC FAN                                                                     Sam is an avid smartphone us...
TBA CASE STUDY:     VERISIGN                         QR CODES ACTIVATE ENGAGEMENT                                         ...
1                                                                                            Source: United Nations ITU, J...
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Mobile Marketing whitepaper for Brands and Agencies: The Tipping Point is Now


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To reach the emerging world of the mobile consumer, smart marketers are creating engaging mobile marketing programs that blend the lines between service, entertainment, and promotion.

These mobile strategies deliver real value to people on the go – offering useful applications, entertainment, and personalized promotions that create lasting engagement with consumers.

This whitepaper covers:
• The Benefits of Mobile for Your Marketing Strategy.
• How Mobile Can Hyper Accelerate Your Earned & Social Media
• A Step-by-Step Guide to Mobile Marketing
• 20 Creative Ways to Integrate Mobile
• Mobile Wallets are Coming—Is Your Brand Ready?
• What you need to get started
• Examples of Integrated Mobile Marketing Campaigns

For more info contact: tbraswell@tbaglobal.com


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Mobile Marketing whitepaper for Brands and Agencies: The Tipping Point is Now

  1. 1. A series of research and perspectives from TBA Global MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW Curated by TBA Global Mobile Strategist Ty Braswell Our world is quickly becoming a global mobile planet. can be accessible wherever they are via their mobile device. They are moving from the desktop and migrating It’s a world of 5 billion mobile phones that overshadows to their phones to harvest relevant information around the 2 billion global internet users1. them throughout their day and create new opportunities for meaningful interactions with friends. The tipping point has arrived for brands to develop their mobile marketing strategy. Brands that bridge digital and physical spaces through mobile devices will be viewed as the trusted enabler Engaging consumers on their mobile devices is essential of relevant experiences and transactions that make to a real-time customer dialog in an on-demand world. people’s lives easier and better. The new digital audience has an insatiable appetite for immediate information and engaging social content that This is the brave new world of marketing alchemy. “IF YOUR PLANS DON’T INCLUDE MOBILE, THEN YOUR PLANS ARE NOT FINISHED.” Wendy Clark, SVP Integrated Marketing for Coca-Cola with 34 million fans on Facebook2 ,
  2. 2. “GLOBAL SPENDING ON MOBILE ADVERTISING WILL REACH $3.3 BILLION IN 2011 – MORE THAN DOUBLING FROM A YEAR EARLIER AND IS FORECAST TO REACH $20.6 BILLION BY 2015” – Gartner Research3 With a massive surge in smartphone and tablet use driven by the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, customers are becoming untethered from their PCs. There is an explosion of wifi hotspots worldwide and a growing list of 4G phones now deliver broadband access equal to home and office broadband speeds. Brands that want to build mindshare are putting mobile at the center of their marketing strategies to go beyond their online efforts. To reach the emerging world of these new digital natives, smart marketers are creating engaging mobile marketing programs that blend the lines between service, entertainment, and promotion. These mobile strategies deliver real value to people on the go – offering useful applications, transactional services, games and entertainment, social networking, and personalized promotions that create lasting engagement with consumers.2 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  3. 3. MOBILE IS A PERSONAL 24/7, 365 LIFELINE worldwide. Both Apple and Android with their app store Consumers today are constantly on the go; mobile distribution reach over 100 countries to deliver promotion marketing helps brands connect with consumers wherever apps that can upgrade to premium features to find new they are around the clock, and all year long. A mobile device digital revenues from video and gaming. belongs to one person and one person only; people use their mobile phones as a lifeline to communicate, socialize, MOBILE ADOPTION IS GROWING QUICKLY and connect with the world around them; marketers that People will continue to turn to their mobile phones for add value to the personal mobile experience will develop information and entertainment. 468 million smartphones a privileged relationship with the phone’s owner. will be sold worldwide in 2011, a 58% percent increase from 20104. No one is sure how consumer adoption of THE SHORTEST DISTANCE FROM PASSION TO mobile marketing will look like in five years, but those PURCHASE marketers that are investing now to figure out the best way The classic purchase funnel paradigm has been disrupted to engage consumers today will be the winners tomorrow. by the new non-linear purchase behavior of the digital consumer. Mobile is the new guiding light for marketers MOBILE ACCELERATES EARNED MEDIA to lead these consumers to conversion with a marketing Earned media is no longer optional; it is the foundation for channel that is always on whenever/wherever they are your marketing strategy5. It is the most trusted and credible passionate about a product. Today our phones help content for your brand. A recommendation from a trusted us research and compare our shopping options. Soon friend conveying a relevant message is up to 50 times our phones will be mobile wallets with “tap and pay” more likely to activate a purchase compared to another functions, storing all our loyalty cards, gracefully sending recommendation6. A growing 25% to 40% of all traffic and us highly relevant offers based on previous transactions, lead generation comes from earned media7. along with expanding our payment options with a wide variety of virtual currency including loyalty points, airline Your mobile audience has their finger on the trigger for miles and Facebook credits. your earned media wherever they go. MOBILE IS GLOBAL Mobile enables your avid customers to be spontaneous Until Apple released the iPhone, all mobile products during their highest passion point of interfacing with your and marketing were tightly controlled by the carriers. brand, and share this excitement instantly on Facebook, The mobile app economy has changed the rules to give YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and via online product reviews. brands a direct relationship with the mobile consumer BENEFITS OF MOBILE MARKETING3 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  4. 4. THE NEW MEDIA LANDSCAPE TYPE WHO CONTROLS? EXAMPLES BENEFITS CHALLENGES Brand website Mobile site Mobile app Brand Brand Blog site Control OWNED Brand controls Brand’s Twitter feeds communications Cost efficiency are not trusted MEDIA this channel Brand’s Facebook page Longevity Email newsletters Takes time to Printed marketing collateral scale Signage on Brand’s bldg, vehicles, retail stores, etc. TV Spots Print Scale Clutter Brand pays Radio PAID publishers to Control Declining OOH response rates leverage their MEDIA channel Digital display ads Immediacy Paid Search Low credibility Sponsorships Most trusted Word of Mouth Credible Online/digital buzz Very hard to Your customers Viral exposure Most likely to control control this trigger sales EARNED channel Customer feedback Negative Customer Reviews Strong lead comments MEDIA Twitter postings generator Challenges in Facebook postings Transparent measurement YouTube videos PR Longevity Forrester Research84 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  5. 5. THE RISE OF THE SMARTPHONE pu e, rs m n ne co ho w r .9 a ir p e o te Smartphones now enable us to go beyond in the on making phone calls, to send and receive us g tph email, check in on Foursquare, watch videos, an si ar th e u m g browse the web and Facebook, play games, n er in f s th nl o and compare pricing while shopping. The GPS % in our phones help us find our way home, get 25 ra o o that custom latte at Starbucks, satiate our food g cravings and even a find a clean bathroom with a diaper changing table. Marketers can reach e th this massive, growing mobile audience by s 13 . d s el ces offering innovative services, mobile advertising, er 9 us dh ac er ily and interactive experiences that enhance ile ov da an rs their brands. ob rh e s ei n ls ha th ow m ai m s n n ap n e ow he ow re A few items that define the new l o on io M .9 4 n n t ei ai ph mobile savvy consumer: ill th e ne d ee t gl m em ar k ho an etw oo ec or sm 3 G ch 0 ar f 2 ns b et of 20 d % an sm s o a tp 5 a e ric 87 rf rn ag me su te A in % 14 68 11 20 in 58% es n nu io ve e tiv ill re ac m ile . as ob 0 se ice m 35 Google is expected in ba tw 10 e at r to generate over er re in th ve us a nl rs s o $1 billion ro e a ei us h th ile ok as ob bo m ce Fa ill YouTube generates over w 320 million % , a es 320 million 58 m 11 on ss le fro ce bi 20 tph video views each day ac mo 10 in ar (up 3x year/year)11. It is the 16 by eb rt 20 de sm rs w a 15 single most popular mobile te ss sm n io 4 20 Internet destination, pu pa gh m wi s ill m ur ou as accounting for fro rld m co ill s thr rp se wo 22% of mobile data 15 su to w s 8 s es ea d 12 ill 46 cr ol ce cc in w bandwidth usage12. in e s de vi a 20 s es le Android has over eb b al sa p W 100 million rs e de sk te on pu h device activations m rtp co a worldwide. 310 devices Sm in 112 countries. 200,000 available apps and 4.5 billion application installs195 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  6. 6. 6 qu an w Ap ar A ith ple 32 te pp 73 S r o le .7 to 7 f 2 S m re 01 to illi s a 1 re on ro du p un rin eo d g pl the th e v w Th e e 2n isit orl 5. on d ing d 6 ly ne mil Ch go lio ine 22 tia n i se A in 60 te Ph ca hi pp 0 w on rri ith es er gh le 10 5 m O m es stoMOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW C a of t n re 3 ill ve ill hi ct fe um s co io pa r io na iv rin i M ate g t be n C ym $2 .5 ncu ob d he rs hin un n iTu ne de e ile . A iP on a s st tri ve nts om to pp ho av e ar es ac lo to bi pe iP lli er ex le ne er th co o s. p is is ag e un rs ho n an e C e fa ts — ne d xp hin in ste fa & in th e a te st r a iP cu e ct U rm g iP ed n he ad mu ho ic 22 s row 2 ad a la to om 22 2 of p t ne m bo ing of p ive co to so wi its on th ill io m th a 22 22 m n ill tra nd m mil pe so io ffi ha tit 4 ld n c v ill lio io n or in cu an e s. Ju m d the n s cu re m ap 25, ne u ol ve d ul digital consumers. ps 000 20 lat nu in at 11 ive iv & e. Ju n e al iO on S e iO e de 20 S vi 11 de ce al vi s do bi 15 on ces w lli — e — to nl da oa on te ds THE APPLE FACTOR 20 www.tbaglobal.com continues to convert digital “hesitants” into voracious Apple’s user-friendly integrated content and device play
  7. 7. DEFINE YOUR GOALS mobile marketing strategy cannot exist in a vacuum. To be truly successful, your mobile marketing program should be Learn how your mobile customers are using your product fully integrated with your entire brand marketing strategy category with their mobile phones – compare and contrast across digital, print, TV, live events, in-store, out of home their mobile behavior against what you know about their and more. By leveraging existing digital marketing, social behavior with online, in-store, and across other media networks, branded content, and communication strategies channels. it will deliver a unified brand message online and offline across marketing channels. Consider: Do you want to boost brand engagement, create social dialogue and interaction, or drive conversion? What KEY BRAND MULTIPLIER: HARVEST DIGITALLY— information will your customers need to access on the go ACTIVATE LOCALLY about your products or services? Is your brand well covered within existing mobile applications (Google Search, Yelp, Harvest your customer audience via digital channels to etc?)What is your customer thinking about your brand engage them in your brand conversation. Then leverage and what are your goals to address it with your brand & the GPS enabled smartphones to really activate your products? key brand multipliers. Mobile phones can drive people to retailers, sports and entertainment events or brand Once you determine the desired change in customer events, and create personal and exclusive experiences behavior, lay out which key performance indicators you will and promotions that people will want to seek out and share want to track and measure. quickly with friends via their mobile phones. FIND EXPERTS TO HELP YOU DEVELOP YOUR OBSERVE AND ADJUST STRATEGY. Analytics calibrate the points of your marketing compass. If Focus on the emerging digital behaviors of your customers you don’t test your campaigns and measure engagement and match it with a smart mobile strategy built by through both classic means (clicks, conversion) and new experienced partners. If you want to be successful with methods (brand buzz, link-sharing, social traffic), you won’t mobile marketing, hire an agency who understands know what’s working and what’s not. The real time nature customer behavior and that has the digital experience and of mobile marketing enables instantaneous monitoring and the creative insight to realize your goals. They will help you adjustment so that successful elements can be ramped up avoid the “shiny object” distractions intrinsic with mobile, and less active elements can be redirected. The immediate avoiding trendy apps or QR codes that don’t tie into your ability to recalibrate means marketing investments can be overall program goals and larger marketing program. maximized from the start. INTEGRATE: DISTRIBUTE AND PROMOTE MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE. THROUGHOUT ALL LIVE AND DIGITAL CHANNELS Measure the effectiveness of your mobile marketing The beauty of mobile marketing is that your brand’s message initiatives against your entire program. Look at in-store or becomes integrated into every aspect of a consumer’s daily event traffic, social buzz and sentiment, mobile purchases life. Whether they are browsing the web while on the bus, or and behaviors. Mobile products provide new data to playing a contest at a party with friends, the mobile device analyze activity to measure against your key performance accompanies them wherever they go. That’s why your indicators. A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO MOBILE MARKETING7 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  8. 8. 20 WAYS TO INTEGRATE MOBILE Mobile marketing can take on many forms; the sky’s the limit when it comes to campaign creativity. The main objective is to communicate about your brand in a way that feels less like “selling” and more like “engagement”. Offering people a service or entertainment they can access on the go – such as mobile apps, mobile search listings, short how-to video clips, a brand- sponsored game, or mobile coupons – wins more hearts-and minds and can create immediate transaction opportunities. Creative mobile marketing programs can include a variety of these elements: 1 Free or paid mobile apps offering a service, game, or promotion 2 Mobile-optimized, or WAP websites that conform to every handset , 3 QR codes on billboards, magazines and consumer products that are scanned using the phone’s camera to take the user directly to a mobile site, download an app, watch a video or play a game 4 Sophisticated Twitter campaigns in sync with the daily schedule of the mobile audience 5 Voice activated search to “Google” what you are looking for while you are driving or walking. 6 Integrated check-ins with contextually relevant brand associations via Foursquare, Facebook and LinkedIn 7 Instant coupons and deals when you check in via mobile to redeem while in the retail location 8 Mobile search advertising (paid keyword buys) 9 Location-based listings (Yelp,Urbanspoon, OpenTable, etc) 10 Display or video ads that run on mobile ad networks (paid mobile media buys) 11 SMS aka text coupons useable in-store or online 12 Google Goggles, utilizing image-recognition tech that responds to the user taking a picture of an object, product, etc and generating relevant brand info instantly 13 Interactive ad units embedded in mobile games 14 Mobile savvy QR scavenger hunts with branded content 15 Branded entertainment such as short videos, custom games and music downloads 16 Brand-sponsored mobile social networks, blogs, and information services 17 Click-to-Call ad units that connect to your call center from a mobile banner ad 18 Click-to-map ad units that use your GPS to map your directions to a retail location 19 Television broadcast based call-to-action via mobile using text a keyword to a shortcode 20 Click-to-sync ad units that add reminders in your mobile phone calendar of sales events, grand openings, sponsored sporting and music events For a great POV on how to use iPads for event marketing, check out: “iPad for Event Marketers” This whitepaper covers: CLICK TO • Why the iPad is the go-to device for event marketers DOWNLOAD • How iPad apps can extend engagement over time • Tips and best practices for leveraging iPads to better engage consumers, B2B audiences and employees • A review of the top 5 tablets • What you need to do to get started8 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  9. 9. MOBILE WALLETS ARE COMING - IS YOUR BRAND READY? MOBILE WALLETS ARE THE NEXT BIG THING THE NEW FEATURES MOBILE WALLETS • Google, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and Paypal along WILL DELIVER: with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are all launching • Store all your loyalty cards---grocery, hotel, airline, mobile wallet products over the next few months. car rental, etc • “Tap & Pay” features will be enabled via Near • Keep track of the digital coupons you collect Field Communication chips (NFC) in new • Receive digital coupons based on your buying smartphones and retailer’s point of sale (POS) behavior credit card readers • Via GPS & check-ins, it knows when you are in • NFC technology is currently installed at over 200,000 your favorite store to send you instant Groupon- retailers via Mastercard’s PayPass and Visa’s style deals PayWave systems that work with special chips in plastic credit cards. Including NYC taxi cabs • Guide you to what you are looking for in specific and QSR’s. grocery aisles from your shopping list using GPS & detailed store maps • But this is about more than banking. An entire cultural shift is about to take place • Enable your virtual currency & reward points for transactions via Facebook credits, AmEx • Marketers can now have seamless integration Rewards, etc across live and digital experiences: identify consumer needs, serve up relevant product/service • Instant points & cash for just walking in a store promotions, and provide a clear and easy path for automatic check-in rewards toward transactions. • Instant loyalty points for attending an event-- training sessions, school, church, AA meeting, etc 5 POPULAR WAYS CONSUMERS CURRENTLY • Digital tickets to events and boarding passes USE SMARTPHONES TO SHOP: • Compare prices of a product or service CLICK TO FIND A “TAP-TO-PAY” RETAILER IN • Scan barcodes to get product info YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: • Locate a store • Look for deals • Read reviews “MOBILE IS CLEARLY BECOMING A NEW WAY PEOPLE SHOP EBAY NEARLY TRIPLED MOBILE GMV . (GROSS MERCHANDISE VALUE) YEAR-OVER-YEAR TO NEARLY $2 BILLION, WITH STRONG HOLIDAY SHOPPING MOMENTUM IN Q4. IN 2011, WE EXPECT MOBILE GMV TO DOUBLE TO $4 BILLION.” JOHN DONAHOE, PRESIDENT & CEO, EBAY219 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  10. 10. MOBILE WALLETS WILL GROW TO 2.5 BILLION MOBILE PAYMENT USERS17 AND $1 TRILLION TRANSACTIONS18GLOBALLY BY 2015 Here’s an insightful report on mobile wallets from ABC News CLICK TO VIEW MOBILE MARKETING QUICK TIPS Be Succinct. People will want to get information or experiences quickly and easily share with friends. Make your mobile app the fastest way people can interact with your brand. Obey The 3 Click Rule. Remember that users will be using one hand and one thumb to interact with your mobile apps, websites, and content. There is no mouse, so there will be limited clicking and browsing; the screen is tiny; and download times can be long with weak 3G access. Optimize your content for less than 3 clicks. Plan for Platforms. There are dozens of smartphone models and several different operating systems. Your mobile marketing programs need to work on all smartphones, so make sure your developer and agency partners know the difference between iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, RIM – and how to crunch code and tweak content to make your programs shine on each one. CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES What makes mobile marketing more challenging than traditional channels, such as print, the web, TV, and radio, is twofold. FIRST, mobile is fragmented yet evolving quickly–significantly faster than what we saw develop for online for the desktop. Consumers are traveling with iPhones, iPads, various tablets and multiple variations of Android phones. This creates a device fragmentation environment that is complicated by lack of standardized ad formats and consolidated analytics for mobile advertising and marketing. Marketers need to be sophisticated and nimble as they develop mobile content in a way that ensures broad interoperability to reach scale. SECONDLY, you’ll have to navigate a complex web of partners, such as competing carriers, multiple app stores, and various startup based vendors, to make sure your campaigns reach your targets. The best way to succeed with mobile marketing is to work with an expert agency like TBA Global that already has extensive technical and operating experience in the mobile marketing sector, as well as established relationships with the key players across the mobile ecosystem. The right agency partner will ensure your mobile marketing program is planned, launched, monetized, optimized, and measured effectively, to drive maximum brand value and customer engagement from every initiative. Despite the unique challenges of mobile marketing, you cannot afford to wait to launch a mobile marketing strategy. First movers are already putting their stakes firmly in the ground, establishing a lasting brand presence with mobile users.10 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  11. 11. 2 INTEGRATED MOBILE CAMPAIGNS CHRISTINA THE POWER MOM Christina is a working mom with 2 kids who is the At the event, she learns about a new iPhone app mortgage analyst at her local bank. She sees a new created by the shoe company that is her own pair of cool running shoes in the latest Self magazine. personal trainer with custom workouts, including Embedded in the print ad is a QR code to scan to training tips from pro athletes, and special training win the new shoes and a full workout wardrobe. regimens from Natasha Kufa-celebrity trainer for She scans the code with her iPhone and enters the Fergie from the Black Eye Peas…one of her favorite contest. bands. Natasha’s full training program is integrated in the app with detailed videos and special reward A few weeks later during work, she gets a text points for completing each level of training. The message to invite her to a special fitness & health app tracks details of Christina’s workout progress event at the local Sports Authority sponsored by and shares it with her training friends on Twitter and the shoe company. She checks out the details of Facebook. the event from her phone and notices a link to the shoe company’s Facebook page. She clicks the Like Christina becomes a big fan of Natasha and starts to button as a reminder. follow her on Twitter. A few days later after the event, Natasha tweets about a new Amex “Link, Like, Love,” Later that evening from her laptop, she visits the shoe promotion with Facebook. She checks out the Amex company’s Facebook page and notices two of her Facebook page and signs up for a Sports Authority friends also liked the Facebook page and confirmed “Spend $50 in store, Get $20 Back” coupon. The next they were going to the fitness event. That’s the tipping day her boss tells her she needs to fly in a few days point for Christina, and she also confirms she is going to a special out-of-town seminar. During the seminar to the event and sends emails via Facebook to both that is turning out to be a snoozefest, she realizes she of her friends to make plans to go together. forgot her workout clothes and shoes. She remembers those running shoes she wanted and opens her training app that has a store locator. To her surprise a Sports Authority is just 3 blocks from the seminar. Christina ducks out during a break, follows the map & directions on her app to the Sports Authority, and buys the running shoes and a new outfit. As she is walking back to the seminar she gets an email from Amex confirming the $20 credit via the Sports Authority coupon has been credited to her account. She is so thrilled with the experience she posts her euphoria on both Facebook and Twitter. Her kids acknowledge she is the family’s CTO. Now she starts to scheme how she can get her husband off the couch and working out.....and she remembers that Natasha Kufa is also the celebrity trainer for Matthew McConaughey…now if she could just get her husband to follow Natasha’s tweets…… DISCLAIMER: This marketing scenario is based on a fictitious intergration of various brands to show the potential benefits of a highly intergrated mobile marketing campaign.11 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  12. 12. SAM THE COUNTRY MUSIC FAN Sam is an avid smartphone user. He uses his Android phone not only for calls, email, and web surfing, but has downloaded a variety of apps for entertainment, work-related tasks, practical applications, and handy location-based lookups. He also downloads videos, music, and podcasts to his smartphone, so he can watch TV episodes and listen to his favorite country music and radio programs on the go. One of the apps Sam downloaded was a country music concert alert service. He noticed, briefly, the first time he downloaded the app that it was sponsored by a car rental company, but didn’t pay the brand much attention. One day, he receives an alert that his favorite country music star is coming to a city 50 miles away – in 2 weeks and also receives an SMS coupon for 20% off a car rental that weekend. He shares his car with his roommate who is using their shared car the evening of the show. Since he needs a ride to the concert, he’s intrigued and clicks on the coupon, arriving at a special promotional landing page on the car rental company’s WAP site featuring not only the 20% off coupon, but also music downloads and more information about the concert. Pretty cool, he thinks, but doesn’t book a car rental, preferring to see if a friend could drive him. A few days later, Sam receives an email, which he opens on his smartphone, from the car rental company offering him again 20% off a car rental, plus three free song downloads if he books today. He takes the plunge and books the car rental directly from his smartphone, using a special transactional system the car rental firm developed especially for mobile users. A week later, Sam and his girlfriend drive in his rental car to the live concert, which is sponsored by the rental car company. Shortly after he arrives at the venue, he gets a push notification via his concert app that invites him to drop by the rental car booth for a special prize. Once at the booth, he shows the rep his iPhone app and tells them he rented a car to make it to the concert. They check their database and give Sam a great thank you--- ticket upgrades that gets him and his girlfriend 3 rows from the stage. Sam during the show takes a photo and posts it to his Facebook page with a big thank you to the rental car company for the ticket upgrade. With such a favorable brand impression, from now on, Sam books all of his car rentals from the same company – and continues to receive regular emails and SMS messages inviting him to check out special rates. DISCLAIMER: This marketing scenario is based on a fictitious intergration of various brands to show the potential benefits of a highly intergrated mobile marketing campaign.12 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  13. 13. TBA CASE STUDY: VERISIGN QR CODES ACTIVATE ENGAGEMENT Our client, a trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services worldwide, recently called us to help promote a mobile website technology product. To build awareness, preference and sales opportunities with its targeted customers, the company signed on as the official mobile sponsor of its largest trade conference. We helped them activate this sponsorship by making their brand omnipresent throughout the conference and creating both live and digital brand engagement. Our innovative scavenger hunt game engaged the attendees’ and got their competitive spirit going by marrying their love of gaming and new technology. In our “Home Run Challenge,” attendees scanned QR codes with mobile phones for the chance to make it to the top of the leader board, prominently displayed throughout the conference. To win the Home Run Challenge, attendees had to find and scan as many of the QR codes as possible, and play by swinging the bat. A quick tap let the attendees “swing” for a single, double, triple or home run! Their brand was everywhere with 27 posters containing QR Codes (representing the 27 outs in baseball) creatively placed throughout the conference and at the many partner booths forging a lasting brand connection between the person at the event and the power of mobile content.13 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com
  14. 14. 1 Source: United Nations ITU, Jan 2011 2 Source: IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2011 3 Gartner Inc, June2011 4 Gartner Inc, April 2011 5 Source: AdAge 2011 6 Source: McKinsey April 2010 7 Source: Beyond Int’l April 2010 8 Source: Forrester Research Dec 2009 9 Source: PewResearch, July 2011 10 Source: Facebook, Sep 2011 11 Source: YouTube, Aug 2011 12 Source: Allot Research, July 2011 13 Source: TechCrunch, May 2011 14 Source: BusinessInsider, Oct 2010 15 Source: Morgan Stanley, Nov 2010 16 Source: United Nations ITU, Feb 2010 17 Source: Juniper, June 2011 18 Source: Yankee Group, June 2011 19 Source: Gizmodo, May 2011 20 Source: TechCrunch, July 2011 21 Source: eBay-CQ4-2010 Earnings Call TBA Global is an award-winning engagement marketing and communications agency that connects brands and people. TBA Global helps brands reach employees, business audiences, and consumers through a wide range of effective digital and live experiences that drive engagement and revenue. TBA Global is ranked among the Top Promotion and Event Marketing Agencies by Advertising Age magazine (April, 2011). The agency is headquartered in New York City, NY with 9 offices in North America. Join TBA Global online at www.tbaglobal.com, www.facebook.com/tbaglobal or @tbaglobal. TO GET YOUR MOBILE MARKETING STRATEGY MOVING FORWARD CONTACT: Alison Jenks, Vice President, Marketing, TBA Global Tel: 858-461-6500 Email: aljenks@tbaglobal.com © 2011 -TBA Global Sign up to receive research and news at www.tbaglobal.com/contact. Banff | Chicago | Detroit | Los Angeles | Nashville | New York | San Diego | San Francisco | Vancouver TBA Global | 646.445.7000 | clients@tbaglobal.com | www.tbaglobal.com14 MOBILE MARKETING: THE TIPPING POINT IS NOW www.tbaglobal.com