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Why SaaS and What is SaaS

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Why SaaS From Thrive Technolgies

  1. 1. Software-as-a-Service SaaSWhat is SaaS and How it Will Improve Your Business
  2. 2. What is the Cloud?
  3. 3. Stacking of The Cloud • SaaS has been around for over 10 years - Mature • Bridge the gap b/w mid-size companies and enterprise • Mainstream – From IT avoidance to IT strategy
  4. 4. Even the Federal Government
  5. 5. Growth of SaaS 86% adoption rate by mid-size companies (Microsoft). 76% of US companies are using one or more SaaS applications (IDC). 65% of U.S. companies with > $100M in yearly revenue are forecasted to be using SaaS (Saugatuck) 50% of all new software - SaaS by 2014 (Saugatuck) SaaS market will grow by 17.7% between 2009-2013, where as perpetual license companies are only growing at 3.6% (Gartner).
  6. 6. Growth of SaaS (cont.) SaaS market will grow at a CAGR of 22.1% through 2011, 2X the rate of the enterprise SW market (IDC). Gartner expects enterprise SaaS to more than double by 2012. 18% increase in SaaS revenue this year, up to $7.5 billion. Apps.gov – SaaS marketplace Microsoft, Google, SAP, Oracle trying to become major players in the SaaS market.
  7. 7. What the Experts are Saying
  8. 8. About Thrive TechnologiesWhat We DoThrive Technologies develops and markets web based demand forecasting and inventory replenishmentsoftware that increases profits for distribution intensive companies in high service supply networks bymaximizing their inventory performance. Thrives was founded in 2001, and has been recognized as one of themost promising technology companies in the state of Georgia.Thrives software enables distribution companies to cost-effectively maximize the return from their inventoryinvestment. The software integrates quickly with a companys ERP system using automated intelligence toanalyze and monitor over 400 supply and demand variables. The immediate benefits are reduced stock-outs,faster response to changes in demand or supply, and significantly improved profitability.Our MissionThrives mission is to provide a powerful, yet easy to use solution with a low cost of ownership. We providestructured implementations with highly experienced staff with strong domain expertise. The software andimplementation process are designed to be efficient to avoid burdening our customers technical staff.ClearDay Web provides the unsurpassed capability for a company’s strategic goals to automatically drive theirdaily tactical inventory buying decisions.Our Commitment to Our ClientsAt the core of Thrive’s success is the unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction. To this end, Thriveinvests over 20% of its revenues annually into research and development to continue to extend and enhancethe inventory science, heuristics, and workflow in a never ending continuous improvement process with thegoal of maximizing our value to our clients.
  9. 9. Benefits of Thrive Technologies SaaS Domain Expertise ◦ Software designed by Buyer/Planners ◦ We understand the inventory buying process Proactive Inventory Intelligence ◦ We provide extensive Inventory Analysis ◦ KPI’s, Out of Stocks, Overstocks, Trends Quicker ROI ◦ Faster Lower Risk Implementation ◦ Pay as You Go, Built in Scalability
  10. 10. Benefits of SaaS (cont.) Lowered Cost Automatic Updates Remote Access Green Computing Ease of Implementation Better Response Time More Accurate Forecast Even Playing Field for mid-size companies Better Performance
  11. 11. ROI Analysis Profit from 1st Year  Annual Sales 1% ◦ $100 million 6%  Period ◦ 6-12 months  Initial Investment ◦ $50,000 Cost 66%  Inventory Value 27% ◦ $10 million ◦ After 6-months  $1M @ 10% reduction savings ◦ After 12-months  $1.5M @ 15% reduction savings Net Inventory Reduction Increased Sales Lower inventory pays for the SaaS itself Productivity Gains Forward Buying ROI after 1st Year = 610%
  12. 12. Solutions from Thrive Technologies (Click on the Links Below) Demand Forecasting Inventory Replenishment Warehouse Transfers Store Replenishment Vendor Managed Inventory Inventory Analysis Inventory Optimization
  13. 13. Consulting ServicesBeyond your implementation,Thrive ConsultingServices provides an array of advanced offerings toprotect and enhance the value of your Thrive system: Inventory Performance Optimization Item Stratification (ABC analysis) Distribution Network Analysis and Recommendations Inventory Policy Analysis and Recommendations Inventory Business Intelligence Development Implementation of Recommendations
  14. 14. For more information you can reach aReplenishment Consultant at 770-222-8599 oryou can visit our website and request additionalinformation and schedule a live demo atwww.thrivetech.com