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A view into why I mentor and why I think mentoring provides value.

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  • No problem, and thank you for taking the time to give me feedback.
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  • Ty, thanks for the quick reply! I guess misunderstanding are just going to happen when you publish something for public consumption (sorry, just had lunch, so eating is still on the brain)beyond the scope of your network ; )
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  • Nancy, thank you for the feedback. The image was meant as a joke, as most of the people in my social circles don't view 'The Notebook' as a model for anything except for bad films. I am sorry that the image didn't resonate with you.
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  • Hello Ty. Thank you for sharing your insight on mentoring. However, the slide that has a man and woman embracing and kissing in the rain doesn't resonate with me as a clear representation of a desirable mentor/mentee relationship. Especially since the mentor/mentee relationship forms a bond. Might I suggest a picture of people in a team environment instead?
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  • Rose, I am glad that you found it of value.
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Ty Ahmad-Taylor on mentoring in technology and media

  1. 1. How to structure a proper tech ormedia mentorshipProduct Development Insights Conference Friday 30 March 12 @tyahma
  2. 2. Whymentor?The primary reason for the mentor: to pass alongspecialized knowledge that comes from experience.
  3. 3. Why get a mentor? If you don’t know everything, like these two, having a mentor provides time-saving insight, career advancement
  4. 4. Tactically, as a mentee. Be on time, respect your mentor’s time (no more than two (2) hours a month), and send ‘thank you’ notes on time.
  5. 5. Like all things, mentoring is a relationship, and in myview, it has four dimensions. Each dimensions has different value. The relationship
  6. 6. First act Career advice How to be efficient at work, what careers to pursue, how to change careers, how to work in areas where you have passion.
  7. 7. Negotiating a new job offer, negotiating a raise, negotiating anything. Second act Contractand negotiation advice
  8. 8. Third actManaging up and down Staff, peers and supervisors: everyone needs help here, as company and interpersonal dynamics are complex.
  9. 9. Fourth actIntroductions Introductions to others for insight is the best way to grow your skillsets. Well- connected mentors can help.
  10. 10. No one likes blind introductions.
  11. 11. How much does amentorship cost? Not as much as Paul Wall’s grill(e). Mentoring shouldn’t cost more than a cup of coffee.
  12. 12. Whymenteesget fired. Messing up intros, lack of follow up, beinginconsiderate, wasting/not respecting other’s time.
  13. 13. What do if you arefired. Don’t resort tocannibalism. Getyour act together, and re-apply yourself. Learn from your mistake(s).
  14. 14. A quick overview of why I mentor.Other’s helped me out when I was younger. Perhaps not this young, when someone could have helped me out with a barber.
  15. 15. I went to Haverford. Thesepeople looklike they arerelaxing and talking. They are actually arguing,nicely. It wasbuilt into the culture.
  16. 16. Someone took me under their wing.Soma Golden-Behr, who didn’t know me from a hole in the wall, talked me out of my direct style, which was abrasive.
  17. 17. I learned how tospeak diplomaticallyand how to convey my point of view in a digestible manner. Most of the time.
  18. 18. Is a mentor right for you? Are Levain Bakery cookies right for you? Yes, depending on the time. Mentoring is the same. If you want to be efficient, save time, and be proactive about your career, I can’t think of a better way to do it.
  19. 19. How do you find mentors? Ask people who show an interest in you.Ask your friends who already have mentors.
  20. 20. Getting a mentor is the best way to navigate the shoals of work. If you don’t do it, your co-workers are.Supervisors sometimes can be mentors.
  21. 21. Mentoring is a great way for you to help others, for the sole benefit of helping others.Thank you. I am here all week. Tell your friends. @tyahma