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  1. 1. Compiled by:Agustya Rohana 210 110 180A. Resky Hasan 210 110 198
  2. 2. What is the synonim ? A synonym is a word that is a different form of spelling or sound but have the same meaning or nearly the same (OÊ Grady, 2000: 118). Synonyms dictionary by Big Indonesian are different words but have similar or identical meanings
  3. 3. Factor of synonym ExampleA time • hulubalang “ = komandan hulubalang just can used in era clasik ( tradotional ) Komandan just can used for modern situationPlace and area Beta = saya “ I = beta “. But beta just can used in east indonesian (maluku) “I” used in general or everywhereSocial “ aku = saya “ “aku “ can used in informal situationField activity “tasawuf = kebatinan = dan mistik “tasawuf just used for moeslim “kebatinan just used for nommoeslim “ mistik “ just used for all religionNuance of meaning hotel = rest house” Word of “rest house” more wide meaning , “hotel “ because hotel include rest house.
  4. 4. Defenition of antonym Antonym according to Big Indonesian Dictionary is a linguistic term that refers to the opposite meaning word pairs (opposite).
  5. 5.  Absolute antonym“ hidup x matiBetween life and died there are absoulute limited, because something who life of course not died, while something who died of course no life. relative antonym“ Big x small“ short x long relasional antonym“ husband x wife “Both of the word all used together, if there is husband, so automataclly there is wife
  6. 6.  Hierarkial antonym: “ meter x klometer“ kuintal x ton“prajurit x opsirTell a level compound antonym“ berdiri x duduk , berbaring, tiarap,
  7. 7. Word hyponym from languages ofyunani , onama is “name” . And hypo“under”. So hyponim is name includeunder other name .  Definition ofAccordint of semantic ( verhaar1978 : 137) said hyponym is clause (usually, like word, but also becamephrase or sentence) and themeaning of opinion is part of themeaning an other clause
  8. 8. GrapesOrange banana Fruits Water apple melon