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Sloan-C/Merlot Presentation


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Sloan-C/Merlot Presentation

  1. 1. GAMIFICATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Practices From a Pilot Program #et4online55125 - @txwescetl Nakia Pope @profpope Adeline Meira @addymeira Lisa Hammonds @lisahamonds
  2. 2. About Us Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) Staff Lisa Hammonds Nakia Pope Addy Meira Pressly Smith Our Mission The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University (CETL) promotes a student-centered university by providing resources and professional growth opportunities to faculty on enhancing instructional practice, integrating technology, and promoting essential student skills.
  3. 3. Our Program We cater to: – 225 Faculty (110 Full-Time + 115 Part-Time) – 223 Staff (Full-Time) Spring & Summer 2013 – Overall Attendance = 98 Our Problem How can we make things better?
  4. 4. Gamification The Theory Behind It – On the surface • use of game mechanics to make learning more fun – Deeper • engagement, overcoming challenges, accomplishment Options – Badges per workshop – Badges per course – Points + Badges Our Brainstorming Process – 5 team brainstorming sessions Our Plan for Action – Points + Badges – Use Google Drive to keep track – Use Wordpress to showcase
  5. 5. Our Badges Blackboard Badge 30 points Critical Thinking Badge 30 points Online Learning Badge 50 points Friend of the CETL Badge 20 points CETL BFF Badge 50 points Mobile Learning Badge 30 points Flipped Classroom Badge TBD Innovation Badge 50 points Teach Int’l Student Badge 15 points Socially Engaged Badge 20 points Trendsetter Badge 60 points Smartboard Badge 10 points Student Engagement Badge 30 points Course Design Badge 30 points Trailblazer Badge 75 points Community Badge 35 points
  6. 6. Earning Badges Activity Point Value Badges Possible Workshop Attendance 5 Individual Consultation 10 CETL Blog Comment 5 Blog Post 15 Liking the CETL FB Page 2 Following CETL on Twitter 2 Having more than 50 followers on Twitter 2 Checking in at the CETL on Foursquare or Facebook 2 Presenting a CETL Workshop 20 Stopping by to say hi 2 *Bringing us food *10000
  7. 7. Keeping Track Google Drive – Storage and synchronization service provided by Google – FREE (15GB) – Allow for cloud storage, file sharing, collaboration Google Drive services – Google Docs • Forms • Presentations • Spreadsheets • Word editor – Accessible from any mobile device
  8. 8. Displaying Badges Wordpress – Free blogging and CMS platform – More than 20 million downloads Benefits – FREE – Customizable themes – Plugins – User friendly – Multi-user – Mobiles – Analytics
  9. 9. About Our Program AFTER Badges Fall 2013 – Overall Attendance = *200 Spring 2014 (so far) – Overall Attendance = *124 Badges Earned – Total = 120 – Showcased via Wordpress/Social Media and Stickers *Includes workshops, individual consultations, guest speakers
  10. 10. Initial Survey Data # of Faculty + Staff – 225 Faculty (110 FT+115PT) + 223 Staff Participants – n=28 Classification – Staff (n=7); Full-Time (n=18); Part-Time (n=3) Awareness of system – 89% Yes; 11% No How they became aware – 42% CETL event; 39% CETL staff; 19% other way Participation – 75% 0-5 Events Knowledge of Points – 30% Yes; 70% No Understanding of point system – Mean 3.18 Points = Motivation – Mean 2.62 Badges = Motivation – Mean 2.62 Leaderboard = Motivation – Mean 2.66
  11. 11. Where Do We Go From Here? Faculty Feedback “I love the Badges and Points system! Badges and Points is a motivating system for faculty professional development.” “Good idea, but hard to track points and badges for evaluation. Electronic badges might be better than stickers.” “Great and fun way to be acknowledged for the work and professional development we're doing.” “I don't like them; it's like we are in grade school trying to make an external party happy. I like to think that I attend events to improve my teaching or learn something new to help my students. The points seem to reward just attending and accumulation of points. I find I am very busy and cannot attend many of the events and the points just make me feel bad.” “CETL is very professional and helpful resource, but I find the badge system akin to high school. Professional development can be demonstrated on a CV, not badges.” “Not an incentive for me one way or another. I attend CETL events as they improve my teaching and overall skill level.” “Reminds me of scouts-- not interested.”
  12. 12. Plans for the Future Continue Data Gathering Efforts Additional Game Elements Public Display of Badges Increased Faculty Awareness
  13. 13. How To Claim Your Badge Create an account with Make sure to complete the survey from handout or at Check your email – Click on “Save & Share” On Credly – Go to “My Credit,” then to “Earned,” and finally accept the badge in your inbox.
  14. 14. References EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. "7 Things You Should Know About Badges." EDUCAUSE. N.p., June 2011. Web. 6 Aug, 2013. Kapp, K. (2012). The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education. San Francisco: Pfeiffer. Rehak, A., & Hickey, D. (2013). “Digital Badge Design Principles for Recognizing Learning.” Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory., 20 May, 2013. Web. 6 Aug, 2013.
  15. 15. Contact Us TXWES.EDU/CETL @TXWESCETL CETL@TXWES.EDU Nakia Pope – @profpope Addy Meira – @addymeira Lisa Hammonds – @lisahamonds