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Y Us Sdn Bhd is a company that simplifies, automates and delivers joy to your day-to-day operational processes and activities. We love challenges and turn problems into innovative solutions. Our core product is Evenesis, a complete end-to-end event management software. It is a comprehensive tool and platform for event organizers and planners to use to run and manage events such as conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and weddings.

Evenesis tackles problems such as the rising costs of running events, the lack of standardization in handling events, the lack of integration between multiple isolated and unintegrated systems to handle different parts of the event management chain, the heavy usage of papers and files, and the lengthy time required to manage events.

Evenesis has these features: Event Planning, Checklist & Guest Management, Invitations, RSVP & Blast (Email, SMS, Facebook), Floor Plan & Seating Arrangement, Online Registration and Payment, Event Microsite, On-Site Registration & Check In, Online Feedback/Survey, Venue Booking & Management, & Reporting Tool.

For further information, please visit http://evenesis.com/ or contact us at +603-89923000.

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Evenesis - Event Management Made Easy

  1. 1. Event Management Made Easy
  2. 2. Y Us Sdn Bhd (888985-V) Software Dev (Web & Mobile Apps)Passionate & Innovative Entrepreneurs “To experience joy through process simplification”
  3. 3. Manual & Lack of Integration Lack of Real Time Analysis/Reports Managing Multiple Events/Stakeholders Inefficient Use of Resources“Evenesis makes Event Planning a Breeze”
  4. 4. Evenesis for… “We let you plan, run & manage EVENTS online”
  5. 5. Why Evenesis? A full spectrum solution to handle  Event Planning, Scheduling, Invitation, Guest Management  Floor Plan Design, Seating Arrangement  Check-In/Registration, Surveys, Venue Management Plan and manage events faster and in a more organized way Reduce resources, costs and time to plan Increase organization efficiencies
  6. 6. Awesome Features Event Planning & Management Event Micro Sites Guest/Contact Management Surveys Invitations/RSVP Venue Booking Floor Plan Design Enterprise Dashboard Seating Arrangement 360 Virtual Tour Business Networking/Matching Augmented Reality Check In/On-the-day Registration Offline Access Social Media Integration Online Payment
  7. 7. Event Planning Create & Manage Events Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Scheduler Event Checklists Venues & Meals Management
  8. 8. Guest/Contact Management Guest/Contact Grouping Contact Importer from various sources Guest Management Custom Integration to Existing CRM
  9. 9. Invitations/RSVP Manage Invitation Templates Invitations by Email, SMS, Letter & Facebook Templated Letter Generation Invitation Tracker
  10. 10. Online Registration/Website Online Registration Form Automatic Email Confirmation Integrated Online Payment System
  11. 11. Floor Plan - Seating Arrangement Custom and Templated Floor Plan Design Design on-the-fly Arrange/Assign Guests to objects on floor plan
  12. 12. Check-In & Registration Mobile application ready Reduce the need of paper/manual registration Check-in/Register guests Track guests actual vs. confirmed attendance
  13. 13. Survey/Feedback Create custom surveys Send out via email Track responses instantly Real-time results in charts
  14. 14. Enterprise Dashboard One-stop centre for overall view Gauge real time event performance Available in charts and visually attractive interfaces
  15. 15. Business Model Enterprise Server & User License Integration Customization Training Value Added Services Augmented Reality 360 Virtual Tour Mobile App Premier Features Live Web Streaming RFID/Bar Code/QR Code Live Q&A
  16. 16. Methodologies & StandardsHighly Agile Fully supported andMSC Certified endorsed by privateSoftware/Product and government(Assessment & agenciesRating Standard)
  17. 17. Awards & Achievements Best Software Finalist Best Startup Company FinalistWinner of MSC Enterprise Development Malaysia Achievement Award 2011 APICTAAwards 2011
  18. 18. Awards & Achievements Evenesis has been nominated to be in ASIA’S TOP 50 APPLICATIONS in 2011
  19. 19. Clients
  20. 20. Testimonials “A brilliant solution that solves our event’s operational“Fast,easy-to-use, no papers and no problems” – queues at all during registration” – Saravanan, PresidentAnitha, Crimson’s Logic Director on running of Development ofCloud Computing Malaysia 2011 Conference Human Resources in Rural Areas “A completesystem that made “…after 15 years in thisour event planning business, we finally found aa breeze” – Marilyn comprehensive event Yap, JustBlooms’ solution” Malkeet Singh, Wedding Planner Director of Bloomingdale
  21. 21. Y Us Sdn BhdOffice 30, Level 1, Resource CenterTechnology Park Malaysia Bukit Jalil57000 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA +603 8992 3000 +603 8992 3050 www.evenesis.com