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Weee trace weee-forum 20111125


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Presentation on WEEE TRACE project made by ASEKOL at WEEE Forum General Assembly in Malaga (Nove

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Weee trace weee-forum 20111125

  1. 1. WEEE- WEEE-Trace ProjectFull Traceability of the management of WEEE CIP Eco-Innovation Program (Eco/10/277256 ) Eco- WEEE Forum General Assembly Málaga, November 2011
  2. 2. WEEE-Trace: Project VisionUse of advanced ICT technologies (RFID, image capturing, etc.) to:• Ensure traceability of complete WEEE management chain.• Identify producer and other product characteristics in support of producer responsibility principle. Purpose Reduce WEEE leaks from controlled system Increase volume of WEEE legally treated and recycled. Ensure WEEE collected and managed is recycled properly at plants using BATs i.e. WEEE-Labex Track and control incidences like scavenging, etc. Facilitate enforcement and reporting Explore application of individual producer responsibility principle Reduce fraud Duration: 36 months (Jul 2011 Jul 2014)
  3. 3. WEEE-Trace: Project partners Full life-cycle coverage: 9 selected partners and associates take part in project consortium for pilot and demonstration activities.Partners WEEE compliance schemes Ecolec and ASEKOL: Technology provider: MCCTELECOM Different actions and objectives (Project Coordinator by nature of program) by Ecolec and Asekol , but Manufacturer of household appliances • complementary and FAGOR: • in partnership Logistics operator: EMAUS Treatment plant: ECOINTEGRA Retail: Carrefour (External Associate)
  4. 4. WEEE-TraceApplied for CIP Eco-Innovation Grant (2010) Eco-Innovation Programme 2010287 Projects presented : 42 projects selected (15%) selected projects; 42; 15%Results of evaluation: score min Total Score 34 not selected; 38 245; 85% Relevance: Innovation and environment 7 7 Quality of the proposed actions 9 6 Impact on market and replication 8 6 Eco-innovation 2010 Budget and cost effectiveness 6 6 Financing of Projects (,000€) European Added Value 8 6Scoring high in 1.176• Quality of proposed actions 833• Impact on market and replication Avg Financing per Project WEEE TRACE• European Added Value
  5. 5. WEEE-Trace’s two legsWEEE-Trace
  6. 6. Ecolec WEEE-Trace Project ScopeEnsure WEEE traceability (by unit or container) of complete management chain from collection to treatment plantScope:Complete WEEE management chain – 80 WEEE collection points • + retail 80 Temporary storage facilities 15 Logistics Providers 40 Treatment Plants PT – 15 logistic Operators Retalers – 40 treatment Plants PT PT Municpal Collection Logistics Points Providers
  7. 7. WEEE-Trace in Spain Technology and Infrastructure• ID Tagging of WEEE surfaces – Barcoding + Numerical – RFID: need to address shielding challenges• Tracking through whole reverse supply chain – Readers – Arcs – Video• Integration into existing IT and ERP platforms
  8. 8. WEEE-Trace in Spain Project status and plan Major issues – Definition phase • Technical issues: tag positioning • Sept’2011 June 2012 shielding, wear & tear, reading – Implementation phase • Integration in IT platform • Pilots: Jan’2012 Sept’2012 • Deployment (incl. communication, education and • Full deployment: Oct’2012 training) at: Dec’2013 – Collection points – Logistics operators 2011 2012 2013 2014Definition and Design – Treatment plants Pilot phase Deployment • Selection of technology and In operation equipment – “one size doesn’t fit all” • Product aspects
  9. 9. WEEE TRACE ASEKOL – Current status• ASEKOL has already implemented bar code labels and readers in his supply chain• Bar codes are initially scanned during loading of the WEEE on the collection points, then several times during transportation and finally when WEEE is treated• Because there is a change in ASEKOL logistics there is a need to change bar code system• In the future ASEKOL is expecting higher demand from producers to be charged only for treatment of WEEE they really produce
  10. 10. ASEKOL – Main Goals of WEEE-Trace Project• New tracing system for WEEE and containers• Producer responsibility: Be able to identify specific EEE producer and manufacturing model• Be able to identify age of the WEEE• Be able to identify different technologies used or hazardous waste risks (e.g. Plasma/LCD/LED screens, old PCB capacitors etc.)• All mentioned above should be done automatically and on- line with no time delay
  11. 11. WEEE-Trace in Czech RepublicTechnology and Infrastructure• So called „sorting tunnels“• Roller track equipped with weight and dimension measurement, bar code readers, cameras• „Read“ all available information of the WEEE unit• Identify a producer, model and other information using comparison to a on line database
  12. 12. WEEE TRACEASEKOL – Expected Results• Sort different WEEE streams according to non-visible parameters• Sort mixed WEEE according to different producer‘s „brands“• Sampling and statistics of the WEEECzech part of the project is prepared in cooperation with CzechTechnical University – Faculty of Cybernetics and ArtificialIntelligence
  13. 13. WEEE-Trace Life cycle considerationsAddressed by Fagor.• Ensure compatibility with future RFID-embedded environmental information in products. – Readibility – Format and content (use of fields)• Opportunities for partnership with other initiatives i.e. WEEE-NET, Project Π, etc; regarding: – joint development – standardization – feasibility checking – sharing experiences – reducing time gap
  14. 14. WEEE-TraceExpected Results: key metrics and Indicators EconomicalEnvironmental • Pay-back: 3 years • > 5% reduction in costs• Proper treatment and • Reduction of fraud recycling: 39%• CO2: 34% as a result of Technical improvements in recycling • >80% units in WEEE stream identified by model producer, and transport. technology use, etc.• CFC emissions: 12% • > 75% RFID/>90 % BC reading levels Market • Project replication and commercial applications
  15. 15. Thanks for your attention