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Marketing presentation


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There are many reasons to incorporate marketing and recruiting tactics into your program strategies. While increasing the size of a program, it is important to also maintain the quality of the student population. This presentation will provide tools and resources for use when growing your program and will introduce tactics for increasing population size and maintaining a high level of excellence, all while minimizing implementation costs.

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Marketing presentation

  1. 1. Marketing and Recruiting Tools to Grow Your Program Maria Pate Academic Advisor II Department of Biomedical Engineering Texas A&M University
  2. 2. My Department • History of recruitment in BMEN • Departmental strategic plan • Recruiting needs – increase number of total students – increase number of US citizens – increase number of minority students – increase quality of student scores, undergraduate institution, and undergraduate GPA
  3. 3. Tools Created, Purchased, and Used • Prospective student database • Online webform • Email templates • Handwritten congratulatory notes • GRE Search Service • Campus visits • Industry conferences
  4. 4. Prospective Student Database • Students email/visit you requesting information… do you ever follow-up? • What information should you track? • Why is this important? – Personal career growth – Additional departmental support – Recognition!
  5. 5. Online Webform • Why is this helpful? • What does it cost? – Free options – Paid options • Who can help with implementation?
  6. 6. Email Templates • Easy to create & quick to use • Perfect for use by student workers • How to create using Microsoft Office • Using templates in other email systems
  7. 7. Handwritten Notes • Seriously? You expect me to write a personalized note to everyone?! • Why write a note to begin with? • What should it say? • Will this really have an impact on students?
  8. 8. GRE Search Service • What is a Search Service? – GRE Search Service – Student Search Service (SAT) • What types of criteria exist for filters? • What will it take to justify the initial expense? • What will it take to justify renewing usage in future years?
  9. 9. GRE Search Service
  10. 10. Campus Visits • Individual visits vs. group visits – Pros and cons • What do students expect during a visit? – Meeting with recruiter/advisor/admissions rep – Meeting with faculty (graduate students) – Meeting with current students – Tour of departmental facilities – Information about financial aid • Who should cover travel expenses?
  11. 11. Industry & Academic Conferences • How many conferences do you need to attend? • How should the booth or table be set up? – Layout of space – Layout of table – Using height to your advantage • What departmental info should be provided? • What giveaways should be purchased?
  12. 12. Collaboration is Key! • Sure, it can be done alone. But is that really necessary? Besides, who has the time?! • Who else can lend a helping hand? – Faculty advisors – Department heads – Marketing and IT teams – Student workers – Current students
  13. 13. Open Forum • What other ideas have you found successful? • What questions do you have? Contact me with any questions… I’d love to help! Maria Pate 979-845-2312